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A Glimpse to Hotel Sogo’s Future

Hotel Sogo Glimpse to Future
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Hotel Sogo Future: A Glimpse. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear their brand or see their logo?

Hotel Sogo started in year 1992 with two Entrepreneurs who wanted to adopt a Japanese themed Hotel to connote cleanliness, innovation, efficiency, courtesy, discipline and teamwork. The brand’s name means harmony, unity and cooperation and it is the largest hotel chain in the Philippines with 40 branches nationwide. Being in the industry for over 25 years is a feat for every company and they are not stopping here. They will continuously improve their hotels to provide the best experience for their guests while retaining the affordability. The brand is committed to building more branches all over the country, providing clean and inexpensive rooms to their guests and employment for the Filipinos.

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Hotel Sogo Reinvention of Brand

Hotel Sogo Reinvention of Brand

They are the first establishment that introduced WI-FI. They have skateboards for their waiters so they can deliver orders faster, hot and cold shower, ample parking, Jacuzzi, 24 hr room service & call center, safety deposit boxes and even a massage service. They created the motto ” We Simply Do It Better” to serve as an internal battle cry to stress the importance of making their guests stay truly worthwhile. In 2008, they developed the tagline “So Clean… So Good” indicating a much improved service for good and satisfying hotel experience. Their never-ending quest in providing innovative quality services always spurs them to be step ahead with other hotels.

Hotel Sogo For Everyone

When you see HOTEL SOGO logo in the road, what’s the first thing that comes in your mind? It is a family-friendly place. For fun, affordable, and convenient stays. From heart-to-heart talk to friends chit-chats to movie marathon and food trip, it’s more fun if you’re in here! You are not just a guest here. You are part of the family!

Hotel Sogo For Everyone
Hotel Sogo Oceanarium themed room
Hotel Sogo Hello Kitty themed room
Hotel Sogo Hello Kitty themed room

Hotel Sogo Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Hotel Sogo Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Hotel Sogo Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Eurotel Vivaldi in Cubao, Quezon city

They reached another milestone in celebrating their 25 years in the hotel industry. During the past 25 years, Hotel Sogo has built a tradition of excellence in providing comfort, cleanliness, privacy, affordable room rates and security for their customers. The Thanksgiving afternoon party was held in Eurotel Vivaldi in Cubao, Quezon city. They give the guests a glimpse to Hotel Sogo’s future; new look and their corporate social responsibility; Sogo Cares. They also reinvents its iconic Red and Yellow look to a more minimalist approach highlighting Red and White with Yellow accents that puts emphasis on excitement and modernization.

Hotel Sogo

Single? In a relationship? Family bonding? Barkada stay cation? This Valentines Day create everlasting memories with those you love at a place that loves you back!

Visit a Hotel Sogo near you!Hotel SOGO. Latest promo: Timog is now open! As a introductory offer, we’re giving away 50% DISCOUNT on all room types until February 7, 2019! Plus, lots of freebies to be given away!

Have you stayed in any Hotel Sogo Hotels? If so, how’s your experience?

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