Starting Out The New Year with a Bang

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New Year, New You! What a time to be alive, happy new year! 2019 I AM COMING! I hope you’re ringing in the New Year with a bang so far and you have your goals set. My 2019 motto is I’m sorry, I have to take care of ME. I’ve been sleepin’ on myself. I’M UP NOW.

Let the games begin…Just wait and see what I have in store for 2019!

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It’s Time To Shine This New Year

If you are unhappy, change something; leave your miserable relationship, do something different, something that excites you and stop making excuses. Snatch your energy back and put the focus back on YOU! If there are distractions in your life right now- cut that shit out. This is YOUR season, it’s time to shine. Get your thoughts and routine in check, step into your power and get caught up in your goals, your dreams, and your grind – YOU GOT THIS BABE!

Ayesha Heart ver.2

Here’s my professional tip: Don’t let the toxic mixture of FEAR AND LAZINESS hold you back with your goals and productivity. 6 months from now, you can be in a completely different space, mentally and financially. Keep working and believing in yourself. Do you thing girl; launch that business, write that book, shine your light bright. If you improve by 1% everyday, within a year you will have improved by 365%. Make the decision in your mind that you will succeed at whatever you focus on, Think about these: Who would you be on the other side of fear? Who would you be on the other side of all your dreams coming true?
AyeshaHeart Ver.2.0

This woman that I’m becoming gives me chills. I’m obligated to move differently, I have work to do. 2019 smells like happiness, money, positive vibes, success, and the best life I’ve ever live 🙏❤️ . I CAN FEEL IT! 🙌 Let the games begin!

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Starting the year with a Bang - Hello 2019
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Starting the year with a bang – Hello 2019!

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