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Geláre, There’s No Limit to Your Imagination

Gelare Dessert Cafe BGC
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Geláre, There’s No Limit to Your Imagination

Today, I am going to spread sweetness as we talk about the newest dessert cafe in BGC! Yasss, the popular Australian cafe is finally here to serve the famous Gelare ice cream and freshly baked waffles all-day. Who does not love ice cream? I bet only a few will raise their hands. Most of us will choose ice cream over other dessert and we got plenty of reasons why. We’ll let you in on a Trivia! Regular ice cream that we grew up with contains 50% air while famous Gelatos that we have been introduced contains 25% air.

Gelare Treat Yourself

Then here comes Geláre Ice cream that is airless! How exciting can this get? Geláre is Australia’s most-loved dessert café. It was founded in Australia in 1986 and has been tantalizing palates for over 20 years and counting. Presently, it continuous to capture the society’s penchant for gourmet dessert in Perth and Brisbane, Australia. From melt-in-the-mouth gourmet ice cream and warm golden waffles, to vegan desserts and light hearty breakfasts, Geláre dessert restaurants are trusted for nothing less than a sweet and savory taste sensation.

Gelare Philippine Flagship

Gelare Dessert Cafe BGC

Geláre has landed in the Philippines with its flagship store in Uptown, BGC with its serene interior perfect for relaxation. A place where you can just leave all your stress behind and savor some guilty pleasures. Geláre is an Italian word that means “to freeze” or “congeal”, which is the final step in the ice cream making process. Geláre offers 24 staple ice cream flavors to choose from with notable flavors like: Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cup and Honey Malt. They also have 5 flavors of Vegan and Halal certified ice cream such as Banana Caramel Swirl, Lychee Lane Sorbet, Mango Passion Sorbet, Lemon Lime Sorbet and hang on matcha lovers out there, Matcha Green Tea.

Why I love Gelare and You Should Too!

Gelare Waffle

Gelare Simple Pleasures

Making it more exciting is Gelare’s waffle which can be enjoyed both sweet and savory. It comes with a perfect crisp on the outside yet light and fluffy on the inside. For simple pleasures, it can be enjoyed with its rich buttercream topping or add a little excitement with a scoop of any ice cream flavor of your choice to make it à la mode. Or better yet, pair your waffles with Egg benedicts for those ovum lovers.

Gelare Faves

Gelare Treats

Those who crave for more tangible protein can go for their Waffle with Buttermilk Chicken; Juicy chicken fillet that’s battered and deep fried to perfection. They also have waffle with Sliced Beef & Gravy; richly flavored and tender, this thinly sliced sirloin is a sure bet. Craving for java? Fret not, as Geláre offers a robust coffee experience whether hot or cold. They also offer to-die-for Affogato customizable with your choice of ice cream flavor. For non-coffee drinkers, you will definitely thirst for their smoothies such as Mango Mango and Merry Berries. And hey if you want to go all-out, why not try their Rich Milk shakes with your choice of ice cream.

Gelare Rich Milk Shakes

Gelare Dessert Cafe PH

At Geláre, there is no limit to your imagination. Head on to Geláre at the 3rd level, Uptown BGC and be creative. A branch in Nuvali is opening soon!

Gelare Menu

About Gelare

Founded in Australia in 1986 by Mr. Farid Torabi, Geláre remains the much-loved dessert bar throughout Perth and Brisbane. It has over 50 branches spread across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Geláre has a choice of superior desserts including its famous ice cream, waffles, pancakes, hot beverages, smoothies, and light breakfast menu. Geláre in the Philippines is run by WhitePlates Inc.

