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Appreci: A Gratitude in a Cup

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Enjoy your cups of gratitude with just a click away! Introducing – APPRECI, the easiest way to express your gratitude. The app is designed to help you send an instant gesture of your gratitude from the palm of your hand. Their mission is to make a quick and easy way to show gratitude and to help people create physical connections. Combining technology with our favorite beverage – Coffee, it will give people the opportunity and tools they need to be mindful and grateful.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it ~ William Arthur Ward

Appreci: A Gratitude in a Cup

FIND. Customer locates favorite cafe on the map
SCAN.Customer scans QR code displayed at the counter
RECEIVE. Customer shows barista green screen and enjoys a tasty cup of gratitude


Appreci’s fast gratitude network is spreading and a big hit in Australia. For sure it will be too here in the Philippines! You can change someone’s day by sending them a cup of gratitude through the app. Spread good vibes & gratitude one cup at a time.

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