Sugar Waxing at Whipped Waxing Salon

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Sugar Waxing at Whipped Waxing Salon

Whipped Waxing Salon

Sugar waxing – A treatment that uses a combination of sugar, lemon and hot water to remove hair from the root without pulling the skin. ! It is another type of hair removal that uses a thick gel on your skin. It does not stick to the skin but only to the hair. Sugar waxing will remove unwanted hairs without traumatizing the body part during procedure and the best part, the adhesive resembles Caramel and oh, smells so yummy that makes your skin so sweet – you’ll want to eat it! (Double clap!) When I heard about Sugar waxing, I thought it’s a new method but after some research, I found out that this treatment is quite old and has been practiced for centuries in Middle East, Greece and Northern Africa and now it’s starting to become more popular in the United States and the Philippines.

The first two treatments that comes to our mind in getting rid of unwanted hair are shaving and plucking. Reasons are both are inexpensive and less painful compared to laser hair removal. However Shaving leaves your skin a sandpaper-like – it is rough! Ugh  :/ While waxing is painful, often results to skin irritation, hair breakage and worst ingrown hairs – Oh that’s scary  :/ And lastly, there are the expensive treatments that’s making your hair disappear together with your money ^^

Don’t lose hope because there is another way that will put a smile on your face on getting rid of unwanted hair. Come, join me! Continue to read about my experience of Sugar Waxing.  It’s time to learn more about the newest waxing salon in town, my highly recommended and preferred method of hair removal.

Get Whipped the Sweet Way at Whipped Waxing Salon

Ayesha Heart at Whipped Waxing Salon

8 Forbestown Rd., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, PH – #DareToGetWhipped

– AyeshaHeart woke up very early and prepared for her #daretogetwhipped challenge by her WhippedSalonPH family. Oh, got pampered the sweet way so you better read until the end of this post to know how *winks. I booked an appointment and visited WHIPPED branch at 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center. I availed the Sugar Waxing: Eyebrow + Underarm. My beauty technician, Ms.Desiree was friendly and gentle throughout the procedure. Had a chance to chat with her about the business and got to know her too. (Yes! Always treat other people the way you want to be treated.)

Whipped Waxing Salon Treat

Get Whipped the Sweet Way

Onto the procedure, the technique uses sugar wax. It has a wax-like consistency and color, but without the sticky resins and chemicals that is found on “strip” or “hard” wax. (Thumbs up!) My beauty tech started with Eyebrow waxing. She first clean the eyebrow area with a piece of cloth tissue and then she applied the sugar wax by a gloved hand in the opposite direction of the hair growth, spread it on the hair and with a flicking motion the hair is gently removed in the direction that the hair grows. I must say my beauty tech masters the skills of flicking *winks.

Ayesha Heart Sweet Treat at Whipped Waxing Salon

After a couple of minutes she started waxing my underarm with the same procedure and finish it with plucking and twee zing. Lastly she applied a moisturizer.

The procedure was done in less than 15 minutes and it clearly shows in my pics that it was a relaxing process and I am very satisfied with it. I am very happy with the outcome! I can raise my arms confidently and I feel so clean and pretty. The process can boost confidence 100% and trust me you’ll be more proud of your underarm ha-ha. You should try this too and let’s all raise and shine to confidence!

For post-sugaring, I’ve read that we need to avoid hot water, not to wet pits for about 48 hours, gym activity.

Whipped Waxing Salon Menu

Enjoy more of their Sweet treats:

Whipped Waxing Salon Menu

According to salon founder, Ms. Bing Fabi, it is by far one of the gentlest method that is alternative to lasers. She opt for this than traditional waxing because the method allows the hair to be gently lifted than painfully removed and on top of that it has natural ingredients so say goodbye finally to skin irritation hurrah! Hurrah!

To be a candidate for sugaring, the beauty tech suggested to wait at least a month for your hair to grow before doing this procedure. Your hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long so that the wax is able to bind to the hair and pull it out at the root.

Whipped Waxing Salon |

You may visit any of their branches; (1.) 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces (2.) 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center (3.)  2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center

Whipped Waxing and Scrubbing Salon at Forbes Town BGC

(C: WhippedSalon)

Facebook page:


Have you tried sugaring? Comment down below your experience.

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Aqua Mineral Launches First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines

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Aqua Mineral Beauty Event:

 Aqua Mineral Launches First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines x Breathing Your Way to Beauty

Aqua Mineral is a premium brand of beauty care products that are based on Dead Sea salts and minerals, as well as top quality ingredients and innovative cosmetic patents to help support and enhance the beneficial effects that Dead Sea minerals have upon the skin. Aqua Mineral has brought us a wide array of cosmetics ranging from the basic skin care to anti-aging products to men’s care sets and the most amazing and awesome products when it comes to effectiveness.

Manila, Philippines May 15, 2016SUNDAY #Saltday

– AyeshaHeart was invited by Aqua Mineral Philippines to experience and learn more about their amazing beauty products as well as to be a part of the Aqua Mineral’s official launching of the Salt Room. Yes! You read it right, Salt room exist I know this is exciting! So just sit back and relax as we surprise you and give you knowledge about this amazing SALT ROOM.

