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I Have Nothing to Wear

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You open your closet, stare at hundreds of old and new clothes and stating to yourself and sometimes aloud “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”. I bet you’ve had this experience ha-ha Yes! We’ve all been there.

Honestly, I am so guilty! Us, women are never satisfied with the amount of clothes that we have. We always buy whenever we see new fashion choices, we browse our fave online clothing shops and see some new arrivals that is $10.00 or less, of course we can’t do anything but click the checkout button. Another example is we make it to the point that we have a new dress for a one time event, oh,  it is so hard to resist.Who else is guilty here?

Here are some of the reasons why we keep saying “I have nothing to wear”;

IMPULSE PURCHASES – Feel guilty? I do! I know right, we buy to feel better.ALL WE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS ATTITUDE IS TO STOP IT!

COMPARISON – You just bought new shoes however your friend’s shoes is more stylish plus you also like the color. if you keep comparing yours to her, you will never be content. Number one rule: DO NOT BE JEALOUS! Go find your signature look and always remember fashion is all about YOU!

TRENDY CLOTHES – They go out of style but don’t get me wrong with this, just make sure you have the classic pieces in your closet and invest on it you’ll thank me later *winks (et. al JEANS AND T-SHIRT should be on your top list.

So, what do you usually wear when you have nothing to wear? Share it in the comments below!

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Girls Run the World

Girls Run the World
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Girls Run the World

Girls run the world! Nowadays there are lots of women who are making names in Entrepreneurship, leadership and the like. Gone are the days that men rule the business world. Not this time, sorry guys but as per the Queen Bee, Who Run the World? – Girls! According to ForbesEllen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie were on their annual list of the World’s Most Powerful Women 2015. This year, Girls really do run the world! There’s Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg placing at no.7, CEO, YouTube, Google Susan Wojcicki at no. 8, Director/Producer, Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey is also in at no.21 to name a few.

These mavericks are an inspiration. What do you think do they have in common? Wonder what these successful women do first thing in the morning?  What makes them push the pedal towards success? I am an Entrepreneur and I often talk to successful people, mentored by them and luckily guides me towards the path that they’ve been. Most likely I know what the end of the tunnel look like. The world is changing, the way people are making money is changing. I’m just happy I know it.

I’ve observed them and discovered their secrets and I am going to share some Shhh! You might want to take memo of some of these advice;

Girls Run the World | AyeshaHeart

Sunnies: Firmoo | Bangle: Hermes Clic H | Red Lips Shape Bag: Choies | Pumps: Zalora

Leaders are readers. Do not stop learning! This can boost your knowledge and it’s very helpful to share new things to every people that you meet. Memorize valuable quotes as much as you can and apply it.

Always be positive. REMEMBER: Negative minds usually have NEGATIVE BANK ACCOUNTS! I am sure you don’t like to have that so do not even give yourself time to think of any negative thoughts. STAY FOCUSED! As I’ve said a million times, do not look left or right. Just look straight ahead stay in the lane of success and push the pedal!

Stop scrolling, start doing. I know, we all grab our cellphones and check our SNS. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on and the next thing we know it’s already past lunch ha-ha. It’s tempting but it is affecting our productivity and attention. Give it a break and move, build your brain!

Say YES! ALWAYS! Control your fears, radiate positivity, build your self-esteem and the world will be yours. If you want to achieve something, leave those what if’s and create the grandest vision for your life because you become what you believe. Don’t worry the universe has your back so go for it!

Don’t be afraid to be different. You were born to stand out so why fit in? You are God’s highest creation. No one should tell you when to clock in, when to clock out, how much you can earn. Some people live everyday being trapped, they are stuck at the same place at the same time and they take their lunch break every day at the exact time and don’t ever do anything about it. Do not be average. Walk away from the 97%. Be with the 3%.

Don’t think of money. DO NOT BE GREEDY! If your first goal is to make money – STOP! Do something that you love to the point that you’ll do it for free. Crazy? NO! Help people reach their goals and believe me all kinds of rewards will follow.


I listen to the people who have what I want – The time freedom, the lifestyle and the like.  If I want a Ferrari why would I listen to a person who drives a Kia? Makes sense? Give chance to people who asks you to listen to any opportunity that they want to share with you because they also want you to see what they saw and how it will change your life too (drastically). BE YOUR OWN BOSS. CONTROL YOUR LIFE! If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.

God showed me the way out of 9-5 life. At first, I was unsure of what I am doing but I didn’t stop. I trust HIM with everything he put in my life and although I am uncertain of the future, all I know is that he has GREATER things for me. You might not understand what you’re going through now but just work hard and do it! You become what you believe! God will not give you any situation you can’t handle. He is the one and only provider so do not worry!  No looking back, deal?! DEAL! Go get what’s yours!



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This is a Shoe Story

Shoe story
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What is a Shoe-holic?


  • One who covets shoes and who owns more than they can wear in…. ever.
  •  A condition in which an individual owns more than 60 pairs of shoes

For me shoe shopping is my stress reliever. My shopping sesh isn’t complete without grabbing pairs of killer heels, YASSS! Hello 6 inches heels ^ ^ I feel so happy and as per Rebecca Bloomwood, Confession of a Shopaholic -> “When I shop, the world gets better.”

 photo cos_zpszv5wabwo.gif

Aside from bags, clothing and accessories, shoes is definitely another weakness for women. Both women and men consider shoes to be a big part of one’s style. Agree? Or agree! I was browsing the net this afternoon and one fashion site has a recent study about this. Some people were asked to rank the level of appeal, confidence, kindness and wealth.

Be it statement high heels, stylish sneakers, ballet flats, running shoes, wedges or sandals it says a lot about your character, it says a lot about a person.Oh, this is getting interesting! Let’s see what our shoes says about us! Finish reading till the end of my post *winks and  

Photo credit: Ebay

Thoughts? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this. Let me know also if you are more into heels or into flats. Stay tuned for my “The $0 Trick to Walk in Heels Without Pain.


Got value from this post? Then we would love for you to comment below and share this on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Research has shown that as you share AyeshaHeart blog posts and comment below, the universe will bring amazing things to your life.

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