How to Wear Rings Fashionably and Sensibly

Wear rings with confidence
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Fashionable Rings
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There are many ways to spice up an outfit, and one easy way to do so is by accessorizing with jewelries. So, how do we incorporate trinkets into our wardrobe? Allow us to share some fashion-forward styling tips on how you can upgrade your look with rings:

1. What does wearing a ring on each finger represent?

If you didn’t know yet, the choice of which finger to wear your ring on actually tells a lot about you, from your marital status to your personality, among others.

For example, the ring finger is symbolic of and significantly linked to romantic relationships. It is traditional for some cultures to wear an engagement ring upon betrothal and the wedding ring upon marriage on your left ring finger. It was believed that a vein form the left ring finger directly connects to the heart. For other cultures, the right ring finger is reserved for these engagement and wedding rings. After the wedding, the woman can opt to keep wearing her engagement ring on the same finger where her wedding ring is now placed or she can move it to another finger. The promise ring as well as the chastity or purity ring, which signify abstinence from intimacy prior to marriage, can also be worn on the left ring finger.

2. Wear rings that send the appropriate message to your audience.

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You have to understand that every ring you decide to wear on your hand will influence how people will judge you. This is founded on the historic purpose of these pieces of jewellery, which were previously indicators of wealth and the wearer’s prominent position in society. Knowing this, you need to be cautious about what rings you wear and how many of them you should be wearing based on where you are going for the day.

For example, if you are interviewing for a job, a ring or two will be enough. Don’t show up to your interview looking like a thug or a member of the mafia with massive rings on your fingers. Instead, be discriminating and conservative in your choices. Of course, if you have been recently engaged or married, you should be wearing those, especially if your fiancé proposed with engagement rings in Sydney you can get from Certified Diamond Network as this will likely be a chic and undoubtedly gorgeous accessory.

3. Make sure to consider the proportion of your ring size to the size of your hands.

This is a pretty sensible tip that many fail to consider. Pay attention to proportion, meaning if you have large fingers or a large hand, then you can wear large rings because small rings will look awkward on you. If you have a more petite hand with slender fingers, you should avoid wearing large rings as they may appear to overwhelm your hand. Make sure the ring size is proportional to the size of your hands and fingers. Basically, large rings for large hands, small rings for smaller hands.

4. Always wear with confidence.

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A basic rule in fashion is that the wearer has to have confidence in whatever they wear. With just absolutely everything you’re going to wear, whether it’s a piece of clothing or jewellery, you have to wear it with confidence. One way to amplify your confidence is to remind yourself that you are wearing this item for yourself and that doing so makes you feel good about yourself. Indeed, the key to wearing a ring, whether it’s a diamond engagement ring, a simple wedding band, or just another statement piece, is to wear them with confidence.

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