Hair Regrow: The Root Of The Problem

Hair Regrow: The Root Of The Problem
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Got the perfect makeup, hairstyle, outfit of the day; you look great until you look in the mirror; BAM! Hello hair roots regrow. Ugh, it’s showing again and situation like this makes me feel extra self-conscious about it especially when I have business meetings, professional engagements or date with loved-ones. As a beauty blogger, hair-color, style & treatment splurge is something I couldn’t give up. I always go for extra look, I feel more beautiful and confident . Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world!

My Hair Root Situation

30% makeup, 30% slaying OOTD, 40% hair roots regrow. I’m always on-the-go #bossbabe and it’s hard for me to get a free day for an appointment with my hairdresser. Let’s be honest, hair maintenance is quite expensive with all the salon hair procedures and products for post-hair treatments. Whenever hair regrow is peeking, these are the things I do to hide it.

  • I do a little zig-zag line so people can’t see the exact growth line
  • I pull my hair all back in a tight up do or wear a cap and style my hair with a fishtail or mermaid’s hair
  • I use root touch-up powders and if all else fails – I wear a very stylish cap and a cute pair of earrings.

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Hair Regrow: The Root Of The Problem
My Hair Root Situation

If only my scalp can talk- it will beg me to be kinder to my poor scalp. Plus my bank account ha-ha. We all don’t always have the time and money to visit our trusted hair salon and get expensive hair treatments. However, if we don’t do/apply hair treatments at home correctly, it could end up with super dry, damaged locks.

What do you do to maintain your hair? What hair products are you currently using to maintain its color, etc.?

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