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Smell Chic: Elegance in a Bottle

Smell Chic Elegance in a Bottle
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Smell Chic: Elegance in a Bottle

I admit I have a serious addiction to bath products, name it and I have it! if you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter, you probably saw some of my favorite bath products There are so many amazing imported body wash in the market but let’s be honest,  it’s pretty expensive and more often than not a lot can’t buy these expensive body wash monthly.  I have good news and when I say good news you better stop everything that you’re doing and focus on reading! A promising local brand that creates trendy fragrances for home and body care is launching their new affordable luxury product lines. They offer the best in the industry without compromising the quality of their services and products.

A One-of-a-Kind Chic Experience

The Hair Lounge Salon, Philippines October 4, 2017 #EleganceInABottle

It’s a class, elegance & style kind of day for me with a promising brand; Smell Chic as they launch their product lines at The Hair Lounge Salon  I am excited to share this with you because I tell you,  the scent of each product is way far from your ordinary local bath products.  Have you ever tried a Jo Malone scent-like for a hand sanitizer? How about a body wash that smells like Dolce & Gabbana Blue Light perfume? Even if the beauty-holic in you is skeptical, keep reading to find your perfect body wash, hand sanitizers and room + linen sprays that can out-shine all your other fragrances for home and body care. They are a game-changer in the industry! Check out my picks and my chic giveaway at the end of the post because the prize is well worth having.

Smell Chic: Elegance in a Bottle

Smell Chic is the newest sensation in town that creates trendy fragrances for home and body care lines. They have body wash and hand sanitizer line that comes in stylish scents inspired by the different personal and lifestyle of a young, sophisticated and cosmopolitan woman. They also have a Room+Linen Spray line that brings the fresh and delightful aura of nature in your very own home.

Smell Chic was born out of the owners’ collective love for fashion, beauty and other wonderful things. And one of the best ways to share this experience and passion is through scents and fragrances. “What we smell creates an ambiance that instantly affects how we feel.”


500ml @ PHP 479
250ml @PHP 359
100ml @ PHP 179

Fresh Bamboo. Spray away with this scent which reminds you of the crisp smell of the bamboo leaves in the damp jungle as it radiates the dewy scent of nature.

Olive. Relish in the smell of your home with a perfect scent that clearly emanates relaxation which leaves behind a fresh herbal scent that radiates with warmth.

Lavender. Luxuriate in our lavender scent which gives you that feel of calmness because of it’s sweet, floral aroma with balsamic undertones that keeps you relaxed as you unwind and succumb to its gracious scent.

Green tea. Soak your senses in this very much favoured pleasant aroma which gives you an herbal, refreshing impression, with a sense of focus and concentration as it is carried through the air.

FiloDapper. Invigorate your senses with this pleasingly bold and crisp scent. Created with the cool elegance of fine linen and masculinity in mind to awaken the FiloDapper in you.

Tropical Escape. Escape to a summer paradise with the sweet fragrance of freshly picked flower, intertwined with a fruity aroma guaranteed to brighten up any room.


Smell Chic BODY WASH


500ml @ PHP 379
250ml @ PHP 259
100ml @ PHP 129

Through feel good scents, we promise to bring splash and expression to the cosmopolitan woman’s life so they can find their true persona, make them feel better, and encourage them to share their happiness to others.

Beach Aura.  With hints of lavender and sandalwood, this clean and fresh, bold scent which emanates a masculine tone invigorates your senses and reminds you of the air of the ocean breeze which is “Beach Aura”.

Boyfriend Sense. Experience the slight citrus blast of lemon, mandarin and a hint of bergamot. This scent is suitable for both men and women hence the name “Boyfriend Sense”.

Casual Petite. Composed of floral scents of iris and rose, that you can’t get enough of smelling even on “Casual Petite” days.

Classic Audrey. A timeless and classy scent that wraps your nose with the sweet scent of honey’s nectarine while strolling down the garden with our “Classic Audrey” in mind.

Sophisticated Grace. A scent that flows with freshness and brings along a floral touch that reminds you of elegance as you bathe with “Sophisticated Grace”.

Royal Diana. A feminine classic, avalanche of lemon leaves, lilac, peony and amber that drew inspiration from the true “Royal Diana” in the everyday woman.