GELARE PHILIPPINES | Facebook | Instagram


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A Taste of Europe with Casa Eros Muebles

Ayesha Heart x Casa Eros
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A Taste of Europe with Casa Eros Muebles

Before you design your new house or remodel your current one, consider investing in a company that offers interior design ideas or concept prior to offering which furniture to get. Another thing to look for in furniture company is the one who will offer you recommendations that is an appropriate style for your home. House makeovers are only as good as the people behind them and when it comes to choosing furniture piece, you have to look for people who have uniqueness and character in their style. Today, I introduce a furniture company who offers more than just furniture… IT’S A LIFESTYLE! Casa Eros Muebles has been dubbed “the Rolls Royce”, the “Porsche” of the Furniture brand where elegance, sophistication and durability are their assurance.

Casa Eros Muebles

Ayesha Heart x Casa Eros Muebles

Quality Furniture for Sophisticated and Affordable Markets

Casa Eros Muebles & Interior Designs

In the business of interior design, you must have that special “eye” for color, specific materials and beauty, simplicity, or even a grand set up depending these with your client’s personality.” This will provide assurance that the furniture set is unique and may not be available in the commercial market. In layman’s term, why fit in when are born to stand out?! The designer is well-recognized in the following furniture styles: Victorian, Italian, Middle Eastern, French, European and Asian and provides custom-made sets for homes, condominiums, resorts, spa, hotels, restaurant, office furniture and parlors. Most of the materials used are imported except for the wood which are locally produced from the Philippines such as Gmilina, Mahogany, Molave and Narra (but very limited due to its availability except for existing Narra antiques) and the artistry from wood carving and upholstery dates more than a century of experience which has been passed on from different generation.

Casa Eros

Casa Eros Muebles Dining

Casa Eros Muebles x AyeshaHeart

Caa Eros Beddings

The decorative pieces and fabrics for the Victorian/Middle Eastern/French Provincial antiques/Italian and Almotlaq furniture were ordered or purchased from Europe, USA, China,  Middle East and Southeast Asia. Casa Eros Muebles also combined modern with Victorian designs for clients who wanted both the elegance of old and described as Modern Antiques/eclectic designs. They offer quality furniture for both sophisticated and affordable markets. Since it is custom-made furniture, the lead time for one set is between 20 to 45 days. For modern furniture or purely upholstered sets, the lead time is usually between 7 days to 20 days.

All About Eros

Alex Morales Abergas is a former Assistant Manager of a multi-billion fast food restaurant chain at the age of 20. Become an Asst. Store Manager to a Regional and Training Manager of a nationwide bakery chain in the country, then General Manager and Vice President of a prestigious multi-national company after 25 yrs. He also tried to become a band singer abroad in between his career. Study further on baking cakes and pastries and experimented his own wheat pizza and cake lines (Chef Eros Pizza/Pasta, breads and cakes) ran for about 5 years with 4-5 branches…Knowing the difficulty of maintaining the overhead expenditures including rent and perishable inventories, he gave up and closed the shop in the mall.

Hired by an International bakeshop company to work in a corporate environment, Eros left it again because he could not play politics in the corporate world. He lost jobs, had to rent small rooms, apartments, houses, forced to ride the jeepney going to school, bankruptcy as they lost almost all of his parents’ properties. There are obstacles in his life but he did not give up! He always knew that he is best suited for business and wanted to create his own world for success and prove that success can be achieved when you have focus, determination and vision. Moreover, being an employee will never get you anywhere after 60 years old.

How It All Started

Casa Eros Muebles

As a child, Eros was always the most industrious; he cleans their house, change drapery, playing with small furniture and designing his own miniature home at the age of 8 -9. It really runs in his blood and this is his passion ever since, that’s why after those difficulties in his life, he partnered with some contractors who do constructions business and interior design. He learned how easy it was for him to design houses. He got exposed in the furniture business when he learned how to do upholstery and what materials are being used to ensure that quality will last and can be inherited by your next of kin.

It was a few years ago when Eros designed his own furniture line, bought sewing machines, buying chandeliers, antique lampshades, etc. He started investing with antique furniture and redesigning them. Changing and experimenting with colors and fabrics. He also look for unique buttons and fabrics to set his own designer appeal where he is sure there is no one like it in the market…The rest is history.

