Happy Mango PH: Everyday is Mangonificent

Happy Mango PH
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Happy Mango PH: Everyday is Mangonificent

Happy Mango PH started as a fun hobby of Charm and Ian. They started venturing and exploring the food industry last September 2018. The mangoes are freshly harvested from Davao, Guimaras, Pangasinan and Zambales. They brings the best locally grown mangoes from the country. Currently, the company launched three flavors as flagship products: Classic, Overload with Oreo, Extreme with Leche Flan.

Ian and Charm of Happy Mango PH

Level up your sweet cravings with Happy Mango

It’s BER- months and Mangoes are always present in Filipino dining table for desserts. I love Mango, it’s one of my favorite fruits and I’m so excited when they contacted me and offer to experience the Mango craze. The latest snack trend has been gaining social media buzz. There has been long queue in several malls, people have been lining up like crazy to know what the hype is/taste this promising snack. If you’re following me on Instagram for a while now and been watching my IG STORIES, you’ve seen my shots of Happy Mango PH snacks in 3 diff. flavors.

Mango Happy PH Leche Flan


Another Filipino dessert favorite! It’s creamy, tasty and super delicious, you must try it! This flavor can satisfy your sweet cravings.

Mango Happy PH Oreo


Among the three flavors, this is my ultimate favorite! It’s love at first bite, adding a texture in a classic Happy Mango PH snack gives a lot of oomph, it tastes smooth and amazing. It’s pretty good for a snack and definitely will reach for this for a perfect afternoon snack ahhh, can’t get enough of these. I would highly recommend this!


This flavor reminds me of my childhood; my grandma loves to surprise us with her best Graham refrigerated cake and it brings a big smile on my face. Just like Happy Mango PH version, it contains crushed Grahams, milk and a generous servings of ripe Mangoes, simply delicious!

Happy Mango

My Thoughts About Happy Mango PH

Mango Happy PH AyeshaHeart

Is it a TREAT or a THREAT to my tummy? Happy Mango PH screams Scrumptious! IT’S A TREAT!!!  I’ve tasted the three flavors in medium size and you guysss, it tastes real Mangoes, no food coloring whatsoever. A delectable meal that you must-try! This promising local brand needs more hype so get all your friends and grab this newest snack craze in Manila, the next thing you know – it’s so hard to restrain yourself from gobbling them up!

Have you tried Happy Mango PH? What’s your favorite flavor?

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