Charming Impression. It outpours the fun and young fruity-floral fresh scent. That calls to mind the “Charming Impression” of the modern woman today.

TheFiloDapper. exuding the fragrance of citrus and wood, that personifies the neat and spruced up man. Freeing the Filodapper in you.


50ml @ PHP 99

It’s all in the detail. The owners really take pride in paying attention to the minute detail of their products. Every word that you will read from packaging is well thought of to complete the Smell Chic experience. The names of the scents are specifically chosen to capture the atmosphere that we hope to create. Trendy-scented and handy! Every sophisticated woman must have a Smell Chic hand sanitizer of choice.

Smell Chic Customized

(C:SmellCHic PH)

It’s even prettier when personalized; they can also customize and provide volume orders. Turn any festivity to fabulous with your Smell Chic item of choice, given a look that suits your taste and style. Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions just got more interesting with these lovely customized finds. Perfect for personal use or as gifts and giveaways!


My favorite Smell Chic products

I got the Charming Impression, Casual Petite body wash then Sophisticated Grace and Beach Aura hand sanitizers. I highly recommend the Charming Impression; you guys have to get this! This body wash smells like Dolce & Gabbana Blue Light, I and hubby are obsessed with it! It’s now our HG body wash. I always look forward to my shower time the day I got this, it leaves my skin feeling clean and just oozes positive vibes – Love this to bits!

Bring the scent and aura of sophistication to your workplace (and anywhere!) with the Beach Aura and Sophisticated Grace hand sanitizers. It’s nice to keep it the purse, I actually use it consecutively I’m hooked! Non-greasy and my hands are super soft every time I use it. A must-have to keep your hands clean without having to wash them every time.


Smell Chic is a premium line of body care and home care products. Discover elegance in each and every bottle of Smell Chic. With different scents to choose from, their hand sanitizers, body wash and linen + room sprays can definitely provide you with a one-of-a-kind chic experience. Enjoy Smell Chic’s fragrant and sophisticated home care and body care products wherever you are. Their product lines are really great and I will definitely repurchase when I’m done with all the bottles!


SMELL CHIC | Facebook | Instagram

Poshmark Boutique U-101 STG Corporate Center, 76 Timog Avenue Quezon City
The Retail Lab Archeology , Powerplant Mall
2nd floor Rockwell Drive Corner Estrella Street Makati City
The Hair Lounge Salon
520 Shaw Blvd. cor Old Wack Wack Rd. Mandaluyong City


DISCLAIMER: Some product/s mentioned on this post were provided by the company or the PR that works in behalf of the company for free/ review purposes. All reviews I publish are my own honest and unbiased opinion. Press samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of my product reviews. Post contains a link to a product page, shopping through this link will not result to a commission.






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Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlight Palette
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Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette is a versatile face and body highlighting palette that suits all skin tones and includes two velvety powders (Sphinx & Goddess) and two luxurious cream formulas (Delta & Dynasty). The golden, metallic finishes add a radiant glow and a luminous polish to the skin. Top left is creamy, rest three are all powders. Read until the end of this post to know if I like it and if I recommend purchasing it.

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Is So Famous, But Why?

First of all, I absolutely adore the Gold packaging, very attractive to look at. One cent tho, the palette has it own little brush, but it ain’t so good to work with, the brush is kind of stiff so i suggest you use your holy grail highlight brush or best if you use your fingertips for an ultimate glow. For me, fingertips is the way to go with this one as the size of each individual highlighter is quite small, it is tricky to pick up the right amount on a brush. The formula is beautiful you guys, it’s the most pigmented I swear! It is spectacular! Blinding, vibrant, and pigmented I LOVE IT!

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette 4 shades

1. Sphinx 2. Delta 3. Dynasty 4. Goddess 

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

I remember the first time I apply this to my face, I was blown away. I have to get it! Up until now it’s my favorite highlighter. It’s finely milled, versatile and has the most intense glow you could imagine all in a finely compact gold package. Staying power is great too and works so well on the skin. I was surprised about the formula of it, it’s actually very thin and really easy to apply. It would be perfect with dusting a light layer of powder highlight on top.

