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Bask under the glorious Palawan sun with the first of its kind Avara Nature & Yacht Club

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Bask under the glorious Palawan sun with the first of its kind Avara Nature & Yacht Club

Experience serene, luxurious seaside living in Taytay, Palawan


A glimpse of a seaside living redefined through Avara.

Nov. 13, 2018 (MANILA) – Imagine this: The sound of waves crashing on the shore and the sunlight peeking through the window wake you up on a lazy Saturday morning. You slowly open your eyes, afraid that you’re just in the middle of a dream. But you’re not. You stand up as you feel the gentle sea breeze touch your face. You go out of the porch and look at the horizon. You take your time to enjoy the beauty of the blue skies and the deep sea. The yacht will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready, anyway. That’s the promise of Avara Nature & Yacht Club—the easy life of the seaside.

Airdance group and Filipina harpist Avonlea Paraiso wow the Avara guests with their performances.

Established by the Seaside Premier Development Corporation, Avara is the first of its kind nature and yacht club located at Calauag Bay in Taytay, which was Palawan’s first capital.

The Avara Balanghai designed and created by Master Sculptor Rey Paz Contreras.

The plan for the exclusive resort was formally unveiled at the Grand Hyatt Manila led by its President and CEO Ms. Veronica C. Young. “After many months of sailing and voyaging aboard bangkas and riding waves, we found the perfect island in Taytay, Palawan to be the home of our pioneering project. It is with a great pleasure to present to you tonight, Avara Nature and Yacht Club – the first of its kind in the Philippines, bridging the middle class to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. As Seaside Premier Development Corporation’s flagship project, we aim to redefine seaside living, where nature meets luxury,” she said in her opening remarks.

Coastal living redefined

Avara, which means Sunshine Island, is an eco-luxurious resort that use solar panels as a source of renewable energy, utilize a recycled water treatment system, maximize a hydroponic garden, and take advantage of other eco-materials available. Its accommodation is inspired by the Maldivian architecture. Members can choose to stay in a one-bedroom Water Villa with jacuzzi, two-bedroom Water Villa with private infinity pool, or one- or two-bedroom Beach Casitas. Aside from the villas and casitas, Avara members will also have an exclusive access to a two-bedroom yacht with crew for an overnight stay or for cruising around the island and nearby areas. Avara’s yacht features two cabins and a family room in the lower deck; a living room, a kitchen and dining area, and a plunge pool in the main deck; and an open dining space and a sun deck in the fly bridge.

The Avara Island has nothing but the best facilities for its members. Guests will first experience the Avara service upon their arrival at the dock or the harbor. But the ultra-luxurious resort also has a helipad for those who will be coming in by air. VIPs also have the option to skip the reception and go straight to their accommodation.

There will also be a boardwalk open for development to entrepreneurial Avara member. Meaning, Avara members can also be concessionaires to open their own business—it could be a coffee shop, a grocery store, a bakery, a souvenir stop, and similar ventures. As support to the member-concessionaires, Avara will ensure that the business will be the island’s lone supplier for the specific product.

The island can also accommodate as many as 100 guests at their main dining area and at the grill restaurant. But guests will have more dining options since Avara includes a poolside bar, a seaside bar and lounge, picnic areas, and private dining venues. Avara is fully equipped with a gym, a water sports center, a tennis court, and a golf course to those who want to keep up with their fitness routine. The island also has a playroom and nursery, spa and massage cabanas, a bonfire area, a clinic with an in-house doctor and nurse, and a gaming area for the enjoyment of the Avara members.  At any given time, Avara will host up to 300 members to ensure quality service.

As a promised paradise for those who love the beach, Avara offers a myriad of water action such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet-skiing, banana boat riding, stand-up paddle boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, island hopping, and fishing in coordination with neighbor islands. The resort also provides options for on land activities like trekking, biking, and vegetable picking.

There are also a lot of activities that Avara members can enjoy outside its vicinity. After all, Taytay, Palawan boasts of picturesque sites like the Canique Waterfalls, the Lake Manguao, the Irrawaddy Dolphins in Malampaya Sound, the Fuerza de Santa Isabel, and the Church of Santa Monica. Taytay is also hope to a paradise-like hidden valley that gives tourists a bird’s eye view of the pristine, idyllic coastal areas of the municipality.

Board of advisors

The executives and board of advisors behind the Avara Nature & Yacht Club.


To ensure nothing but the best of services and facilities at Avara, Seaside Premier Development Corporation tapped some of the industry’s most respected personalities for the resort.

Its board of advisors include the following:

  • National Coast Watch Center Executive Director Rear Admiral Joel S. Garcia for Coastal and Marine Management
  • Philippine Army’s 7CMO Battalion Commanding Officer Col. Eugene Osias for Security Affairs
  • Cebu Port Authority Commissioner for the Shipping Sector Ms. Regina Barleta for Port Management and Shipping
  • Incoming Manila Board of Realtors, Inc. President Ma. Teresa R. Bigornia for Marketing
  • Motivational speaker John Anthony Calub for Sales
  • The Manor’s Le Chef Executive Chef William “Billy” King for Culinary Arts

“We thank these distinguished personalities for believing in our idea. We can’t wait to show you the beauty of Avara,” Ms. Young said. Avara Nature & Yacht Club will formally open its shores in the summer of 2020.

