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I am one of the Althea Angels Beauty Ambassador

I am one of the Althea Angels Beauty Ambassador
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I am one of the Althea Angels Beauty Ambassador

I received an e-mail months ago (June 2018) with subject (Althea Angels) Approaching destination: Althea heaven! I am so stoked when they invite me to be their beauty ambassadress a.k.a ALTHEA ANGELS, they believe that it would be a match made in heaven. Then on same month, there is another e-mail with subject: Welcome to Althea Heaven! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, you’ve seen my cute hints hihi and  yasss I am taking another positive step towards my future, i’m finally sharing with you all my AyeshaHeartfam the good news; I am now one of the Althea Angels Beauty Ambassadors. As I’ve said I don’t wait for the “perfect time”, I always take advantage of the time that I am given just like today and I am making things happen! As Althea transforms into their very own beauty brand, they create this amazing community of beauty ambassadors who love Althea and would like to be a part of this creative and fun process.

Althea Angels Invitation

Welcome to Althea Heaven! Althea Angels

Hello! I am ‘Angel’ Ayesha Heart

Althea Ambassadress a.k.a Althea Angels | AyeshaHeart

I am sooo ready to spread my wings as one of Althea Angels! You probably seen the hashtag #AltheaAngels all over the internet; Facebook, Instagram as well as unboxing videos on IG Stories. Have you watched mine? As an Althea Angel, I am essentially Althea’s beauty ambassador for all the K-Beauty awesomeness that they have to offer. Anddd it’s starts raining blessings from Althea heaven!

Here are some of the perks of being an ALTHEA ANGEL;

Welcome Gift
Monthly K-Beauty Giveaways
Seasonal Annual Shopping Credits
Exclusive Discount Code
Birthday Credits
Exclusive Althea Reviews
Althea Studio Access in Malaysia
And many more fun activities!


Be Part of Althea Angels Beauty Ambassador

Calling all hidden Angels to be a part of Althea Beauty Ambassador community and be one of us, Althea Angels! ❤ If you own an active blog or YouTube channel and loves K-beauty, make sure to submit your details here. The lucky ones will be contacted soon! ⭐

Althea Angels Beauty Ambassador

(photos credit: Althea Philippines Facebook page )

I am so excited to show to you all their WELCOME GIFT to me as an Althea Angels on my next blog post,subscribe HERE and follow me in all my social media handles if you haven’t! The surprise of my Althea famILY doesn’t end here, I think they hear me whispering that I need more beauty products to add to my K-beauty stash hihi 😀 kidding* We’re not asking for anything more but they really know how to put smile in our beautiful faces. I also received USD30 worth of Althea shopping points as part of my welcome gift! Yay, cheers to more Althea unboxing, K-beauty product features/reviews here in my blog and in all my social media handles.

ALTHEA KR | Facebook Instagram


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Althea Turns 3 Birthday Celebration

Althea Turns 3
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Althea Turns 3 Birthday Celebration

Hello July! Hello fam :* it’s the second half of the year who’s ALL IN for the second 1/2 of 2018? It’s going to bring us amazing news, results, opportunities and lucky chances. Just like today’s post, it is very special to me because we have so many amazing things to celebrate. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (& watch my IG Stories, Facebook page and Twitter) for a while now, you guys have already some hints about these good news. For those who are new to the fam; (WELCOME TO THE BEST INTERNET FAMILY!) sit back, relax and get ready to jet set with us -After the launch of Althea’s first ever skincare line, my Althea famILY is launching their biggest and best birthday yet! Yessss this month Althea turns 3 YAY!

Althea Turns 3

Althea Turns 3 birthday promo week one


02 JULY – 08 JULY
Promo Code: Happy3

It’s the perfect time to give back to us, Altheans. They got a whole month’s worth of fun activities, goodies and contests set up just for you so you stand a chance to win big! Calling all shopaholics, Althea’s going to have amazing deals all month long including discounts, promos and maybe even a couple of freebies (shh, you didn’t hear it from us!). Be sure to stalk Althea’s site so you’ll always be in on the know. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as they have limited time offer just for you, just on July so get them before they are gone!

