Althea’s collaboration with Titi Kamal, the Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Althea’s brand new Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Althea's collaboration with Titi Kamal, the Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Althea's brand new Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser
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Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser everybody! I am so thrilled to share with you Althea’s newest addition to their line of skincare products. Y’all are familiar with Althea by now as I’ve featured their exclusives as well as other must-have Korean skincare products that I got from their site here on ze blog. Althea did it again, they have another set of promising products that will change the skincare game. Read on to know more about these new babies and my first impression about it.

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Meet Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist & Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist
Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Althea worked very closely with Titi Kamal on this away from the limelight to produce this new baby – Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. A delightful concoction of floral and fruity notes including sweet orange, fresh peach, and elegant rose.. It has a non-sticky formula that feels comfy on the skin. The key ingredients are Damask Rose extracts to keep skin hydrated, Orange Flower to refresh the senses. And Elder Flower Extract to cool and soothes the skin.

Althea x Titi Kamal Collaboration
Althea x TitiKamal Collaboration

HOW TO USE: Spritz all over the body in a light layer before you head out the door. Take with you in your handbag or purse and use as fits your lifestyle.

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist First Impression

You can instantly change your outfits from a classy romantic look to an everyday casual with Althea’s. I use this after my bath and it smells amazing! Lightweight and portable packaging that fits easily in any handbag or purse. It has a mild scent which I love; not too strong and very mild on face. A mist carries only 2-3% of the precious oils therefore they don’t last as much, ideally about 1-2 hrs.

You’ll want to get your hands on this ASAP, search ‘Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist’ on Althea’s site. This limited edition product is available for sale in IndonesiaMalaysiaPhilippines and Singapore

Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser
Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

A cleanser and a serum in one? Yassss a new skincare superhero is here! Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser is a hydrating cleanser that moisturizes the skin, purifies pores and balances the pH level for healthier skin complexion. Has antibacterial properties to keep skin soothe inflammation caused by acne. The best part; it effectively minimize enlarged pores. The Key ingredients are Mint leaf extract (to cool down the skin and soothes irritations), Jojoba seed oil (to deeply moisturizes any dryness without feeling heavy), and Tea tree leaf extract (to purify the skin).

HOW TO USE: Dampen the skin and apply on a small amount. Gently massage onto the skin in circular motions for 5-10 seconds before rinsing off with water.

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser First Impression

I was skeptical at first try because with a serum-like formula, there’s no rich lather, no bubbles whatsoever, I wonder if it can really do its job. While making circular motions on my face, I am not sure if its removing all the dirt and makeup residue but when I apply a toner to recheck, girlllll my face is so clean. This Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser works like magic, I am amazed! I see you Althea!

My Thoughts Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist & Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Althea Angel Ayesha Heart
Althea Angel Ayesha Heart

This box was on my doorstep a few weeks ago. When I received the package, I could immediately smell the beautiful floral scent. I tried the Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist right away, scent is not overdone or under done. I can recommend this to wear for daily casual occasions. If you’re into mild scent for everyday use, go grab this beauty and you’ll be a head-turner!

I use the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser the next morning. I have combination type and acne prone skin and using this serum cleanser helps reduces oil. This beauty skin hero properly prepares a fresh canvas for my other skincare products ensuring a clean and healthy morning face. I also notice it minimizes my pores, ahhhh I AM SO HAPPY! I’m gonna use this more to find out if it’s really effective, check back for a full product review of Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser.

Are you excited to try out Althea’s latest product? Have you tried Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser?

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