About Avara Nature & Yacht Club

Avara Nature and Yacht Club redefines seaside lifestyle by combining beach living and seafaring. It is the first harbor-front town in Palawan as launched by the Seaside Premier Development Corporation. It offers access to a world-class resort with customized yachts.

Visit the Avara website ( and Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( to learn more.

About Seaside Premier Development Corporation

Luxury seaside community developer Seaside Premier Development Corporation was established in 2018. It kickstarted its year by launching its flagship project, the Avara Nature & Yacht Club in Taytay, Palawan. It plans to develop harbor-front townships in the different seaside areas in the Philippines to bring the best beaches and coastal living to every Filipino’s doorstep.

Sister-bloggers Vern and Verniece Share their Love of Pink

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Sister-bloggers Vern and Verniece Share their Love of Pink

Sister-bloggers Vern and Verniece Enciso are famous for two things: their beauty and style sensibility. The dreamy photos of their travels coupled with fashion inspiration are glossy magazine spread-worthy, to the delight of young females all over. Vern was the first to start blogging in 2010 with a “Shoe Tale”. Verniece later followed suit and the rest is history.

Sister-bloggers Vern and Verniece Share their Love of Pink

The Enciso sisters power dress in pink like no other.

Vern and Verniece, collectively known as V&V, have proven that self-expression knows no boundaries. They have traversed all forms of topic from beauty to fashion to travel to inspiration articles. The sisters’ blog page is also very delicately feminine: Hues of pink are prominent, exuding a feminine and charming vibe.

Vern and Verniece are no doubt gorgeous in pink.

Vern loves pink, something that shows in her unique style. “[Pink is] pleasing to the eyes and it’s reminiscent of youth!” Vern said. “Every time I wear [pink], I feel like a teenager all over again!” her sister Verniece was thrilled to learn of the limited edition Vivo V11i Fairy Pink Edition. “Finally, a pink phone!” she gushed.

Vern and Verniece know how to rock pink outfits.

Much like the gorgeous V&V sisters, the Vivo V11i Fairy Pink Edition is beautiful and impressive inside and out. Its blush pink case conceals under its hood powerful artificial intelligence-mechanized features.

Turn heads with the prettiest Vivo V11i in Fairy Pink.

The Vivo V11i boasts of a new-generation 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, which transforms this unique smartphone from a mere phone to a portable gaming console, allowing users to play games anytime, anywhere at their convenience. Vivo V11i also features the latest Funtouch OS 4.5 (based on Android 8.1) and Vivo’s Jovi AI Engine also work together to allocate CPU and memory resources efficiently to handle multiple complex operations. It also features a 19:9 aspect ratio, 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Halo FullView™ Display with a 90.4% screen-to-body ratio for a more immersive gaming experience. Ultra-thin 1.76mm side bezels, paired with the 3D curved body design blends the edges of the phone into the display for easier hand grip.

Most importantly, the Vivo V11i caters to fashion and lifestyle lovers like V&V with its AI dual rear cameras which offers an augmented perspective with the second lens allowing for improvement of sharpness. The ever popular Bokeh effect enhances photograph focus with a blurry effect thrown in for added drama. Its 16MP and 5MP dual rear camera fusion increases the amount of perspective, giving a near 3D image effect on photos. The superior photo quality is supported by Dual Pixel Sensors which boosts light sensitivity and focusing speeds.

Furthermore, Vivo V11i has added an AI Face Shaping technology which naturally enhances the selfie taker’s facial features. The magic comes in when perfect portrait shots are produced because of AI face-modeling algorithms, transforming a 2D image to a 3D one with the added feature of individual editing focused on the nose, mouth, and eyes for beautiful albeit natural looking selfies.

It also has a 25MP front camera that renders high quality selfies. It is also equipped with the AI Face Beauty, the AI Selfie Lighting specs, and the newly-updated AI Face Shaping technology that adds oomph to every shot.

Moreover, Vivo V11i has installed an AI Portrait Framing feature which allows for taking of selfies easier than ever. Backed by AI technology, the AI Portrait Framing prompts the user to hold his phone in an optimal position, thus producing perfectly framed shots each time, effortlessly. With the Vivo V11i Fairy Pink Edition, anyone can start a prolific lifestyle blog with all the great content just like V&V’s own blog site.

Enjoy the powerful specs of the V11i in its daintiest color ever.

The Vivo V11i’s Fairy Pink Edition validates V&V’s love for pink since the phone is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and its features are aligned with the activities of today’s youth which are all anchored in self-expression and social media. Love pink as much as V&V? Own V11i’s Fairy Pink Edition now! Yours at only P15,999 and available on hand at Vivo kiosks and concept stores and online exclusively via Shopee. #

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.  In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

Merz Philippines Uncovers Truth Behind Beauty Fillers

Merz Philippines Uncovers Truth Behind Beauty Fillers
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Merz Philippines Uncovers Truth Behind Beauty Fillers

Merz, a global leader in providing cutting-edge technology in the Aesthetics Industry with 110 years in the market continues to focus on its mission to allow patients to LIVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER and LOOK BETTER.

