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Now Is The Time For You To Know about These 7 Weird Beauty Tricks

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Now is the Time For You To Know about These 6 Weird Beauty Tricks

Discovering beauty tricks  is just so awesome! Some says these techniques are kinda weird but it really works!!! We all want to strike a pose in front of our cam looking gorgeous and perfect so you have to check out my list below for some weird beauty tricks that really works and tell me what’s your favorite trick or sounds interesting to you.

1 PUFFY EYES – Raw potatoes! Place ‘em on your eyes for a couple of minutes and voila! it will cool your eyes and decreases swelling.

2. CELLULITETyra Banks advised to use Coffee grounds as body scrub. It will get rid of dead skin

3. MASCARA MARKS – Plastic spoon is the solution. Hold it just under your eyes while putting on mascara. The excess will go to the spoon and not on your lids.

4. RED FACE – Take anti-histamine. It will reduce redness on your face.

5. NAIL POLISH WITH BUBBLES IN IT – Do not store your nail polish in the bathroom. It should be placed in the fridge. TIP: No time to dry your nail polish? Dip your nails in a bowl that is full of ice!

6. GLITTER NAIL POLISH – It is indeed a nightmare to remove it but we all love glitters don’t we?! Don’t fret! Simply wrap your finger tip in foil and wait for 5 mins. then start removing your Glitter nail polish smoothly.

7. TIRED-LOOKING EYES –  When an eyelash curler isn’t within reach, use a spoon instead for a wide-eyed look. I highly recommend this! Run the spoon under hot water or give it a quick blast of the blow dryer then with a firm grip on the handle, use your thumb to bend your lashes against the edge of the spoon. Hold it for a few seconds. Lift your finger and voila!


Do you know any weird beauty tricks too? Share it in the comments below!


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