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Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlight Palette
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Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette is a versatile face and body highlighting palette that suits all skin tones and includes two velvety powders (Sphinx & Goddess) and two luxurious cream formulas (Delta & Dynasty). The golden, metallic finishes add a radiant glow and a luminous polish to the skin. Top left is creamy, rest three are all powders. Read until the end of this post to know if I like it and if I recommend purchasing it.

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Is So Famous, But Why?

First of all, I absolutely adore the Gold packaging, very attractive to look at. One cent tho, the palette has it own little brush, but it ain’t so good to work with, the brush is kind of stiff so i suggest you use your holy grail highlight brush or best if you use your fingertips for an ultimate glow. For me, fingertips is the way to go with this one as the size of each individual highlighter is quite small, it is tricky to pick up the right amount on a brush. The formula is beautiful you guys, it’s the most pigmented I swear! It is spectacular! Blinding, vibrant, and pigmented I LOVE IT!

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette 4 shades

1. Sphinx 2. Delta 3. Dynasty 4. Goddess 

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

I remember the first time I apply this to my face, I was blown away. I have to get it! Up until now it’s my favorite highlighter. It’s finely milled, versatile and has the most intense glow you could imagine all in a finely compact gold package. Staying power is great too and works so well on the skin. I was surprised about the formula of it, it’s actually very thin and really easy to apply. It would be perfect with dusting a light layer of powder highlight on top.

It’s such an affordable , high quality amazing highlighter palette, really stunning. I absolutely adore the gold packaging, very attractive to look at. I really recommend it! Honestly, this is my fave product. Sleek Makeup Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow, the highly pigmented metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin.

Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette swatches

Directions for use:

Lift the brows with a highlight across the brow bone with Sphinx.

Highlight down the bridge of the nose  using Delta.

Add shimmer to cheekbones with Dynasty.

Enhance lips with a highlight on the cupid’s bow with Goddess.


Storage info
Store in a cool dry place
Not tested on animals


Sleek Makeup has been around in the country and I will never get tired of buying makeup from them because the brand is amazing! Just like this highlighting palette, it just gives the most beautiful highlight – I am obsessed! This is definitely the best drugstore highlight I’ve ever tried. It’s not glittery at all, you can go subtle or blinding highlight with this palette. I am wondering how they could top this ^ ^


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