Most Effective Ways to Overcome Monday Blues

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Monday Blues
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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Monday Blues

Monday Blues or Morning Blues is a term for sad, anxiety feeling on the first day of the week if they are not happy with their work. The morning where you don’t feel to do anything or don’t like to get up of bed. This could be due to laziness, lack of passion, no interest, no motivation, don’t know their biggest WHY, etc. People who have a 9-5 life tend to have more stress because their mind and body are absolute slaves to our body clocks. Programmed with returning to their office and piles of work are waiting for them in their cubicle. Can you relate? If so, you might have a case of Mondays Blues.

Have you read those funny Monday quotes over the internet? Here are some of it;

“If each day is a gift, I’d like to know where I can return Mondays.”

“If Mondays were shoes, they’d be Crocs.”

“Sssshhh… I’m hiding from Monday.”

C’mon, Monday isn’t doing anything bad to you ha-ha. Leave Monday alone *winks. I don’t think it has to be this way.

Here are some of the most effective ways to overcome Monday blues:

  1. Sleep well – This is very important because when you stay up late on Sunday night, tendency is, you will wake up late the following day, this will also make you tired and less engaged. Having more than enough sleep is dangerous so find the right balance and stick to it.
  1. Mind over matter – Please stop telling yourself how horrible Mondays are!
  1. Find something that will get you physically energized – Go to the Gym, Attend Zumba class with friends or anything that will invigorate you for the day ahead.
  2. Keep your schedules light – Monday is a traditionally busy day in the office. Think of a strategy that will clear your Monday schedules. Make it Tuesday instead as this will help you slay the rest of the week.
  3. Call an important person in your life – Your mom, sister, husband or wife. Talking to them and hearing their voice will make you feel better and have that smile on your face.

Mondays are for fresh starts! Always keep in mind that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Honestly, it is not Monday that s&*k#, it is your job! Why waste time and suffer working when you are stressed with your job or don’t like what your boss asks you to do. Don’t think that it is your only option. We are now in a Digital world where there are so many ways of monetizing our passion. It’s out there, all you have to do is get it! Forget about those Monday Blues and think that Monday is a fresh reminder that this week, you will be strong. Make today count!


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The Latest Fashion21 Eyeshadow Kit Has Finally Been Revealed

Fashion21 eyeshadow kit
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The Latest Fashion21 Eye shadow Kit Has Finally Been Revealed!

Fashion 21 is one of the top local cosmetic brands in the Philippines that has undeniable good quality, comes in trendy and stylish packaging with a very friendly price. Fashion 21 was born from the idea of a fresh look for the woman of the 21st century. It was to offer to Filipinas a new brand of imported, good quality and long-lasting make up at an affordable price. It was dubbed as a brand that showcases world-class products that would fit the woman of the next decade.

Ayesha Heart was so stoked about the latest Bloggermail. Fashion21 eye shadow kit finally arrived! I got 4 palettes and they come in different sets of colors including blues, browns, and earth tones. It is pigmented and they’re perfect if you are in an event or any special occasions and you want to stand out! This one kit wonder lets you experiment with colors and textures to highlight your lids–each kit contains two matte shades of shadow and three shimmery colors to add that extra zing.

Fashion21 Eye shadow kit comes in a plastic packaging. I love that the lid is transparent, I can check the shades quickly. At the back of it you’ll see details like ingredients, net.wt., Palette number, distributor and manufacturing date. It doesn’t come with an eye shadow application brush tho but I am eyeing already on their multi-function brush. I hope it has a small applicator included so that it is easy to get the product and it won’t get into the other shades as the pans are very slim.

When getting the product in the palette make sure to tap your brush first to remove excess product, I tried using my fingertips however I prefer to use a small applicator/brush because it is easier to apply and it blends well.

Fashion21 Eye shadow kit

 Kit 1 (From top to bottom:) White, Gold , Sand Pink, Olive Gold, Umber Brown

Swatch from one of my favorite kit:

Get this if you are: a Student or a Business woman
Why you’ll love it: It is an everyday one kit wonder, it has Neutral/ a pinch of intense shades and definitely a go-to eye shadow kit that will create a bossbabe look.


