International Flower Deliveries: All You Need To Know

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We all love to send flowers at certain times, it might be a special thank you to someone who helped you through an illness or injury recovery, or as a way of appreciating everything mum does, and if you wish to send flowers to a person abroad, here is all you need to know.

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The international florist sector is certainly not new, although it has benefitted greatly from the new digital technology as the Internet allows for alliances to be made among top florists in all parts of the world. There are levels of florist businesses, the main one servicing the domestic market, which would involve delivering to any location within the country, with same-day delivery almost guaranteed. Then, there are the more commercial florists that are registered with the many networks of international flower delivery Brazil offers. For example, when an order comes in the UK to send flowers to Brazil, rather than arranging the flowers in the UK and flying them halfway across the world, they would outsource the order to a Brazil-based florist who is a member of the association.

Optimum Freshness

As we all know, flowers degrade over time and in order to cut down on the time from the flowers are cut to the moment they arrive in the recipient’s hands, the flower arrangement is made by a local florist to precise specifications. This guarantees the flowers will be in perfect condition, and as the florist is a member of the group, their standards must be high. If you would like some inspiration, there is a very long list of attractive flowers online, complete with images which you can refer to.

Teleflora Flowers International

This is the largest network of international florists, with literally hundreds of countries covered, and when on a florist’s website that belongs to this group, you simply select your country to see prices in your currency. Then when you have chosen the floral bouquet, you select the destination country and the district or region, plus a lot of information such as:

The recipient’s name & phone number.
The recipient’s full postal address.
Delivery date & time.
The greetings card message

Then a secured online payment in the currency of your choosing will ensure that the selected bouquet will be prepared and delivered as requested.


Every Teleflora florist stocks all the required flowers, which they harvest from special farms. Plus, they employ qualified floral arrangers who can create any arrangement, and by using local flowers, the bouquet will be really fresh when delivered. The Internet is the perfect platform for sending orders. Moments after your order has been placed, a florist in the destination country receives it, which means you can have next day and even same day deliveries anywhere in the world.

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If you would like to send flowers to someone in another country, simply Google ‘international florists’ and a list will appear, then you can select the perfect bouquet and have it delivered to the lucky recipient.

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