It’s such an affordable , high quality amazing highlighter palette, really stunning. I absolutely adore the gold packaging, very attractive to look at. I really recommend it! Honestly, this is my fave product. Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow, the highly pigmented metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin.

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette swatches

Directions for use:

Lift the brows with a highlight across the brow bone with Sphinx.

Highlight down the bridge of the nose  using Delta.

Add shimmer to cheekbones with Dynasty.

Enhance lips with a highlight on the cupid’s bow with Goddess.


Storage info
Store in a cool dry place
Not tested on animals


Sleek Makeup has been around in the country and I will never get tired of buying makeup from them because the brand is amazing! Just like this highlighting palette, it just gives the most beautiful highlight – I am obsessed! This is definitely the best drugstore highlight I’ve ever tried. It’s not glittery at all, you can go subtle or blinding highlight with this palette. I am wondering how they could top this ^ ^


Have you used Sleek’s highlighting palette?
What do you think of Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this highlighting palette? Comment away!


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Whipped Salon Might Give You the Softest Skin Ever

Ayesha Heart for Whipped Salon 2017
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Whipped Salon Might Give You the Softest Skin Ever

Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon is looking to give back this BER month. From September 15- October 15, 2017 get FREE TWO SERVICES PER VISIT FOR 30 DAYS (Unlimited number of visits) NO PURCHASE REQUIRED! Participating branches are the following: Whipped SM Cherry Mall SHAW (MAP) and Whipped Avida South park (MAP). Yes, you read it right -This is not a drill, I am teaming up with Whipped Salon for scrutiny and for you to have a chance to try their services and attain a flawless and softest skin ever pain-free. Today, I’ll be sharing my pampering session at Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon, can you guess what sevices did I avail? Is it painful and will I recommend them?

Sugar waxing and scrubbing are treatments to remove hair from the root and to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells without causing pain. Sugar scrub is a pocket friendly beauty regimen; it is the most inexpensive way to pamper the skin. Seasons can create havoc on the skin; it can become flaky, dry and itchy but don’t fret because Whipped Salon is here to take care of our skin. It’s that time of the month again for me to get a gentle form of body exfoliation so I choose to visit Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon at SM Cherry Shaw. This time I pick the Eyebrow waxing and Caramel Scrubbing lower leg services.

Introducing a Revolutionary Method of Body Exfoliation

AyeshaHeart for Whipped Waxing and Scrubbing Salon

My gorgeous beauty technician/cosmetologist started to clean my lower leg and begin the Caramel scrubbing, I tell you it feels so good! Its fine texture gently exfoliates my skin. The gentle massaging application of Sugar scrub on the skin enhances blood circulation. Sugar scrubbing removes dead skin cells and dirt without drying the skin. Hello soft, supple, smooth skin! I highly recommend Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon to y’all, give your skin the care it deserves; indulge your skin with their services.

Onto eyebrow waxing, she first cleans the eyebrow area with a piece of cloth tissue. Then she applied the sugar wax by a gloved hand in the opposite direction of the hair growth, spread it on the hair and with a flicking motion the hair is gently removed in the direction that the hair grows. Then finish it with plucking and twee zing.

Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon at SM Cherry Shaw

Whipped Waxing and Scrubbing Salon at SM Cherry Shaw

Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon at SM Cherry Shaw Facility

Whipped Waxing and Scrubbing Salon Cosmetologist

AyeshaHeart at Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon

The salon is also super clean and cozy; a perfect place to relax, refresh and enjoy sugar waxing and scrubbing. I am happy with the services and pampered by a trained cosmetologist. Thumbs up for a great service! Bring your friends and visit them every day to try all their services. Remember, it is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority – It is necessary!

Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon 30 Days Promo

Event Details

Participating Branches:
1.Whipped SM Cherry Mall SHAW (MAP:
2.Whipped Avida Southpark (MAP:

Offer to clients:

1.Free 2 Services per visit
2.Unlimited number of visits
Duration: September 15 – October 15, 2017

1.Fill out form in-store
o Free service can only be availed if client comes to store in person and fills out the form.
o No reservations.
2.Any TWO services per visit (not including packages)
3.First come first served basis


Whipped Waxing and Scrubbing Salon Menu and Services

Facebook | Instagram

Have you tried their services already? If so, which are your favorites?
If not, which one would you like to get?


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