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Insure to Be Sure with Malayan Car Insurance

car insurance policy philippines
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Insure to Be Sure with Malayan Car Insurance

Malayan Insurance Co., Inc. is considered the core company of the Malayan Group, having been established first and has become a multi-million peso corporation. Non-life insurance protection is at the heart of Malayan’s diversified operations. They provide integrated, world-class products and services, delivering superior value throughout the lives of our customers. The insurance risks it covers include fire, marine, motorcar, miscellaneous casualty and personal accident, and surety. Malayan Insurance is a proud member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC).

Malayan Car Insurance Philippines

Malayan Car Insurance Philippines

(C: Malayan Instagram)

Malayan Car Insurance Philippines (Automaster) offers extensive car insurance policy in the Philippines which safeguards your vehicle against accidents from natural calamities, theft and automobile damage among others. They also provide protection for you and your passengers for a worry-free travel. Complete car insurance policy Philippines covers the following amazing benefits, here are some of the car insurance policy Philippines that catches my eye: AUTOMOBILE LOSS/OWN DAMAGE, THIRD PARTY LIABILITY, AUTO PERSONAL ACCIDENT, ACTS OF GOD PROTECTION, RIOTS, STRIKES & CIVIL COMMOTION COVERAGE and a lot more!

Insure to Be Sure with Malayan Car Insurance

You have enough to get yourself a car but you don’t have enough to pay for damages due to accidents. So Insure to be Sure with Malayan’s Auto Master. Get instant quotation at today! Insure your vehicle with Malayan Insurance today!


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World-Class Natural Remedy for Filipina Beauty & Wellness Expert’s Crowning Glory

NOVUHAIR 3IN1 PACK scalp lotion
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World-Class Natural Remedy for Filipina Beauty & Wellness Expert’s Crowning Glory

Hair loss is a concern for both men and women. It can have a devastating effect to anyone who experiences it. According to Web MD, the average adult head has about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair and loses up to 100 of them a day, which is normal. As people age, their rate of hair growth slows, and they can experience losing more than hundreds of strands which is quite alarming. So what can you do to prevent it?

For beauty and wellness expert, Cory Quirino, embracing wellness is the first step to help improve the hair’s condition and make people look younger. “If you choose to have a wellness lifestyle, then expect wonderful changes such as radiant skin, energy, and a general sense of well-being,” she emphasizes. “In time, you will realize that you have successfully delayed the aging process.” The beauty and wellness expert says that choosing wellness as a lifestyle includes eating nutritious food, exercising, getting a good sleep, drinking generous amounts of water, managing stress, getting enough sunshine, and above all, staying positive. On top of a daily healthy regimen, a supplement is necessary to maintain a healthy hair and scalp. Many people opt to use chemical-based products. But for her, the use of natural products is a must and the best solution for hair loss.

Choose Natural, choose Novuhair

“There are hair treatment products in the market today that claim to be effective but their ingredients could contain chemicals that may prove harmful with long-term use,” she enthuses. “Choose natural. Say NO to harsh chemicals and let nature do the makeover,” she emphasizes. Natural ingredients such as virgin coconut oil (VCO) and Aloe Vera are loaded with beneficial properties, which boost the health of the scalp and hair. These and much more natural herbs and essential oils can be found in NOVUHAIR, a topical scalp lotion with 19 natural ingredients that work in synergy to help prevent hair loss, which the beauty and wellness expert approves of.

beauty and wellness expert, Cory Quirino

“Even if I have been blessed with thick hair, I know that it has to be cared for,” she maintains. “I use NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion once daily in the evening before bedtime. Next morning, I apply it on my scalp again, then a shampoo after 30 minutes. Those who wish to further thicken the hair, it is a must to also use the shampoo and conditioner daily.”  Eventually, she noticed impressive effects after using this breakthrough product: significant lessening of hair fall, abundant growth of tress, and the return of locks’ luster.

Apart from being effective, it’s a very safe solution, too. A local clinical study has proven that NOVUHAIR has no adverse side effects with continuous use. Moreover, NOVUHAIR is not just for those who experience hair loss. Younger people, especially the millennials, can use it for maintenance or prevention if hair loss runs in the family. Cory recommends NOVUHAIR to everyone, especially to those who want to maintain their hair the best way they can. For her, this globally-competitive natural product answers the needs of a discriminating, health-conscious public.

Who Is Cory Quirino

Born on August 11, the granddaughter of the late Philippine President Elpidio Quirino is an author, and television and radio host. She has been a strong advocate for natural health, beauty, and wellness for more than two decades. “Twenty years ago, it was as simple a goal as weight loss. But when I saw the dramatic effect it had on my vitality and complexion, I knew that this was the good path to take. For those who wish the same things I wanted then, this would be just as easy to embrace,” Cory recalls.

She wrote a series of best-seller books entitled “Forever Young”, which feature beauty and health tips as well as her own workout programs. Likewise, she also made a fitness video called “Cory Quirino’s Celebrity Workout for Beginners”. For her, living in the 21st century has its challenges. She says: “The best way to live long and be well is to live a natural life.” Truly, for a natural woman like Cory, her crowning glory deserves nothing but a world-class natural remedy that is NOVUHAIR.

NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. You may also have the product delivered right at your doorstep through Lazada at

For more information, contact NOVUHAIR hotlines at 413.6570 and 0922.8830575, visit, and Facebook Page: Novuhair Official.


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The Attractive Features Of Halo Engagement Rings

Morganite engagement rings bbbgem
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The Attractive Features Of Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings look very attractive and stylish. The attractive features of these rings make every occasion very special. These rings are very popular among women. For every women, engagement and wedding are the two very special occasions. At BBBGEM, they do some special things to make these occasions more special and these engagement rings are mainly made for making the occasion very special. The designs of these rings are really very attractive and catch the attention of people at once.


; Halo Engagement Rings

According to a research it has been observed that about 90% of women love to wear these rings as they really look very stylish and attractive. For those people who want a larger look in any occasion, these types of morganite halo engagement ring can be said as the best option. 

Five Most Popular Styles of Halo Engagement Rings

In halo engagement rings Halo is basically a micro pave that surrounds the center point. These types of moonstone engagement ring are available in various attractive styles and designs. The designs of rings are so up to date that even the teenage girl of 21st century will love to wear these rings. Here in this article, you will come to know about five most popular styles of halo engagement rings. These rings are mainly Simon G halo engagement ring, Ritani Halo engagement ring, Coast diamond ring, Bridget Halo ring, Michael M engagement ring etc. these are the five most popular designs of these rings. These are really very popular among women and bride. The style and design of these rings are very attractive as well as eye catchy.

Halo Engagement Rings: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

These rose gold moissanite engagement rings shine like diamonds. The prices of these rings are as high as diamond rings. These types of rings are available in various styles and shapes like pave set antique ring, antique split shank, round halo ring, pave engagement ring etc. the design of each ring is very unique, attractive and stylish. Though, in making these rings, high effort is required. These types of rings are made with utmost care and the materials which are used in making these rings are all high quality materials and this is the reason why the prices of rings are higher than ordinary rings. The diamonds which are used at the center of these rings are genuine diamonds.

You can see the designs of these Halo engagement rings in internet. There are many online sites through which you can see the designs of each ring. Basically, the manufacturer of these rings is having their websites through which you can see the designs of these rings and can buy it as today online shopping is becoming very popular. | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | E-mail:

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