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How to Transition Summer Dresses Into the Fall

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How to Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall

Summer is a time to air your lightweight garments and as the evenings get shorter, your thoughts turn to autumn, or fall wear. If you are a little creative, it is possible to utilize some of your summer wardrobe by incorporating them with your warmer garments to make some unique outfits. This is best achieved by using the layered clothing methodology.

Summer Dresses into the Fall

Image Source: Unsplash

Layered Clothing

Layered clothing can help to keep you warm by providing additional layers of body insulation and it also allows you to wear those short-sleeved T-shirts in the fall. Wearing shorts over leggings is a very trendy way to add some color to your wardrobe and those summer tops can be worn over a thin sweater. If you would like to browse an exciting fall collection, check out, who stock a wide range of trendy clothing at affordable prices.

Wear It with a Blazer

Wear It with a Blazer

Image Source: Pixabay

Those thin sweaters that are ideal for summer can be combined with a trendy jacket or blazer and the professionals always look at a summer purchase with a view to using the item as the weather changes. There are many ways one can combine summer clothing with fall wear, all you need is a little creativity and some self-confidence.

Summer Maxi Dresses

Rather than storing them until next summer, your colorful summer maxi dresses can be mixed with sweaters and cardigans to make great fall outfits. Bright contrasting colors are ideal and go through your entire wardrobe, looking for combination ideas and you might be surprised at how many of those summer items can be worked into your fall wardrobe. There are articles you can find online on some great color mixing ideas straight from a fashion magazine, which might give you a few ideas.

Wearing Tights and Leggings

Leg coverings never go out of fashion and when those chilly mornings arrive, you can still wear your summer shorts and mini-skirts if you combine with tights or leggings. Layering your items offers a never-ending number of combinations and if you have a large area of flooring, why not lay all your summer wardrobe out alongside your fall clothing, which will give you a clearer picture of how you can mix and match. Check out this online boutique for the hottest selling style and a huge inventory of formal and semi-formal designer dresses.

Creating Fall Outfits

Color coding and matching can definitely help you to create outfits that are suitable for those chilly September mornings and anything you are missing, can be purchased online. Surf the Internet for some fall outfit inspiration and you will find many great ideas and some will work with what you already have, while others can be created with a small purchase here and there.

 Fall Outfits

Image Source: Unsplash

Limited By Your Own Imagination

One doesn’t have to be wealthy to create unique fall outfits and second-hand items can easily be acquired from local boot sales. Scarves, hats, leggings and other items can all be used to mix with your summer collection and you can even swap items with your friends.

Approaching the fall months enables you to get creative with your outfits and this way you will get a bang for your buck from all your summer garments.


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Let’s Make Beauty Easier With AliPearlHair

AliPearlHair website
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Let’s Make Beauty Easier With Ali Pearl Hair

Today’s post is all about one of my favorite topics – hair extensions/wigs from ALI PEARL HAIR. I am always on the lookout for the perfect piece to glam up my look. Using heat styling tools in our hair can damage our hair big time so as an alternative, I always opt for quality hair extensions.I love browsing Ali Pearl Hair site because I know I’m going to find quality items that is worth my money. When it comes to hair bundles,Top Lace Closure & Frontal, Hair Wigs, Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave or any different hairstyles, Ali Pearl Hair really know what they’re doing – Ali Pearl Hair company have 20 years history, start from factory, produce and do wholesale, located in China, providing high quality hair at affordable prices, with strong supply ability and sufficient stock that’s why they gradually turn into a global human hair enterprises in the world.

Ali Pearl Hair; A Professional Human Virgin Hair Company

Ali Pearl Hair Deep Wave Hair

Heart-eyes everywhere with this Deep Wave Hair. it gives an extra oomph when you have it on and it screams life! Its hair weft is a machine double weft and it’s 100% human hair weave. Can be dyed, bleached or restyled if you want to.

Ali Pearl hair Deep Wave Hair

Afraid of hair coloring treatments with harmful chemicals in it? Get this Dyed Virgin Hair instead, your hair will thank you. You can express yourself by wearing this coz Queens like us never settle for less than a perfect hair style. Blonde, Ombre, Full colored hair – AliPearl got you! Ahhh, I want the Pink one coz a lot of you says it’s so Barbie-ish on me when I posted one on the gram. You can also choose darker colors perfect for the season, opt for long or short hair on days when you feel like wearing one, and yes all are 100% human hair!

Ali Pearl Hair Dyed Virgin Hair

Ali Pearl Hair Dyed Virgin Hair

I always love a good Body Wave hair! I feel naked when my hair isn’t curl hihi, it just gives me so much confidence. Having good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world! I can have healthy hair end without any split, not dry, easy to take care of without any tangle.

Ali Pearl Hair Body Wave Hair

Who’s team Straight hair? The most beautiful, shiniest, classy hair style! I’m raising my hand. I don’t need to use hair straightener anymore which takes so much time using just to achieve straight, sleek hair. I love long straight hair especially when I have date, saves a lot of time and indeed gives me that full glam look.

Ali Pearl Hair Straight Hair

Reasons Why People Like Ali Pearl Hair

At Ali Pearl, your happiness and satisfaction with your human hair is always at the top of their priority list. For wholesale partners, they do customize, design label, tag, box, bag, card. They also arrange the fast delivery for every order, awesome isn’t it?! Every single ladies can have gorgeous look without spending a lot of money; even if you are not professional stylists, you can also have different beauty easily without having to pay celebrity stylist much fee. They provide the best service, best price, and best quality.

For more information;

WhatsApp: +8617719937661
iMessage: +8617719937661

They accept the following payment methods:
PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Credit Card, American Express, Discover


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Style On Point Featuring GirlMerry

GirlMerry Fashion Clothing Wholesale Store
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Style On Point Featuring GirlMerry

GIRLMERRY is a fashion clothing online boutique (since 2009) that takes your fashion style to the next level. They provide an extensive range of trendy fashion quality clothing at affordable prices. I am always excited to discover an international online fashion clothing wholesale store that focuses on up-to-date clothes and accessories to keep my style on point without compromising quality. We can choose from casual dresses to mini, maxi, plus sizes and bandage dresses. What I love about their site is they have a professional team for product quality control and screening.

GirlMerry Trend Fashion

GirlMerry Affordable Chic Essentials

GirlMerry has an extremely well curated boutique that offers affordable chic wholesale dresses and cheap sexy dresses combines with effortless elegance in everything from Women’s Dresses, Intimate Lingerie, Tops, Pants , Swimwear and other accessories. Below are some pieces that caught my eye, what do you think? The dresses are all of high quality and lowest price plus these dresses can make you look so hot! They are really raising the style bar by providing high quality products at competitive factory direct prices -The more you buy, the more you save!

GirlMerry Dresses

GirlMerry Affordable Chic Essentials

This is Why GirlMerry Is So Famous

GirlMerry Boutique

I am in love with everything that they have to offer! Heart-eyes on their dresses and swimsuits. While browsing their site, I read that they check the product quality carefully before shipping consumers’ order. Most of their products have real-shooting pics, you can refer to the pictures to purchase, how awesome is that?! VIP OFF: when your order over 1000usd (do not include the shipping cost), then you can have 5%off discount, the COUPON CODE is: VIPOFF.

GIRLMERRY | Facebook | Instagram


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