Himalaya Herbals Face Washes to Keep Your Skin Clear

Himalaya Herbals Face Washes to Keep Your Skin Clear
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Himalaya Herbals Face Washes to Keep Your Skin Clear

Washing our face is the first thing that we do every morning, it’s the very important part of our skin care routine and we all have our own choice of facial wash products,I am having a hard time to decide what to use between Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem & Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash this morning hihi. My main skin concerns are acne, blemishes and some dryness around my nose area so for me it’s crucial to include skin care products that helps target these kinds of skin problems in my skin care routine. As a skincare girl, you’ll find an endless number of toners, serums, emulsion, essences, skin boosters, eye creams, sheet masks, cleansing oil, etc. in my powder room. Long time readers of my blog a.k.a AyeshaHeartfam also knows that I am a massive fan of Sample Room PH where you can get free products to try FOR FREE (just pay the shipping fee usually cost PHP100+ and more often than not, you get FULL SIZE PRODUCTS). Today, I am going to share with y’all my thoughts and experience with my recent buys from them…

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About Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem & Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem face wash


100 ml / PHP149

HIMALAYA HERBALS PURIFYING NEEM FACE WASH (NEW) is a gentle, soap-free face wash gel that cleanses and refines your skin’s uneven texture by removing excess oil and impurities without over-drying. Its Neem Leaf and Turmeric extracts help prevent troublesome acne and pimples leaving your skin soft, clear, refreshed, and problem-free.


Neam Leaf Extract – Has powerful anti-bacterial properties that prevent acne and pimples, and minimizes appearance of blemishes.

Turmeric – An antiseptic extract that fights free radicals, reducing its risk of damage to the skin.

I like to use this every morning, I apply a pea size to my skin, gently massage it in, yasss a little goes a long way. It might not feel squeaky clean and that only means it’s not stripping all the natural oils that my skin needs. It is very gentle and does not dry out my skin. True to its claims; it prevents the recurrence of pesky pimples. It’s the key ingredients that made me decide to get and try this, I am happy that it also keeps the oiliness on my face under control.  I highly recommend this face wash if you have acne-prone skin type and yes I consider buying one when my sample runs out.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening face wash


100 ml / PHP149

HIMALAYA HERBALS CLEAR COMPLEXION WHITENING FACE WASH (NEW) is a gentle, soap-free face wash that cleanses, clarifies, and enhances your complexion for that brighter and glowing skin. Combined with the extracts of Saffron, Licorice, White Dammer, Pomegranate, and Cucumber, it helps to lighten dark spots and regulate melanin synthesis restoring your skin’s natural moisture and fairness.


Saffron – Moisturizes, soothes, and promotes skin fairness

Licorice and White Dammer – Has skin whitening and antioxidant properties that help to lighten skin tone and inhibit melanin synthesis

Pomegranate and Cucumber – Nourishes and soothes the skin

I recently have some dark spots and after using it for month every night, I noticed that my skin got lighter – hello glow skin! Same with the HIMALAYA HERBALS PURIFYING NEEM FACE WASH, you just need a small amount to apply. I love how my face is super clear after washing using this product, after I apply toner; I hardly have any dirt on it. The moisturizing property is great and it does not cause breakouts too. Come morning, my skins looks plump and radiant and I look so fresh!

Himalaya Herbals Face Washes

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My Experience with Himalaya Herbals Face Washes

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem and Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening face wash.

It’s my first time to use Himalaya Herbals products. Thanks to Sample Room PH; a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued. I can experience the product and decide after finishing a sample size if the product is right for my skin type and yes it is! I am excited to try their other products coz I am sure it’s effective too!

Have you tried any Himalaya Herbals products yet?

What is your skin type?

Comment away!

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    I go for himalaya herbal clear complexion whitening facial wash Ms.Ayesha because I want to have a brighter and glowing skin and I think this one is perfect to enhance my skinThank you for sharing Ms.Ayesha

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