Is Leopard print still in style 2017?

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Is Leopard print still in style 2017?

Have you ever feel like your outfit lacks oomph? Fret not because I got you- Wear leopard print shoes and watch people turn their heads on you. Don’t underestimate the power of this spot – leopard print, this print is a history and there is something magical about this print. It’s been a staple and an obsession of popular artists like Kardashians and celebrities like Kendall Jenner plus even fashion designers are using it in so many ways making it look more sophisticated.  It’s for all ages; everyone has been draping themselves in it as it easily makes an outfit stand out.

This Year Will Be the Year of Leopard Print Heels

Leopard print shoes offer a versatile and popular choice that can be worn all year round. Inspiration of Leopard Print Pumps comes from wide Cheetah, now it has become the sign of charming and sexy.  There is a style that is ideal for almost every occasion, but careful consideration needs to be given to your choice if they are going to appear to be a stylish extension to the rest of your clothing. When wearing the animal prints, the trick is one animal print is enough and it goes best with monochromatic accessories. There are different style categories to select from, keep reading for a brief explanation of how to wear it in the most modern of ways.

Outrageous Ideas for Your Leopard Print Shoes

Stiletto heels tend to look most stylish when worn as part of a more formal outfit and are therefore ideal for special occasions and parties. Team them up with dark colored slacks and a different top, or if you are after a more coordinated style, stick to more neutral tones of cream, green and light brown instead.

Flat Ballerina Pumps

Usually get teamed up with casual clothing like skinny jeans, a neutrally colored skirt or even smart shorts in the summer. Flat pumps are incredibly adaptable and are comfortable enough to be worn all day long, but again, steer clear of teaming them up with matching accessories if at all possible or you will run the risk of overdoing the look.

Ankle Length Boots

Leopard skin ankle boots and shoes are most suited to wearing with jeans and teamed up with a lighter colored top and accessories that coordinate with the natural brown shades of the leopard print design. They incorporate a relatively high heel, so keeping them on all day can sometimes become uncomfortable, however. They are therefore ideal for less formal evening wear and can be worn all year round.


I love this print because it is obviously sexy and stylish! It’s one of the easiest ways to add a dash of personality to any outfit. It’s a tough one to beat for drama and glamour and the best part is you can wear it anywhere with just anything. Get your paws on the hottest trend – Leopard Print Shoes.

What kind of leopard print items do you own? Comment away!


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