Check this out:
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Althea Beauty Collector

Althea Turns 3 Beauty Collector

Things are getting exciting huh! I knowwww, there’s so much more for all of us so stop everything that you’re doing, have fun and celebrate with your favorite PIXIES on Althea’s social media accounts as they bring you fun-filled activities, quizzes and game. Watch out also for the pixie-inspired game for you to collect credits and shop on Althea Korea and to know how you can be the ultimate beauty collector. Where’s the beauty box you may ask, of course they will not forget about it, after all, they are one of the biggest part of their celebration and this year, got a limited edition Birthday Book design that comes in 3 different sizes and colors woot! Keep reading loves…

Check this out:

Althea Birthday Book

Althea Turns 3 Birthday Book

Althea’s birthday without the birthday book is like a cake without frosting. This year, Althea boxes come with miniatures featuring all 3 designs that you’ll have the fun of crafting yourself as a little keepsake of their birthday this year. These limited edition boxes are subject to qualifying orders and stock availability. Place your orders in ASAP to avoid disappointment. Althea is working so hard to give all the love that they can and they will make sure that we all are going to have a blast this month!

Save the best for last…
The Althea Hallyu Experience

Althea Fly Me to Korea Contest

Althea Turns 3 Fly Me to Korea Contest

As Althea Turns 3, it’s back loves omggg!!! Fly Me To Korea contest is back, bigger, better and so much more fun! This year, they’ve partnered up with Air Asia Big, Starpass and Oh My Oppa to bring you the funnest trip to Korea yet! Happening from 2nd of July to 2nd of September 2018, stand a chance to win amazing prizes like the trip of a lifetime to Korea, a cool Samsung S9 handphone, Althea shopping credits and other prizes. Read it again fammm – Althea is giving YOU AND A FRIEND the opportunity to live the Hallyu experience and discover Korea like a local with brand new eyes, including an Oppa tour, tickets to see The Show and even dine with the Althea Korea team!

Check out these simple steps to join:
Shop – Make a purchase on Althea and be one of our lucky fans who receive the
limited edition Birthday Book box + Birthday Book miniatures!
Get Crafty– Fix up the miniature boxes according to the instructions.
Snap – Take a creative photo featuring your finished Birthday Book miniatures.
Submit – Upload it to Instagram and caption it telling us why you’d like us to fly
you to Korea! Be sure to use the tags @AltheaKorea #AltheaTurns3
#AltheaKorea to enter.

Show off your “Birthday Book” creation featuring the miniatures on Instagram
from 2nd July until 31st August 2018, 11.59pm MYT to participate! The best
Instagram sharing of the “Birthday Book” with the caption mentioned above and
hashtag #AltheaTurns3 will stand a chance to win the following prizes:

Grand Prize:
AirAsia Round Trip Flight to Korea for Winner + a friend
Oh My Oppa Tour for 2 pax
STARPASS’s The Show x 2 invites
Althea Korean Dinner for 2 pax

2nd Prize:
Samsung S9 x 1 Winner

3rd Prize:
USD300 Althea Shopping Credits x 1 Winner

Consolation Prizes:
Althea Birthday Gift (worth USD80) x 10 Winners

CC Info here: 


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Althea Bare Essentials – My Weapon to Dream Skin

Althea Bare Essential Skin Care Line
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Althea Bare Essentials – My Weapon to Dream Skin

I’m partnering with my Althea Korea family again to share with y’all their very own skincare range; BARE ESSENTIALS. If you love ALTHEA, Korean skincare and if you’ve been following me in my social media accounts for a while now, you probably heard THE GOSSIP! After the successful launch of their own brand of beauty product; Althea Petal Velvet Powderon March 2018, Althea gave another birth to three cute little darlings induced with nature’s best ingredients, this 3-product regime breaks down and simplifies the K-beauty routine perfect for every woman. Yasss, there’s finally a shortcut to the popular 10 step skin care routine and easiest way to get glowy skin! We can now simplify our beauty regime with the Althea Bare Essentials.

