Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Review |
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Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

My love for lipstick is increasing and if you’re following me on IG, FB and Twitter, you’ve seen some of my beautiful lipstick flat lays like the last one that I am so obsessed with and wore at NYE, no other than the beautiful, classic,  most wanted and hyped lipstick of the era; the MAC lipstick Ruby Woo. I constantly am trying new Reds from different brands but I always go back to Ruby Woo. This classic pinup-girl shade demands attention. It is a bright Red lipstick, opaque, bold; no shimmer at all.

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick


The MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is the iconic product that made MAC famous. This long-wearing formula features an intense color payoff and a completely matte finish. It comes in a usual MAC lipstick tube. This long-wearing formula features an intense color payoff and a completely matte finish. The pigmentation is just awesome; one swipe is enough.

My Experience with MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

I remember my first experience with MAC Ruby Woo, it was during my super early teen life and being a young girl curious about makeup, it’s a love-hate relationship. It’s hard to apply and it’s just peeling and fades after a few hours. I so want to get rid of it but I am obsessed with its color; it’s perfect! I searched for the technique to make it work – the finish is quite drying so you need to prep your lips by exfoliating and moisturizing before using the product. Use a Red lip liner to trace your lips and apply the MAC Ruby Woo directly to lips or use a lipstick brush. Ohhh, your entire look just completely changes with this lipstick. If you have not used MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, you don’t know what Red lips are.

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick on AyeshaHeart

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review |


What else can I say of this MAC classic matte lipstick that any beauty bloggers or anyone hasn’t said? This is my total HG! If you’re thinking about buying it for the first time, you will not regret it. I have actually bought a few of my friends this lipstick as a gift – they all have different skin tones and it looks stunning on all of them. Ruby Woo is instant glamour in a lipstick tube and exceptionally pleasing. Go for this if you are starting to build up your makeup collection as it is totally worth your money, I LOVE, LOVE IT! It is an elegant Red shade for day and night, it is the lipstick for all skin colors.


What’s your favorite MAC lipstick shade?

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Thank you 2017

Thank you 2017
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Thank you 2017

It’s the last day of the year and this blog post belongs to YOU! 2017 has been a roller coaster ride, it has up’s and down’s and I learned so many things about myself, so many opportunities came and met so many new people and eventually became friends and famILY with them through the year.  No words can express how I feel but the right word that I can say is GRATEFUL, for every blessings that I received. I did not know what I did to receive such but thank you God! I am so ready for 2018 with AYESHAHEARTFAM!

Trials did not stop me too, i used the bricks that others throws at me to build a strong foundation. I became strong and I use these as my motivation to keep going. Remember, trials are never permanent they are there to teach you and strengthen you. God will use the things that others thought would break you to BUILD and BLESS YOU so let them throw bricks, they’re just laying the foundation to your NEXT BLESSING! Just as me, surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity, just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy, no jealousy or hate.

To all the brands and people who I’ve worked with this year, thank you so much for a fruitful year, for flooding me amazing opportunities. Thank you for your trust, for believing in me 🙏. Cheers to more years of partnership!

What are you grateful for this year?

I Tried Novuskin for Months and Here’s What Happened

Novuskin AyeshaHeart
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I tried Novuskin for Months and Here’s What Happened

Novuskin Lift

I discovered NOVUSKIN LIFT about a month ago, I introduced it to y’all in one of my November blog posts and also shared my first month NovuskinLift Journey.  If it’s your first time to hear this brand, Novuskin Lift is the gold standard in anti-aging and skin brightening, formulated with 18 of nature’s finest rejuvenating ingredients. A completely natural anti-aging supplement that will have everyone guessing your age! The unique combination of marine fish collagen, plant-derived antioxidants and co-factor nutrients, this natural ingredients work synergistically to slow down aging and brighten the skin.

Reasons You Should Fall In Love With NovuskinLift

Fall In Love With NovuskinLift

There are different options to slow down aging which include everything from diet to lifestyle, to a wide array of skincare products that you may use. I am so obsessed with skin care, I’ve tried every Korean skin care products and truly in love with the effects but taking Novuskinlift is another story. With a unique combination of 18 of nature’s finest rejuvenating ingredients, it levels up the skin care game! As days are passing by, I am getting more surprised with its result on me; HELLO GLOW SKIN ✨

Unexpected Ways Novuskinlift Can Make Your Life Better

This month is the busiest month of the year and for a #bossbabe like me, I usually have sleepless nights due to meetings, blog errands, sometimes I skip meals and the like and we all know routine like these will give me a bad skin and haggard look. Good thing I have my multivitamin not only for my face but to my entire body. With Novuskinlift, you can energize your cells from within, recharge your entire well-being and start looking and feeling young again. You can now omit robotic invasive sugeries and opt for a painless way to look younger! I am excited to see further results in the coming months and as early as now I highly recommend Novuskinlift, very safe to use and an effortless way to look more beautiful and get glowing skin naturally.

NOVUSKIN | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Where to buy: Novuskin Lift is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons nationwide.

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