I Use Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program
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Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program

One of the most asked questions in beauty world is “how to reduce pores and how to achieve fair, Korean-skin like?” As a beauty blogger, it is my job to test every skin care products. From luxury brands to drugstore ones, the new Intensive Whitening Program by Dr. Labella is worth talking about. After a month of trialing Dr. Labella Intensive whitening program ACTIVATOR & AMPOULE, finally I am sharing my honest thoughts about their products. Does it provide better texture for a more youthful look? Find out if Dr. Labella stands out from the rest of Korean skin care.

Get to Know Dr. Labella

Dr. Labella

Dr. Labella is one of the hottest and newest whitening products in Korea. Dr. Labella is name after the Bella, the female-gender adjective of Spanish word of Bello. White snow on the branches symbolizing White color and Green colored symbol created in green cross symbolizing medical express strong recognition and feminine attraction with Dr. Labella in Black color. Dr. Labella = Dr. [Doctor] + LABoratory = experiment + BELLA= Spanish [Beautiful, Extraordinary Outstanding]. In Korea, Dr. Labella can only be found in major dermatology, plastic surgery hospitals, and a few select luxury duty free stores, now in the Philippines, imported and directly distributed by Vanity Center Skin Specialist Corporation to unveil Koreans’ skin secret to perfectly smooth flawless skin.

Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program

Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Ampoule

Product Description:
Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Ampoule is formulated with Glutathione and Niacinamide responsible for its whitening and brightening effects certified by CFDA and KFDA. It is a translucent liquid that promotes intensive skin whitening, improves complexion, moisturizes and brightens the skin. It’s one of the main products from Dr. Labella lines which is best combined with Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Activator for maximum effects on whitening and anti-aging.

How to use:
After washing your face, use your favorite lotion or toner first, then apply ampoule on the skin using the dropper, then tap the skin to fully absorb. Use it every night.


Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Activator

Product Description:
Dr. Labella Intensive Glutathione Whitening Program Activator contains main ingredients as: Glutathione, Platolwhite-c (patent no.10-0441596), aquaxyl, effipulp. This one is in cream form, it absorbs easily and immediately, activating skin whitening and improving skin tone that gives immediate glossy and flexible skin. It’s the main product introduced by Dr. Labella lines which promotes intensive skin whitening, anti-wrinkle and skin elasticity effects. It also has a deep bleaching effects system that allows skin to whitens from beneath the skin which is done by Platolwhite-C (Patent no.10-0441596) that helps cuts melanin and increase skin elasticity.

How to Use:
After using Ampoule (serum), take out the appropriate amount of the product. Apply and spread softly on the cheek, chin and the end of nose.

I Use Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

Dr. Labella 30 day Intensive Whitening Program Before and After Result

My acne’s been acting up few months ago, pimple here and there and it is huge omg! As you can see on the BEFORE photo above, I have a big,pesky pimple under my eyebrow and on each side of my nose ugh, it’s not going away huhu it’s awful! I am losing my confidence and don’t want to take selfie anymore. When I’m treating post-acne, typically it takes a looong time to fade acne marks when I use those popular skin care products in the market. But then, when I started Dr. Labella program, I see a difference in my 2nd week of testing it I AM SHOOKT! The combo is truly a miracle with the power of a drop that wakens your hidden light in the skin.

On 3rd to 4th week, I definitely see a progress; it continuously lightens the pimple marks and a lot of my friends notice the changes and compliment it. It improves skin elasticity, skin is refreshed, the ampoule and activator does not feel tacky and no sting at all. I am so happy I found DR. LABELLA INTENSIVE WHITENING PROGRAM. I don’t need to wait forever to fade those acne marks and dark spots.  I’m starting to gain confidence again! Please be mind that in order to maintain beautiful skin, you have to use it constantly because beautiful skin requires commitment, not miracle!

Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program

DR. LABELLA is a well-balanced recipe for the skin without the hazards of injections. Would you like to see it in action and a video review on their full size set?

You may get Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Activator and Ampoule in mini size sachet 20’s at their website.

DR. LABELLA PH | WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

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