Who is AyeshaHeart?

Hello! Hajimemashite! I’m Ayesha Heart. I am a half Japanese, half-Filipino.
Focused. Smart. Motivated. Oh, and Fashionista.

Grew up in the Land of the rising Sun, Japan and arrived in the Philippines last May 2015.

Born on the 10th of May

I’ve been blogging for almost 13 years and I’ve worked with different brands local and international.


SEO Link Builder | Social Media Manager | Mentor | Team Director | Entrepreneur | Investor

GOAL DIGGER! #bossbabe

I don’t look left or right. I look straight ahead, stay in my lane of success and push the pedal!, I always focus on myself and keep moving forward! I am a very positive person. I believe that being negative in life will lead you to nowhere.

Remember that NEGATIVE PEOPLE usually have NEGATIVE bank accounts to match. Yikes!

I’m also passionate about helping others pursue their passion and if you’re reading this ,I might just change YOURS , if you feel you have what it takes to work with me and would want me to change your life, shoot me a message too. I am willing to help you live a better life. Let’s start making your own success story. Let’s work together!


About the Website

Today, I am so back with a new website to share my love for fashion, beauty and TRUE LIFESTYLE with the world.  I feature products/brands that I believe in and publish my brutally honest product reviews. I will also share a lot of motivational quotes, valuable posts and the exciting part, how to put money in your pockets.


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E-mail me at ayesha_heart@yahoo.com


Oh, you must meet my #AyeshaHeartfam they are all awesome! If you aren’t a member yet, simply “LIKE” our Facebook page and you’re in!

Special thanks to my sister from another mother, Kei for my awesome layout 😘.

I’m so excited for this new beginning!! I am so ready to work with YOU! Be it a sponsored post or becoming your brand ambassador and the like,

E-mail me at contact@ayeshaheart.com or ayesha_heart@yahoo.com

そして ヨロシク お願いします!!!

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