Invisibly Set Diamond Rings: All You Should Know

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Most of us are familiar with the classic prong settings but haven’t heard much about invisible settings. You are most likely wondering if diamonds and gemstones are securely held in place with an invisible setting and why should someone consider buying this type of ring.

The diamond engagement rings Sydney men get from AE Design Jewellery are one of a kind and feature invisible ring settings. For now, let’s look into more of what this type of ring is and the pros and cons of buying it.

Invisible Ring Settings: What Are They?

When a setting is invisible, it means that the mounting holding the stone in place is not seen or obvious in any way. Whereas the normal prong setting protrudes as an extra metal appendage, the invisible setting will hold the gemstones with nothing.

They work by being held in place by the actual framework of the material itself. This means the metal will normally frame the diamond and stones in channels that are cut then secured into their structure. The stones then fit into the groove of the metal and remain on full display.

This is what makes them so appealing to some individuals as no part of the diamond or gemstone is hidden.

The Issues with Invisible Settings

Some of the most common issues people find with invisible settings are that the stones may fall off quicker than if they were in a normal pronged or bezel setting. Due to the complexity and intricacy of the channels, the stones may not fit as well and may therefore become loose. This is the main downfall to this particular design of setting.

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Options for Repair

If the grooves have remained intact and undamaged, you can get the stones replaced. Visiting your jeweler where the diamonds have fallen off means they can put them back in place. However, it may be tricky to find the exact replacement as the cut is unique to fit the specific framework. If the framework is damaged, then the replacement will be tricky to say the least and the jeweler may not be able to fix it at all. It is also good to remember that an invisible ring setting cannot be resized easily as it is all in the framework.

Why Choose The Invisible Setting?

With all of these quirks and potential issues, some may wonder why it is worth it to get the invisible setting. Despite the intricacies and complications, they look absolutely stunning. Many choose to go with them for their visual appeal but they should be very careful with how they treat this kind of ring. If you have an active lifestyle of day job, it may be wise to go for something a bit more secure and hard wearing. 

Image Source: Unsplash
Image Source: Unsplash

If you do choose to go for an invisible setting however, you should always get a lifetime guarantee. Ensure your manufacturer supplies this before you agree to buying anything as the repair costs will be too much and it won’t be worth it in the end.

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