Time will come that we all get visible lines on our face, skin becomes thinner and loss of fat below the skin in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose and eye area. Maybe some of us are not aware but exposure to sunlight is the single biggest culprit in aging skin. Do you look older than you should? Who in the world wants to look older than their age? NO ONE! I am so excited about today’s post -Exposing the truth behind a beauty treatment that is gaining popularity globally – Beauty fillers.

Bloom Better with the Merz Beauty Agenda: A Forum on Fillers

Works of art are continuously restore over time – isn’t a person a work of art, too? (a famous saying by a revered aesthetic surgeon from Germany). Indeed, a person is a work of art and yet, opting to undergo aesthetic treatments as a way of enhancing beauty is still a heated topic today. Merz spotlights on the bigger picture that opting for beauty fillers shouldn’t take exception to. Merz discusses the different misconceptions that can possibly hinder women to be fully empowered when it comes to getting beauty treatments such as the Ultherapy (a US FDA-cleared noninvasive procedure that is proven to lift the Brow, Cheeks, Chin and Decollete).

Common Myths about Beauty Fillers

Whoah! Things are getting pretty interesting huh! Together with Dr. Wilson Ho, Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, Dr. Gio Dimayuga, and Dr. Gerald Sy, provided an in-depth look on beauty fillers tackling the most common myths that exist today.

Dr. Gio Dimayuga, an active consultant at the Makati Medical Center and several clinics in Manila asserts, “There is what you call the ‘overfilled’ syndrome where lip and cheek injections can result in a trout pout or pillow face.”
He mentioned that there are aesthetic companies that innovate to achieve as much natural-looking results as possible. With Merz’s 65 years of dedication to beauty since launching the first anti-wrinkle cream in 1953, they have committed to deliver natural-looking outcomes while putting their patients as the focus of every product. This is particularly evident with the patented technology behind their HA Filler, which is designed to integrate seamlessly into the skin tissue. And CaHa Filler which is considered as more than just a filler with its power lifting and bio-stimulation properties that allows patients to naturally produce collagen and tighten their skin.

This is a common misconception faced today. The doctors in the forum stressed that it is crucial to note that only doctors can administer dermal fillers as it is a medical procedure. Dr. Gerald Sy, the Vice President of Internal Affairs of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc. highlights, “It is highly essential that prospective patients only look for experienced doctors who boast of several years in the aesthetics industry for their treatments. This is how we can avoid the ‘horror stories’ that result from procedures such as the overfilled syndrome.”

“Only certain fillers for certain parts of the face have been approved by the FDA – so any type of filler in the market cannot be just used on your face,” states Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, resident expert at St. Luke’s Medical Centre Bonifacio Global City and various clinics in Metro Manila. For safety reasons, the FDA recognition for fillers is an essential factor when deciding to opt for dermal fillers.

There are many fillers that exist in the market – the HA, CaHa and you also have the permanent or non-permanent fillers. HA filler is considered as the most commonly used fillers by medical practitioners but only doctors can recommend the best filler suited for each patient as it is a case-to-case basis.

The Modern-Day Filipina Woman

Globally, studies have shown that there is an increasing traction on the societal acceptance of beauty fillers and that it can be regarded as ‘mainstream’ to the everyday woman. In the Philippines, though there is a growing consumer demand, many still find it a challenge to admit that they have undergone aesthetic treatments. Insecurity is often equated with undergoing aesthetic treatments and the forum served as a platform for filler patients to share their experience and how Merz contributed in battling these issues.

MS. Agoo Bengzon, beauty editor

“I have always seen myself as someone beautiful, but there are those days. I never wanted to change how I look but rather, I only wanted to accentuate the beauty that I already have. With Merz and the minimally invasive treatments they offer, I felt more empowered to make the decision of having fillers injected on me,” shared Agoo Bengzon, beauty editor.

MERZ event beauty and wellness stations

Guests are also treated to aromatic, and beauty and wellness stations, with on-the-spot assessments by Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas and Dr. Gio Dimayuga. The event culminated with a toast, in celebration of the forum’s success and Merz’s 110th year anniversary.

A Toast to Merz’s 110th year anniversary

About Merz

Since creating one of the first anti-wrinkle moisturizing creams in 1953, Merz has been a driver of innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine. They are a global, family-owned aesthetics and neurotoxin company backed by 110 years of trust and commitment. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Merz is present globally with approximately 3,000 employees worldwide. At Merz Aesthetics, they are truly passionate about aesthetics; more than just better looks.

Merz recognize no two patients are alike; each patient is living their individual life and has their own kind of beautiful. Merz believe in the power of innovation founded on trusted, long-term relationships. They commit to provide patients the best treatment experience possible while creating sustainable value for their customers. Merz is extremely proud to offer a portfolio of trusted aesthetic products, renowned by practitioners and patients around the world and the best thing about them is  they are much more than their products – they provide supporting solutions such as the training and education measures plus a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine make Merz Aesthetics stand out.

For more information:


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