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Star Clozetter AyeshaHeart
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I’m excited to share that I am now an OFFICIAL STAR CLOZETTER! Star Clozetters are selected members of their community who have great style, savvy and engaging upload, receiving an e-mail from them means the contents really stood out to be chosen! Indeed an amazing start to 2019 and I tell you this journey and the woman I’m becoming gives me chills. Ahhh, I just wanna DO ME! Like get my life straight, boss my life up, put myself in a position to get more and more and focus on my self. I’m obligated to move differently and yasss we are making things happen!

Star Clozetter Ayesha Heart
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All About Clozette & Star Clozetter

Clozette Community
Clozette Community

Clozette, Asia’s leading women social content network delivers the hottest news and latest community trends. You’ll get tons of inspirations from Fashion, Beauty & Stylish Living! Outfit of the day, beauty tips and hauls, incredible sights and journeys plus a community of amazing women who are beautiful inside out, Clozette got you! They even have ‘buy similar’ option from Clozette Shoppe, shout out to certified Shopaholics like me!

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Star Clozetter AyeshaHeart
Star Clozetter AyeshaHeart 

I have decided that this year will be a very good year. Let’s do this – the next version, the next evolution! This journey of b/vlogging is truly magical, I am looking forward to share my journey as a Star Clozetter. Of course behind all of these milestones for almost three years is YOU my #AyeshaHeartfam, you know you’re always a part of this journey and I’M BEYOND GRATEFUL! Join us at Clozette and follow me @AyeshaHeart You might also be the next Star Clozetter!

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