Serum on Skin

Serum on Skin
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Serum – Made up of molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and has a very high concentration of active ingredients. There are water-based serums and oil-based serums. Remember, water-based serums have smaller molecules and go under your moisturizer to nourish the inner layer of the skin. Oil-based have bigger molecule and go on top of your cream to keep whatever you put underneath moist. You can apply a Serum after cleansing but before moisturizing once a day and can be used both morning and night. Lastly, store your serums in a cool, dry place and use it up within six months to a year.

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Serum on Skin

Know that Serums are not replacement for moisturizer, what it does is it can boost the hydrating effects of your moisturizer. Before purchasing a serum, please know your skin issue and skin type. There are serums for anti-aging, acne prevention and brightening serums. Find also a serum depending on your skin type; If you are dealing with wrinkles, look for a serum packed with Hyaluronic acid, For discoloration or hyper pigmentation issues, l highly recommend a serum with Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) , If you have acne prone/oily skin, look for a serum without oils. Yes serums tend to be pricier but hey for a decent reason! Being super potent and concentrated, a lil goes a long way – TOTES WORTH THE MONEY!

Serum That Is Perfect On Your Skin

Do not buy a skincare product just because your favorite You Tuber or beauty blogger says that this certain product is all good. Remember, her skin type is not the same as yours. Most likely what works for her may not work for your skin. Best rule of thumb – You have to track down a formula that’s right for your skin type. Get to know your ingredients first!

If you have ACNE-PRONE skin – Look for Vitamin C to enhance skin’s repair process, Zinc to soothes irritation, Salicylic acid to unclog pores and Retinol to reduce inflammation.

If you have DRY skin – Vitamin E is the answer. It is an anti-oxidant and improves skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and Glycolic Acid to retain moisture.

Serum on Skin
Serum on Skin

What are you go-to serums?

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Femmeluxefinery Shopping: What’s Trending?

Femmeluxerefinery whats trending
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It’s that time of the month again – Femmeluxefinery Shopping! Time to update my ‘drobe and get my insta feed poppin’. I just have to rave again about this online shop that sells trending clothes. These are the fashion styles that are breaking the internet right now. With all kinds of women’s clothing, whether you’re the queen of laid back vibes, or you’re a total glam girl who’s all about dressing to the nines, Femmeluxefinery got your dream ‘fit.

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Still searching where to get the clothes that you see from popular artists and fashionistas? Panic over, because they got the styles to kill any occasion! Shop and top up your wardrobe and get a name for yourself as ‘that one that always looks amazing AF’. Fashionable clothes from Femmeluxefinery will have you feeling runway ready all week long. You’ll not get stuck scrolling’ and struggling anymore just to find your perfect ‘fit. Don’t sweat it; they’ve got your back! We all know it’s less stress when you find the perfect clothing style.

Femmeluxefinery: My Go-To Online Shop

If you’ve been following me for a couple of months, you probably know by now that Femmeluxefinery is one of my go-to online shop. Whether I am in need of dresses for blog events, basics for everyday errands or stay up with the trends, Femmeluxefinery is the first online boutique that I browse. They have the best selection and they really have an eye for what’s trending! They are constantly curating their selection so that we all get the latest and fashionable pieces and I can’t wait to upload my latest gram photos wearing all of these…

Dusky Pink Co ords with White Stripe Lounge Wear Set

Lounge in style in this Dusky Pink with White Stripe Lounge Wear Set featuring cropped hoodie and long legged pants. Style with some cool trainers and you’re good to go! I love how it’s comfy to wear and I can move easily. This coordinates is soo pretty – Sporty but chic look!

Animal Snake Print Long Sleeve High Neck Split Bodycon Dress – Sabrina

Get this bodycon dress for all occasion. Featuring snake prints long sleeve high neck split bodycon dress which is a must-have this season. This style is to die for and I love it. Pair with heeled sandals for the best look.

Animal Snake Print Split Side Bandeau Bodycon Dress – Lelia

Turn up in style in this trendy animal snake print split side bandeau bodycon dress. Dress this up with a statement bag and earrings and partner with some killer heels for a look that is killing’ it. 

Black Animal Crocodile Print Leggings – Hazel

Look fierce in the Black Animal Crocodile Print Leggings. The high waist and sexy crocodile print design will make you stand out and only means it’s a must-have in your wardrobe. Team with your fave heels or any chunky trainers for any occasion. 

Stay home and shop online. You’re too pretty to have to look for a parking spot.

If you’re going to have a chance to shop at Femme Luxe, what will you get? Comment away!

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3 Face Washing Mistakes You Could Be Making

3 Face Washing Mistakes You Could Be Making
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3 Face Washing Mistakes You Could Be Making. The mistakes that you may be committing at the sink and why it never feels totally clear and clean…

You wash your face but it never feels totally clean or clear. Can you relate? Cleansing your face is one of the most important step in skin care routine. Even if you have the best and most expensive cleanser, if you are not using it correctly it won’t get the job done. Today’s post is gonna be about the mistakes that you may be committing at the sink. 

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3 Face Washing Mistakes

Face wash mistakes
  • You are not washing your hands

It is very important to wash your hands before cleansing your face so that you will not transfer the dirt and bacteria to your face as you cleanse your face. Same goes if you are using a washcloth, please make sure also that these are clean or SKIP IT as it is too abrasive for your skin. They’re also a breeding ground for bacteria. (If you will really use one, please remember, it has to be laundered every time).

  • You are not using an oil cleanser

There are two different types of impurities: oil-based (sebum, makeup and sunscreen) and water based (sweat). Remember, if makeup or sunscreen is not removed from your skin, it’s a go signal for breakouts. That is why it is very important to remove impurities completely with an oil cleanser.

  • Using oil cleansers on damp skin

It should be applied onto dry skin. It also takes a bit of massaging to remove all the impurities; makeup, sunscreen and the like). Massage it for at least 20 seconds, DO NOT RUSH!

BONUS: You exfoliate too much

Exfoliating helps improve your skin’s tone and texture. Do it in moderation, otherwise you will irritate your skin. Do this at night as it is the time when your skin produces new cells. And for God’s sake, do not exfoliate more than three times a week! You’re welcome :*

With a few tweaks you’ll be on the path to clearer, more radiant skin. Share other face washing mistakes that you know in the comments below.

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