 Kit 2 (From top to bottom:) Sand Pink, Light Olive Gold, Bright Gold, Lilac, and Midnight Blue

Get this if you are: a Party babe
Why you’ll love it: It has lovely shades that can take good care of your look from afternoon bonding with friends to a dinner date with your handsome. Create that sexy Smokey eyes with this kit and make sure to remind your date not to stare too much at you *winks

 Kit 3 (From top to bottom:) Ballet Pink, Pastel Peach, Worm Pink, Plum, Dark Violet

Get this if you are: A girly & pretty teen, College girls
Why you’ll love it: Fun shades. Very girly and Barbie-ish! It is so pretty. I’m speechless. PERIOD.

 Kit 4(From top to bottom:) White with hints of Gold, Rose Peach, Sand Pink, Mauve, Cedar Brown

Get this if you are: Girly, Smart bossbabe (just because people often forget that being both is possible)
Why you’ll love it: Can’t complain with the shades. I am in love with it. This one is almost the same with no.1 kit but Rosier and calmer, it has a touch of girliness that’s why I love it *winks


I love how the Matte ones stay in place for longer hours. It has a staying power of 6-8 hrs. without primer with/without in an air conditioned place. If you have oily lids, I suggest to put Primer prior to application of the eye shadow product.

A busy Female Entrepreneur/bossbabe like me have business meetings here and there DAILY so a kit like this is very handy for me. I can easily switch my look from a Classy bossbabe to a girly, sweet lady look (vise versa). My favorites are the kit no.1 and kit no.4 – From highlight to contour, it is perfect! It is also affordable, has simple packaging and travel-friendly. I am in love with your products Fashion21!


Price: 195 pesos/palette
Shades: 5 shades available
Where to buy: Available in leading department stores nationwide
Facebook: Fashion 21 Cosmetics


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Hit the Reset Button

Hit the Reset Button AyeshaHeart
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Hit the Reset Button

Bottom: H&M | Bangle: Hermes Clic H | Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Hit the Reset Button please! Know why you should, by reading until the end of this another inspirational post.

I had another productive week. As for my routine, every day I conquer the day, then the next thing I do is to celebrate that I conquered the day. Then I wake up and do it again. Phenomenal! However, there’s always the pressure, stagnancy and the like that comes along the way that’s why I still need that reset button.

For most of us, we all have routines in life – work and we’ve all been there at some point in our lives where we all get fed up, there are times that we just don’t want to talk to people and feels like motivation take its leave or worse burnout. This really affect us mentally, physically and emotionally so before we release the Beast inside of us and become unbalanced, it’s time to hit that reset button! Go out with your friends, take a vacation! Go to the Gym or Spa, enjoy life as if it is the end of the world.

Just do whatever makes you happy and take a deep breath. Be human! Pause for a while and think about how blessed you are. Think of all the unexpected blessings, trials that turns into triumph and so on. This will make you more excited to jump back in the game and face life/ goals.

When’s the last time that you try out something new? Make new memories and have fun! This is very important in our life. Always remember, DO NOT EVER QUIT! Just take a break. You’ll thank yourself later. After all these, you’ll feel like a new person. Fueled with positivity and new goals to chase. You will love yourself more that you did yesterday and this time no one can stop you! You are now more focused. You’re going all the way up!

What helps you reset?


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Reasons To Love The New Glam Squad Hair Salon

Glam Squad Salon
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Reasons To Love The New Glam Squad Hair Salon

Glam Squad Salon is a full-service professional beauty salon/nail lounge/gentleman’s barbershop dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, high quality products, and furnishing a luxurious atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

Who are Glam Squad?

– Carrying on the Legacy of the Varonas in the Salon industry for more than 20 years (Est. since 1980s former Varona Salon). Yes you’re right! The popular actors way back as seen on photos below were their clients.

Now comes a revival Prestige Salon with luxurious VIP stations, Nail Lounge, and Barbershop for the Gents.

