Glycolic Acid on Skin

Glycolic Acid on Skin
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Glycolic acid is the next big thing in the cosmetic industry, and it is here to stay. BUT DOES IT WORK?

Glycolic acid when use smartly, it can be a miracle worker…It has the smallest molecules (AHA) in the group derived from sugar cane that’s able to penetrate skin deeply making it the most effective for treating ACNE, fine lines, oiliness, blackheads, dullness, etc. It is an acid that is part of the group of active compounds known as AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids), derived from cane sugar and pretty common ingredient in many skin care products – Chanel, Drunk Elephant, Glossier to name a few. The effects of this AHA on skin can be remarkable so find out exactly what it is and how to use it in today’s post.

Glycolic Acid on Skin

How Does Glycolic Acid Works On your Skin

It reacts with the TOP LAYER OF SKIN, dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together. From cleansing your skin, clearing clogged pores, toning your skin to other skin issues, glycolic acid is the answer to all your skin problems. It has amazing benefits to our skin; it has the smallest molecules that penetrate into the skin and battle acne from within. A great exfoliator, it battles the effects of skin aging, it treats Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken skin) and Ingrown hair, and brightens your skin. As you age, your skin on face, hands & feet becomes dry, Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells tone your skin and rejuvenates it.

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Things to Remember

  • Glycolic acid is like any type of exfoliator – it can dry out your skin. Make sure to apply a good moisturizer.
  • It makes skin more sensitive to the sun, it is very important to wear sunscreen to avoid pigmentation and damage on skin.
  • A product with pure glycolic acid in a lower concentration is much more effective than other products including this active with other ingredients.
  • Anything above 20% concentration is not necessary. (start between 5-8%… 10% is pretty good) Do not mistake highest % for best effects!
  • Consistency is the key. Nothing beats consistency in skin care; very true when it comes to using Glycolic acid.

This skin ingredient GLYCOLIC ACID can seem a little intimidating at first but once we learned more, it can remarkably improve the skin condition like a magical ingredient! Grab yours today and see the magic unfold your skin!

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