Shearling Gilet’s Are Here To Stay

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Let’s be honest. Not every fashion piece you own has that timeless quality to it. Some designs and fabrics are trendy and soon die, but few exceptional wardrobe items are here to stay. One of these includes the classic shearling gilet. This is one style piece you should consider adding to your favorites list. It is such a cool accent to any ensemble you put together and a small investment that stands the test of time.

Lush, Silky Fur

It’s all about the sheepskin that makes the Toscana gilet that standout attire. Not only is it lovely to look at with amazing texture, but it feels warm, soft and heavenly thanks to its long, furlike wool. Fans of this sheepskin gilet say it feels like luxe silk.

Toscana sheepskin is exquisite and light in weight and yet, toasty when worn during all kinds of weather. The pelts offer ideal insulation to all who put one on. Toscana sheep generally live among the mountain ranges of Spain but are also bred in Italy and France.

Versatile, Two Ways

The incredible features of wearing a Toscana gilet are two-fold in appearance. For instance, you are buying two designs in one. It’s reversible fashion with one side that shows off a smooth, suede-like surface with fur trimming the edges and center. The other side is as pretty with full wool fur and completely different styling options.

Both are head-turning glamour and tradition in a classic vest shape design and cute suede tie to enhance your waist.

Sensible, Chic Garment

The shearling gilet is such a sophisticated piece, you could get dressed in the dark, and then, throw this over, and you would still achieve great style. The sleeveless garment comes in must-have neutral shades like tan, stone, black, chocolate, rust and navy. These classic colors go with just about any other hues making this a wardrobe essential.

If you’re wondering how to wear a Toscana gilet, just use your imagination. The garment looks sexy with jeans and a tee-shirt. It’s the perfect layering piece available. It can be worn over a sweater, a dress or skirt. The gilet can accent a thin leather jacket, look fabulous with any kind of boot style, leggings and much more.

A sheepskin gilet looks beautiful on women of all ages and silhouettes. Skinny, curvy, young or mature, this closet piece can elevate your fashion style. Celebrities are hot for shearling, too. Stars like Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung and Ellie Goulding have all been photographed in street style wearing their favorite shearling.

We all want to buy wardrobe pieces that exude style, durability, function, comfort and versatility. The Toscana gilet is about as good as it gets. Authentic lambskin delivers on every point.

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