Dark or White, You Are Beautiful

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Dark or White skin. Does it really matter? Does one always have to be superior over the other? SkinWhite is saying otherwise. Beauty should never have been one or the other, as claimed by SkinWhite in their new

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Dark or White: It’s All About Choice?

One would wonder why a skin whitening brand such as SkinWhite would dare to say that dark skin is beautiful. “It’s all about choice”, says Rachelle Layda, Marketing Manager for Whitening of Splash Corporation. “SkinWhite is a brand that empowers women to choose. A choice to define their own standard of beauty.

If you choose to have dark skin, you are beautiful. If you choose to have white skin, you are beautiful. The choice is yours, and SkinWhite respects that choice”. This inclusivity is refreshing and speak volumes. Skin color should not be about one being better than the other”, adds Pam Sulit, Splash Corporation’s VP for Marketing.


To Each His/Her Own

“White and dark are both beautiful. It’s about time that dark skin and white skin get the same adoration and acknowledgment.” There has never been an outright claim that DARK IS BEAUTIFUL. And for the statement to come from a skin whitening brand, it should be easy for others to follow suit. For those who choose that WHITE IS BEAUTIFUL, there’s due acknowledgement that they’re simply taking control of their beauty too. Wear your skin, whichever way you choose because DARK OR WHITE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

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