Reasons Owning Garnier Micellar Water Will Change Your Life

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Reasons Owning Garnier Micellar Water Will Change Your Life

Chances are, by now you already have knowledge and read about what is Micellar water and why it is the most trending thing. It changes my life and I appreciate it more whenever I am in a rush and on the go <3 Haven’t tried Micellar water yet? You better add this handy dandy to upgrade your skin care routine and feel fresh all the time. Go ahead and splash away from forehead to chin!

Now I am sharing one of my favorites skin care products of the moment and pronounced me-sell-air, that’s Garnier Micellar Water.

Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Product information
All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover. Cleanses + removes makeup + refreshes. No rinse, no harsh rubbing. For face, lips, and eyes.

This All-in-1 cleanser is surprisingly powerful yet gentle to skin. It is specially formulated to effectively cleanse, remove makeup, and refresh skin. Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean, and refreshed without over-drying.

Garnier How To

(C: Garnier USA )

Removing your makeup effectively, while gently cleansing and hydrating your skin is as easy as pour, press, proof.

Saturate a cotton pad

Hold the pad firmly on your skin before wiping lightly. No harsh rubbing.

Makeup leaves your face, leaving skin refreshed.

Skin is clean and feeling fresh without a greasy residue left behind.

You Should Experience Garnier Micellar Water At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why

I recently restock Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water a few days ago because I’m looking for something other than makeup removing wipes. Makeup remover wipes has been irritating my skin with all that rubbing that leaves my skin red. Can you feel that too? My skin is tired and what I love the most about Garnier’s is it didn’t irritate my eye and skin after swiping a couple times like the towelettes would and it left my skin extra soft and no redness! Love this product .

Ayesha Heart x Garnier

It is soothing and cleans all the makeup off so easily. I found that after using Micellar water,I don’t need to use any creams or moisturizers because it doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it harsh and rough looking. The best thing I found about it is my spots also seem to have cleared up. I super love how nice and clean and soft especially it leaves my skin. It is definitely a keeper for me and,I certainly highly recommend for all women to try,even those with sensitive skin.It really works 😍😍😍


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