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Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products is a manufacturing entity specializing in castile soaps and essential oils. The idea of offering natural alternatives to Filipinos was founded in 2009. During the time CDL was conceptualized, there was a scarcity of pure, natural aromatics or essential oils available, as well as limited options for truly natural skin care in the Philippines. It was in 2011 when Casa de Lorenzo started offering small-scale, handcrafted products like castile soaps made from Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and essential oils. Formalized as a business entity in 2016, Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products had since been dedicated to offering unique natural options to its customers with ingredients preferably coming from plants of the Philippines and made by Filipino farmers and communities.

Even until today, the potential for essential oils from local plants and trees has barely been tapped. Casa de Lorenzo developed small commercial scale extraction of essential oils and is engaged in the study of Philippine plants and its essential oils. With its mission of combining nature, tradition and innovation, they strive to create a better everyday life for people using natural and organic products while helping local farmers and communities.
Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products is engaged in the manufacturing of castile soaps, extraction of essential oils, extraction of oils from seeds, fruits and nuts, and combining these into wonderful natural produce.

Calamansi, Elemi, Dalandan, Almagica

Some plants and trees produce aromatic substances for a variety of reasons. In the last 1,000 years, humanity has learned to extract the concentrated aroma and utilize these in fragrances and flavors. The most common of these extracts are called “Essential Oils.” The most common method for getting the aroma of plants is via distillation.

Through the utilization of heat and water, aromatic molecules are vaporized in a controlled container and condensed back to liquid, but the water and oil separate from each other. The oil part is now called essential oil and the water part are called“hydrosols.” The other way for getting essential oils from plants is via expression or pressing. This is common for citrus fruits where essential oils are stored in the rind of the fruits. When the peels are pressed, a special process is done so water and oil is separated.

Essential oils are complex substances, composed of 20 to as high as 400 aromatic chemicals produced by plants. While there are fragrances available inspired by essential oils, they cannot be replicated completely as there is no existing technology that can produce most of the aromatic compounds of plants. Aside from its uniqueness, essential oils bring a wide array of benefits to our bodies as it is slowly being validated by more and more studies. Aromatherapy is an alternative system utilizing essential oils to induce beneficial effects and promote well-being via inhalation and skin application.

Here in the Philippines, the most common essential oils are Lemongrass and Citronella since they’re the easiest to grow, require least maintenance and very abundant. Casa de Lorenzo has pioneered the introduction of other essential oils from native plants and trees of the Philippines, and is working to create and discover more essential oils from the country.


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    Essential oils become a powerful wellness trend especially nowadays because we all wanted to have a feel good and abundant life. But not everyone can afford to avail such pricey brand of essential oils. Good thing there are locally crafted brand around like CDL Naturals. No wonder because essential oils really has life changing benefits. I can attest to it because I myself uses essential oil blends. I love LAVENDER oil and how it “magically” alleviates pain, stress and can give me a smooth and healthy skin and body. I am still really amazed on how essential oils really works. And now, I want to try CDL eo’s, for sure I’ll also love them ‘oil.

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