Althea Bare Essentials - My Weapon to Dream Skin

Althea Bare Essentials

I’m seriously bursting with excitement over this skin care line! These were sent to me for free by Althea – your one and only source into the scandalous launches from their popular K-Beauty site; Althea Korea so that I could test and review it. In trialing skincare products, it takes weeks/months before we see results, I’ve been using these three cute little darlings for 8 weeks and now it’s my turn to share my brutally honest review about THE GOSSIP that most of you have been talking about. The Bare Essentials includes a Contour Cleanser, Primer Water & Fixer Cream. I’m quite intrigue with each product; A cleanser that will give me a contour face, a toner that will prime my skin and a cream that will give my skin a 24 hour moisture??? I’m sure you are wondering too how each product will do its job to our skin, well, I got the answers for ya!

MY SKIN TYPE: Acne-prone, dehydrated, combination skin type: skin can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone.

Althea Bare Essentials CONTOUR CLEANSER

💧Step 1 : This Contour Cleanser not only removes impurities but also detox your face for a slimmer face shape. Formulated with ice Plant & Lemon Verbena Leaf.

Althea Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser

Can you believe that this amount of Contour Cleanser is actually too much??? Yes! You only need less than this 😀 A little goes a long way guysss. Totes worth your money!

I love to use this in the morning; this rich and foaming cleanser contains microcapsules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while improving blood circulation and leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed! 💦 It makes me awake and also a very nice treat to start my morning. It’s like the product is tapping my face saying wake up beauty, it’s time to beast! I also use this at night; the cooling effect relaxes my skin after a long, tiring day. It removes excess oil and impurities without over-drying.

The texture of my skin feels smoother and softer. It gives me a clean, problem-free skin and appears more radiant. I noticed it helps prevent pimples; this cleanser controls my acne. I also have sensitive skin and unlike other facial cleanser, this one doesn’t irritate my skin. This cleanser works and gives me legit solutions.


Althea Bare Essentials PRIMER WATER

💦Step 2 : It tones & prime. This Primer Water made with a patented dewdrop technology to smoothens skin out. Made from Snow Lotus, Patented dewdrop technology.

Althea bare Essentials Primer Water

I am in love with the packaging! Very classy <3

Althea Bare Essentials Primer Water

This amount of Primer Water can cover your whole face <3

You guysss, after applying this balm-like primer water on my skin, it really smoothens my skin out, plumps them up and prep my skin for other products to come. It is very light-weight and makes my pores appear a bit smaller. Instead of putting the product on a cotton pad, I use my hands and massage the product onto my skin. I want all the products to go straight to my skin and absorbs all the nature’s best ingredients!

I AM LOVIN’ THIS PRODUCT – It is my secret weapon for dream skin!


Althea Bare Essentials FIXER CREAM

❄Step 3 : Moisture that penetrates into the skin, this Fixer Cream helps to give skin 24 hours of moisture. made from trehalose, Green Tea & Baobab tree.

Althea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream

Althea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream

This little jar of Fixer Cream instantly floods my skin with moisture. It’s not only intensely nourishing, it soothes dry, flaky skin! It doesn’t feel greasy and easily absorbed. It brings out the natural glow on my skin which keeps my look very fresh. My skin is luminous and so gorgeous!

I Used Althea Bare Esssentials for 8 Weeks and This is My Skin Now

Althea Bare Essentials on AyeshaHeart

Althea’s Bare Essentials does its job very well. THIS IS MY BARE SKIN! love how my skin glows from within, clears my acne marks and resulting to a smooth, well-hydrated skin, creating a completely clear canvas to apply makeup because hey every makeup routine should start with skincare (Remember: if your skin isn’t prepped properly, your makeup is never going to look as good as you want it to.). Or I can also simply go bare and be proud of my skin! Yes, I can break up with my makeup now that I have Althea’s Bare Essentials skin care line!

Complete your skin’s makeup with Bare Essentials

Althea Bare Essentials Skin Care line on AyeshaHeart

The results are gorgeous!

ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIALS is my secret weapon for dream skin!


Complicated skincare steps make your skin tired, so simplify and give your skin what it really needs. Infused with nourishing and hydrating ingredients from nature, this 3-step skincare is all you need to keep your skin at its most optimal and comfortable state. Don’t just cover up anymore – complete your skin’s makeup with Bare Essentials on 👸

How has your skin been lately?

Have you tried any of these products?

ALTHEA KR | Facebook Instagram


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