Here’s what happened to the exclusive event; Come, join me as I breathe my way to beauty…

Our handsome speaker explained well about everything and he made us more excited to experience their products from Israel. Below are some that catches my eyes and became my favorites

(L-R:) Puffiness Eraser ($499.00), Refining Facial Mud Mask ($299.00), Extensor Deep Lifting Mask ($419.00), Daily Dewdrops Facial Cleanser ($89.00), Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion Gold Charm ($45.00), Juveness De-Wrinkle Cream ($319.00)

Another favorite; Total Silk Body Scrub Enchantment ($99.00) – This baby helps to effectively restore your body’s natural tone, seal in moisture and leave your skin silky smooth. Love it!

Last but not the least,

Delicate Dew Nail Kit Small ($99.00)

This really catches not just my attention but my heart . I tried ’em once, and I’m so thrilled with my shiny, healthy-looking nails. Super like!

Blue series: For daily basis, perfect for younger people to protect their skin from ageing,
Optima Collection:  The Repair series for 40-45 years old and above, Premium Collection: Achieve immediate repair cover for up to 15 hrs. (For unexpected photo shoot, etc.)
Gold performance: High-end products for lifting the face which also has 24k Gold in Ingredients.

Learn more about The Dead Sea and check out more of their amazing products here.

The gorgeous Ms. Jonah, your beauty is phenomenal!

Ms. Tourism Philippines candidates & the hunks including Mr.International 2014, Neil Perez also joined us to celebrate.

Aqua Mineral has brought us a wide array of cosmetics ranging from the basic skin care to anti aging products to men’s care sets and the most amazing and awesome products when it comes to effectiveness.

Watch this:

And when we thought that they could not surprise us any longer, they come up with the first salt room in the country! Salt room? –you say, yes SALT.This is the next BIG THING in pampering yourself. We are taking wellness to another level, halo-therapy a.k.a. salt therapy  (Halo is Greek for salt.)

Visit the very first salt room in the Philippines at Robinson’s Place Manila 2nd Floor Midtown Wing in front of Esprit Store.

This concept was conceived and inspired by the hundreds of years old Natural Salt Caves of Europe which have been a buzz since researches show that salt miners are rarely, if never sick. With this new found elixir of health the whole world clamored and salt rooms or halo-therapy centers have popped out and are enjoyed by many western countries, as Salt Therapy is recommended for various ailments and illnesses.

Aqua Mineral’s salt rooms are virtually all surface covered with three different kinds of salt – Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt. All of which have their own unique health benefits to boast and has so many write ups and review about  them.

Aqua Mineral embraces and celebrates the power of nature’s oldest crystal. The Salt rooms provide you a dry, sterile and pollutant-free environment. Salt therapy is safe non-invasive and is naturally anti-inflammatory and enriched with negative ions. The more negative ions you are exposed to, the better and more energized you feel! Salt therapy is recommended as a positive addition to regular medical care and is offered as an alternative and complimentary healing method, thus expanding treatment options.

With this launching of the salt room, the Philippines can now enjoy the privileges of having salt caves like Europe. Visit them at Robinson’s Malate, Gateway Mall and Century City Mall.

For any queries contact them at

FB:  | Instagram @aquamineralph | Twitter @aquamineral_ph.


I had fun at this event, till next time!

Thank you Aqua Mineral!


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The Rules of Wearing Sneakers

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The Rules of Wearing Sneakers

Heels or Sneakers? Sneakers or Heels? This is the question that I always ask myself every morning. Okay, you know me, I love Heels 100% but it doesn’t hurt to wear Sneakers and hey this is one trend we will never get sick of especially if you’ll wear it with this Black gorgeous one piece. It is indeed a scene-stealer! This is 100% fashion + comfort! People loves it and some can’t help but ask where I bought it.

If you are an #AyeshaHeartfam (aka follower/”family”/member of AyeshaHeart on Facebook page then you already saw that I also posted this look there. (FOLLOW & LIKE OUR PAGE IF YOU HAVEN’T) Thank you for the compliments I feel so loved :* YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Today, I will be talking about some kind of “guidelines” on wearing these trendy babies. Lately, popular models and stylish celebs Sneakerheads have been rocking their comfy kicks with their gorgeous dresses and here I am totally diggin’ it. Thought You Couldn’t Pull Off a Dress with Sneakers? Think Again!

The Rules of Wearing Sneakers

DO: Wear them with dress/skirts – While some says you can only wear Sneakers with Jeans, NAH! That is so wrong! A LBD /any of your favorite dresses or skirts look so chic with a cool pair of kicks.

DO: Head to Toe White and show off those colored sneakers. Another fun way to Fashion world.

DO: Pair your kicks with 1. Off shoulder top & 2. Flares. This style is so back! Better than ever so raid your closet now! All perfect together.

DO: If you are into print-mixing, go ahead and match ‘em with your White pair of Sneakers.

DO: Make sure to wipe off any dirt that accumulates if you are planning to wear Sneakers to the office.


DON’T: Stick to White. There are hundreds of colorful new styles of Sneakers, go wear them!

DON’T: Wear one Sneaker for work and for your workout. Just don’t!

DON’T: Worry if it gets dirty. After all, Sneakers were made for you to enjoy your play, move comfortably and at the same time look cute.


I guess we have to pack away our Stilettos in 2016. No more needle-thin heels and a night of pain. Our Shoe fairy have looked down upon our tired soles and answered our prayers by delivering the most comfortable and stylish treads around. What do you think of my outfit? Are you Team Killer Heels or Team Chic Sneakers? Comment below and let me know your thoughts about this trend.


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