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How missionary women dress

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How missionary women dress

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints bases its beliefs in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The last one is what makes different The Church from others because the Latter-day Saints believe this book is another witness of the existence of Jesus Christ, translated from antique golden plates that contained the writings of ancient prophets, Its main purpose is Jesus Christ teachings. Without the Book of Mormon, this Church would not exist today.  

The Church makes important missionary work throughout the world, and because it is usual to see men on a mission, people tend to believe that women can’t be missionaries, but the reality is that any women who wish to serve can do it.

Because missionary work is a very important job the Church has some general guidelines for dressing when being and an Ambassador of the Lord.

Appropriate dress and grooming will help them earn respect and trust, therefore, missionaries should wear professional, conservative clothing that is consistent with their sacred calling and that will clearly identify them as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their appearance is often the first message others receive, and it should support what they say.

Men usually wear pants and shirt; however, because women can opt for a wide variety of formal styles, there are some guides for dressing and grooming. These include:


Maintain a high standard of modesty. Wear clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose, is not transparent or revealing in any way, does not draw too much attention, is not casual, wrinkled, sloppy, or faddish. You should present a dignified, clean, well-groomed appearance and be feminine and professional in style.

Fabrics and care

Because of budget and luggage restrictions and limited closet space, women should plan and purchase clothing carefully. Clothing should be made of materials that are durable and easy to keep. The best fabrics are those that are resistant, that can be easily wash and that do not wrinkle or fade easily.


For security reasons, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories should be simple and conservative. Women are encouraged to choose shoulder bags and purses that are both professional and durable. For this same reason, earrings should not hang longer than approximately one inch below the earlobe. Necklaces and rings should also be simple.

Sunglasses to provide protection from the sun are encouraged. However, unless sunglasses serve a medical purpose, should not be wear when speaking with others or while indoors. Finally, belts may be worn with outfits for function or style.

Tips for Wearing A Purple Dress To A Formal Event

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Image source: Unsplash

They say a girl must be supremely confident to wear a purple dress to a formal event, and while that might be the case, choosing such a bold color shouldn’t be an issue, providing you choose the right design and accessorize wisely. If you have decided to go purple for the event, here are a few tips to help you create the right look that is sure to turn heads.

  • Accessories – Yellow and gold are the two best colours to match with a purple dress, and a gold satin belt might work for you, while yellow gold jewellery is a must! A turquoise bag would really complete the look, and with an up hairdo and the right make-up, you are ready for the big night! As purple is a rich and bold colour, you might want to accessorise using neutral colours, and white can also be included in your accessories.
  • Go Designer – You can’t afford to take any chances with such an occasion, and with designers like Sherri Hill and Jovani, you can be sure of real quality. You might be tempted to wear those Peaches Boutique short purple homecoming dresses that can be found on their website, and this would make for an ideal choice. Make sure you order with sufficient time to have a few minor alterations carried out, as is usually the case when buying an evening gown.
Image Source: Pixabay
  • Black High Heel Shoes – The best choice with a purple gown, black high heel shoes work perfectly with the boldness of purple, and make sure that the shoes have been worn in prior to the event, otherwise the evening might be spoilt.  If you are going for a full-length gown, then shoe height is critical, so make sure you get that right.
  • Full Dress Rehearsal – Nothing should be left to chance if you are attending a homecoming or prom dance, and with a full dress rehearsal (makeup as well), you get to see the finished look, and in the event you are not happy with something, there’s still time. Spend some time thinking about hairstyles, and this is the perfect occasion for an up-do, which will give you the chance to show off those diamond earrings.

If you plan on tanning, make sure you do that at least 3 days prior to the event, and you might want to consult with your hair stylist a couple of weeks ahead of time, as she may want to experiment a little. Plan each component of your final look, and with a little trial and error, you are sure to come up with perfection.

Image Source: Unsplash

Nothing wrong with dressing up and taking a few selfies, which you can send to good friends, asking for an honest opinion. This will give you added self-confidence and that will prove to be invaluable on the night. With a designer dress, you really can’t go wrong.

Aw Bridal: Your One-Stop Wedding Services Provider

Aw Bridal: Your One-Stop Wedding Services Provider
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AW BRIDAL is an online supplier of bridal gowns, bridal accessories, party dresses, special occasion dresses, reception decorations and favors.

There are so many diff places to get dresses, it’s so overwhelming.
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AW BRIDAL is an online supplier of bridal gowns, bridal accessories, party dresses, special occasion dresses, reception decorations and favors.They have been in wedding industry for over ten years with satisfied clients worldwide. They are up to trendy styles at an affordable price. You will get chic inspirations or have your wedding gown custom tailored delivered within 24 hours If you are a Bride to-be or just need a very posh dress, check out Aw Bridal because they offer different quality styles, safe online shopping, and responsive customer service.

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