The Momentum

Alex Morales Abergas (EROS) became very fond of extravagant displays, furniture and large space homes where everyone can feel like a “King” or “Prince” inside your own small or big castle.  “It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big space, it is how you design that makes your ambience spectacular and you can attain that fabulous environment by using choice furniture, by knowing how to arrange them in order to achieve a remarkable homey, relaxing and inviting place, by “grouping” furniture and displays in one area.”

Casa Eros Muebles

From his humble beginnings working from the restaurants as Pastry Chef, now a furniture and interior designer, he found his heart in designing, practicing his creativity and artwork. He wants to share his artistry and uniqueness as his sense of pride, happiness and fulfillment. He believes that when you have that particular skill that you love doing and when you have that burning passion, success follows. At Casa Eros Muebles, they design, decorate, restore, customize, individualize and make people and families happy in their own tranquil home. For when you have a beautiful home, you would rather stay home and seize the moment!

Ayesha Heart x Casa Eros Muebles and Interior Designs

Thank you CASA EROS MUEBLES team for having me, it’s an amazing night. Congratulation Mr. Alex Morales Abergas on your success. It is true indeed that when you sit with successful people the conversation is different, keep it up you are an inspiration! I love all your designs, it is very unique and I will definitely recommend your designs and even get one set for my new home. Casa Eros Muebles and Interior Designs 2018 marks the year with the theme “ My piece My Lifestyle”. Its about you, your design choice and your personality and character.

CASA EROS MUEBLES | Facebook | Instagram


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Over 2 Million Reached by Doraemon’s I’m Your Hero Campaign

Doraemon Roadventure
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Over 2 Million Reached by Doraemon’s I’m Your Hero Campaign

Doraemon has been going around Supermalls to inspire everyone to be heroes in their own little ways through the I’m Your Hero ROADventure campaign. The iconic robotic cat from the future made popular in comics and anime, intensifies its I’m Your Hero campaign through school and mall tours (School Adventure and ROADventure) happening now until November 2017. Ever since its kick-off event at the SM City North EDSA – The Block last August 7 to 13,2017, almost 2 million walk-in audiences composed of families, kids, and millennials have heard Doraemon sharing the values and principles that could draw out the hero in everyone.

Doraemon’s story is about helping and supporting its friend, Nobita, through life’s challenges, utilizing techniques and gadgets that it brought from the future. This is essentially the same message it imparts to the public today: that kindness, concern, generosity, and respect for others are heroic qualities that help make the world a better place.

Doraemon’s I’m Your Hero Campaign

Doraemon ROADventure

Animation International (Philippines), local licensing agent of Doraemon, and SM Supermalls, look forward to the continuation of the tour, knowing how the fun-filled shows, games, and meet-and-greet sessions with Doraemon and Nobita will be met by its audience with great gladness and joy. The ROADventure is also supporting SM Supermalls’ #EverydayIsPlayDay and #SMKidsMonth2017.

Doraemon Meet and Greet at SM Supermalls

Doraemon’s I’m Your Hero Campaign SM Senior Vice President for Marketing, Mr. Jon Jon San Agustin, is flanked by Doraemon and Nobita during the Press Launch of SM Supermalls’ Everyday Is Play day campaign. SM Supermalls is also the main sponsor and event partner of Doraemon’s ROADventure mall tour happening now in more than ten malls in Metro Manila. Also in the photo, SM AVP for Metro Manila Marketing Mr. TJ Cuenca and Ms. Joc Lapid, Regional Operations Manager for SM North EDSA.

We’d also like to invite you to Doraemon’s Meet and Greet Schedule:
– October 28 and 29 – 3PM & 5PM – SM BF Paranaque
– November 17, 18, and 19 – 3PM & 5PM – SM Mall of Asia

The event is free for all so you can bring your family and friends!

DORAEMON PHILIPPINES | Facebook | Instagram


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