Real Estate Market and Mortgage Accounting Method in Pandemic

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In a time of uncertainty many are asking if is now a good time to purchase an investment like a home or/and to move? Desiring to have your own house is a good idea. It is a place where you feel safe, it’s also a special place to bond with your friends and family. A perfect place to build your own family.

We all know that deciding on getting a new house needs a lot of preparation time. It is one of the biggest milestone and costly transaction you will have. We have been reading a lot of different home hunters moving stories in some financial news sites like Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg about buying a home in the pandemic.

Like them, you may wonder and asking yourself now, is it really a smart decision today? Should you buy a house or loan during the Covid-19 pandemic? While the pandemic is still going on, some says buying a house feels challenging. You may be thinking a lot of times too before deciding to get one.

Did you know that in this uncertain times, people didn’t stop this industry to boom?! In fact, houses are selling faster than ever with this mortgage calculator accounting method. It helps you determine how much you can afford or qualify for.

You can also find a lot of additional free instant calculators features with formulas in their site such as estimating mortgage affordability based on income or if you are reconsidering refinancing, you have an option to remortgage. What makes this site unique are the graphs of loan repayment along with monthly and yearly amortization tables

Truly this pandemic changes the nature of work. People sent to their respective homes to work. Despite of today’s recession, real estate activity continues to improve. Many are planning their move, people reconsider their housing needs because their homes have become their offices, schools, and work areas. The easy calculator method is really a big help to check and compare the mortgage affordability as well as know your qualification when deciding to get a home.

All about Lover-beauty

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Hi everyone! I am excited to share with you my newly discovered online store! I have been looking for some sportswear and other products to help me maintainy body shape. I will be giving you a quick sneak peek of my top picks from Lover-beauty.

Wholesale sportswear like this Dark Brown low neck sports bra and seamless shorts set comfort fit has seamless design, 4 way stretch fabric and natural shape so you can move freely. It is made of ribbed fabrication for a sweat-free workout. I like this color because it is aesthetic but you can choose from different colors in their website.

This seamless body shaper buttock lifter thong 4 steel bones natural shaping is perfect to wear under pants or dresses. It has a sleek line from waist to butt for that glass hour body curve. What I like about this is it’s very comfy to wear and no falling even when you move.

Lover-Beauty is a famous and leading manufacturer and supplier of women’s clothing such as lingerie, shape wear, corsets, bikini sets, sexy stockings and  so much more! What sets them apart from many online clothing store is they have their own factory so they can provide high quality products with competitive factory direct price. They have their own professional quality controllers that monitor the production, no MOQ requirement and you can mix your order. This is so perfect for those who would like to start their own business. They have more than 4000 different designs to stay up and lead the market demand.

Once they receive your payment, they will send out your parcel in two business days. When it comes to their after sales service, you’ll be happier and feel well taken care of because they track customer’s parcel situation making sure that you will receive it on time and in top condition. If problem occurs, fret not because they will make a compensation within two business days after your payment.

Becoming a Blogger/Influencer and Get Paid: What You Need to Know

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A lot of you are asking me about how I became a Blogger/Influencer/Content Creator and how to become one. Another interesting question is how to start a Blog and how to earn from it. Is it worth it and can you really choose this over a corporate job? I’m so excited to share this topic with you today so sit back, relax and read until the end of this post.

I’ve been blogging for more than ten years now. I get to write and share things about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, trending stuff online, how to’s, business topics and a lot more! I did not know that it will change my life, I can work anywhere and anytime I want. Yes, there are ups and downs but writing and sharing interesting ideas are my passion so I enjoy every part of this journey. Starting a blog was one of my best decision I made.

I started writing about my daily life, no intention of making money out of it or have a huge following. I just upload things that I like; makeup, recent buy clothes, cute items that I found online, nice places that I discovered, delicious foods that I eat, latest news, beauty tips and so on and so forth. I shared these blog posts to an all girls forum and from there I met and found new online friends who also share about the things they are passionate about. Some shares food recipes, some are writing about how to do makeup, nail arts, different hairstyles, some are showing their school achievements, life values etc. Everyday, we visit and update each other by reading our blogs, we built connection and learn from each other as well, I’m happy and so excited everytime I read new blogs, commented on their posts discovering new stuff and learn new things from Influencers that I look up to.

Blogging has been my creative outlet to share my stories. It was a great way to connect with people I never thought possible. Fast forward today, Blogging and sharing contents online has evolved with the rise of social media. When content creators share their passion, viewers/audience can benefit from it. They can learn from the how to’s, be inspire with the posts and look forward to your next posts.

These people who has the same interest will start to like and follow you. When you share quality contents, different local and international brands (small or big) will start to recognize you and contact you to work with them. Brands prefer to work with Bloggers/ Content Creators, Influencers because it has personal touch. Content creators have an extraordinary skills when it comes to this kind of ‘work’. It is not an easy job; we do everything – the photography/videography, editing, thinking of great ideas to post in our different platforms that could help our market. We just don’t post, we make sure that it is the best and we only share honest opinions and values.

What we, content creators always share is something people can relate to. We are happy everytime we receive comments like ‘what you share helped me a lot!’, ‘you’re my inspiration to pursue my dream’, etc. These are some of the reasons why we continue doing what we do. I also thought of investing in my blog because audience is growing and it is priceless when you know you can help people while you’re doing what you love to do.