-Luxurious Salon Stations
-Uber comfortable adjustable Massage Chairs
-A dedicated Barbershop for the Gentlemen (3rd floor)
-Wine bar (with complementary drinks for Barbershop service)
-Huge Parking Space (Street and Back Lot)
-Strategically located in the heart of Quezon City
-Highly-trained creative stylists
-VIP treatment (comes with complimentary TWG Tea Drink)
-Professional Hair Chemical Mixing Room (The Red Room)

I was surprised when they showed us their three-story Salon! I told myself, this is something incredible! No wonder Glam Squad Salon is already getting the attention of some celebrities. I’ve heard that they close late to provide the best service to their clients and aim the perfection of their services. This business is not all about money, relationship to their customers is their top priority!

First floor: Some brightly-lit vanity mirrors that us, women all love  Whoah! I can’t stop saying WOW! Oh it’s so glam, love it!

Haircut, hair treatments are done on this floor.

Second floor: A very cozy place for manicure, pedicure, foot spa, massage, waxing and a lot more!

Glam Squad Salon has a vast collection of premium nail polishes. I can’t wait to try their nail services especially the Hand & Foot Spa & Nail Art.

Third floor: A Barbershop/awesome collection room where you can listen music and buy kicks as well. I’ve heard most are imported from the U.S and are at limited collector’s edition.

This is so cool for husbands/boyfriends, they will not get bored anymore while waiting for you as you enjoy the treatments and Salon services. Smart idea!

Incredible Hair Transformation at Glam Squad Salon

Quezon City, Philippines July 2, 2016 – #VIPTreatment  #theLEGACYcontinues

AyeshaHeart was invited by Glam Squad Salon for this exclusive Pamper session. It is owned by the gorgeous Ms. Ivy Varona to continue their family business and the Legacy.

Me and my glamorous Bloggers friends enjoyed the Essential Treatment and Spa(Schwarzkopf). Perfect timing because I am looking for a new Hair Salon to recommend for this much needed treatment. Let’s see what will happened after the treatment. Also, stay with me until the end of this post for a surprise!

First, they shampoo my hair and then proceed to the application of the hair treatment. Left the treatment in my hair for a couple of minutes. While waiting, one of the Glam Squad people massaged my head and I love it! I had a long productive day that time and that massage made me so relaxed. ++points for their VIP treatment.

Ms.Ivy also explained about the history, different services that they offer and the like. We exchanged some Q & A’s and I am pretty impressed with everything. The ambiance is wonderful, they served a complimentary tea and healthy snack and prices are affordable with the treatment that you will receive. What I like the most is when Ms.Ivy explained that her hairstylist are not just her employees but her business partners. Glam Squad Salon has a long list of beauty services and she made sure she got the experts in each of the services that they offer.


OK, back to the procedure. Then, they rinse my hair, started to blow-dry it and curled my hair.

I know, I know you’re excited with the outcome. Keep your eyes peeled, here we go…

Tadaaa… OMG! I love it! I super love the outcome  CURLS RUN THE WORLD!

Thank you so much Glam Squad Salon especially to the experts and to Ms.Aila who took care of my hair.


Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER shot…

Take a look at the HUGE DIFFERENCE! It is now a bouncy, full-looking hair, weightlessly and super smooth.

With the Glamorous Mommy Lariza, thank you

With Ms.Ivy Varona

Book an appointment and get your hair transformation at Glam Squad Salon.

Located at 75 Timog Avenue, Gil Preciosa Bldg. No.2 Quezon City.
You may send them an SMS/Viber or call them at 0916-3454984 /351 3320.
You may also E-mail them at

Instagram- matrixglamsquad 
Facebook –


Visit my Facebook page on July 12,2016 for a SURPRISE! Who’s ready to have a hair transformation? Comment below if you do!

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It’s that time of the month again and I am so excited to announce this as our special Commenter of the month (JUNE) will be getting a pamper session at NAILAHOLICS SPA. Thank you for the love and endless support.


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Give chance to others *wink

This is just another way of saying thank you to all who visits me here, leave comments and supports me all the way. I love you all and I appreciate all your time & effort. Stay awesome!

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