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AyeshaHeart Ultimate Secret For Long Lasting Lipstick

AyeshaHeart Ultimate Secret for Long Lasting Lipstick
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AyeshaHeart Ultimate Secret For Long Lasting Lipstick

Would you love to have some tips for long lasting lipstick? Today I’m going to share my ultimate secret for long-lasting lipstick. Keeping your ultimate favorite lipstick on lips is one thing that we take seriously and truly a challenge to most of us. Yeah, there are so many lipsticks in the market that promises long wear and the like but c’mon we still need to re-apply after a couple of hours – after eating, before meeting or after two sips of Coffee. (Ugh! It is so exhausting just thinking about it!) It’s also annoying when your favorite lipstick rubs off before you arrive in your event, meeting, date Etc.  No girl likes it when her favorite lipstick is gone by noon.

Yeah, there are some common ways to make your lipstick last all day such as Exfoliate, moisturize, use of lip balm, second coat, concealer and so on… After some trial and error that I did, I finally figured out how to lock down our favorite lipstick color on our beautiful lips.

You will be needing: 1. your favorite Lipstick 2. A powder blush (close shade to your lipstick), 3. Tissues and any 4. Fluffy makeup brush


  1. Apply your favorite lipstick on your lips.
  2. Separate the tissue into two, Use one to blot your lips.
  3. Place the other sheet over your lips, load your makeup brush with blush to finish.

Why Blush?

It will give you an outcome with a little bit of pigment unlike using a translucent powder that leaves a chalky cast. On top of that, it gives a nice Matte finish.


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