The Quick Way to Determine Your Skin Type

Quick Way to Determine Your Skin Type
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The Quick Way to Determine Your Skin Type

Before shopping for skin care products or makeup, it is important to know what kind of skin you have. To achieve what you desire on your skin requires right products to make sure that you get exactly what your skin needs. If you use products that are too harsh it may do more harm than good to your face. Once you determine your skin type, you can solve any skin problems that you have by getting the right skin care products for your skin and you are preparing your face to even, flawless application of makeup. Keep in mind also that our skin changes over time so keep checking your skin and see if you need to change any skincare products or use it continuously.

Discover Your Skin Type


You have normal skin if you can wash your face with any products with a typical over-the-counter cleanser.  When your skin is normal, neither you feel stretchy nor oily and blemish free. The best part –> no signs of flaking and your skin appear smooth. If you have normal skin your pores should be barely visible. Yes you still need a moisturizer but not always. You also don’t suffer from breakouts.


Begin the day by washing your face and don’t put any products (except sunscreen if you’re going out). Around midday, if your face looks the same then you have normal skin type. If you have blotting paper, blot your T-zone and if you see an average amount of oil from nose, forehead; yes you have normal skin type.



You have dry skin if your face feels tight when you smile or just after washing your face. Your skin is dull in complexion. Have red patches and flaky especially around your nose area. Dry skin is also less elastic. Lines are also developing as well as pre-mature aging. Your skin is especially prone to peeling  and cracking. Moisturizer takes a big part on your skin care regimen.


Your skin feels dry even if you use a mild facial cleanser. Without using any skin care products, you see dry patches on your face. If you have little oil when you blog your face, you have dry skin.



You have oily skin if your wash your face with any kind of face washes and never need a moisturizer. Your pores are enlarged and your skin is shiny. There are many times that your skin feels greasy and you want to wash your face frequently. A trademark of oily skin is acne and blackheads.


Without using any skin care products, your face is shiny and oilier. If you have large pores then you have oily skin type. When you blog your face when you wake up and you see that it is very oily – Yes you have oily skin

Discover Your Skin Type


Combination skin is just a combination of dry and oily skin. Typically your T-zone and forehead area will be oily while your cheeks will be dry. A moisturizer is needed to apply on your cheeks only. You need to use different skin care products on separate areas of your face. You are prone to blackheads.


Only your T-zone feels oily and you have bigger pores but the rest of your skin area feels tight. Also when you blot, some of your skin area produces lots of oil but other areas don’t stain the blotting paper; you have combination skin.



You have sensitive skin if your skin have blotchy patches, broken capillaries, redness spots and feels itchy. Sensitive skin also falls into more of dry skin type. You need to avoid mineral oil, sulfates, anti-aging ingredients, fragrances on your skin care products that stings when you put them on.


Without using any skin care products, your skin peels and show signs of inflammation. Your skin reacts to just about anything that touches it. Your skin may feel dry as well. Do a patch test on your forearm or behind the ear to see whether it causes a reaction or not.


What is your skin type? What is your biggest skin problem? How do you deal with it?

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  • Reply Francia Diaz July 17, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Oh my Now I know I have a oily skin type ..thanks sa advice Ms.Ayesha dapat pala di ko na nilalagyan sa may T-Zone area ng face ko ng moisturizer kasi dun talaga laging oily and may mga blackheads din ..very helpful po ng blog nyo Ms.Ayesha

  • Reply Maria Catherine Matugas December 8, 2018 at 2:35 am

    Wow gusto ko matry ito.. Perfect for my oilyface and blackheads.. I love it.

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