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Different kind of motorcycle tires and what are their benefits

Motorcycle tires and their Benefits
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Different kind of motorcycle tires and what are their benefits

One of the few reasons which we all love bike riding is, it gives number of riding options. From sloshing around mud to hauling across desert, there are different types of terrain where you can play with your bike. But, different terrains require different type of tires which will fit perfectly and are made specifically for getting maximum traction. Today, market is full with huge variety of expensive and cheap motorcycle tires which you can buy as per your need and budget. You should always buy a tire matching with your bike structure. One tire option is not same as another; with wide range on market today plenty of possibilities are there which can be considered. Most of the tires differ from each on the basis of the rubber which they are made from.

Main type of motorcycle tires

Dual sport tires – These tires are little bit complicated and can help you in getting best off-road riding experience. Dual sport tires are indeed best for street riding. Off road tire can be used with dual sport bike and if you love doing street riding then you will need to have a tire with street legal. Dual sport tires are mostly made on some certain off road ratio like 40% off road and 60% street and vice versa. There are so many brands dealing in high quality dual sport tires, but always choose such which allows cruising on the street.

Main type of motorcycle tires

Maxxcross tires – Race proven rubber and self cleaning pattern deliver outstanding tire wear and excellent traction in intermediate or soft conditions. These are the main features of Maxxcross tires. Along with this, what make this atv mud tires more popular is its design, lightweight construction and perfect for any ground conditions. Maxxcross tires have unique spaced pattern which produces precise cornering, superior line control and also provide predictability control as well as straight line traction. These tires optimize knob design which gives excellent cornering stability.

Motorcycle tires Dual sport tires

Touring tires – These tires are designed to offer a stable and comfortable ride for miles and miles and miles. They are very much similar to sport tires, but have slightly flatter profile that offers straight line stability. The rubber is made from harder compound. This help in hindering grip a bit, but also has large gains in terms of flexibility and longevity. Some touring tires even have high profile with bias ply construction. One of the main benefits of opting for touring tires is that they have capability of soaking road bumps.

ADV tires – Adventurous riders need so many things from a tire. They want it to be smooth on highways and must have deep pattern for using it off-road. Not only this, it should be comfortable as well for long time period in saddle and aggressive enough to edge into corner. Overall, a tire should be capable of handling high load. Well, you will get all these features in ADV tires. They are less slippery on roads and loud as well. So, if you are looking something with wider and shallower tread patterns then ADV tires are best.


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