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Selecting tires for your motorcycle or ATV

Tires for your motorcycle or ATV
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Selecting tires for your motorcycle or ATV

Tires play an important role in the performance of the vehicle and how well you can handle and control the vehicle when driving on the road. The quality and condition make a lot of difference when you applied the brakes. We need to have some basic knowledge to select the right tires for our vehicle. Let us talk about the most common type of tires, i.e. the street tires. Street tires are divided into 2 types: tires with tube and the tubeless tires.

Tires with inner tube are fitted to wheels with spokes like the bicycle wheels and the tubeless tires are usually for cast wheels. All tires come with tread and pattern on them. The tread is the part of the tire that comes in direct contact with the road. The tire pattern consists of the grooves and channels cut into the tread. The pattern on the tires helps to channel water away and allow the tire to hold its grip on the road when wet.

Selecting tires for your motorcycle or ATV

There are many types and brands of tires for sale. When selecting new tires for your vehicle, safety is the top priority. Good quality tires can be costly but not all cheap tires are of poor quality. If you check your favorite websites regularly, you may come across some good discount motorcycle tires from top brands.

Besides the common street tires for motorcycles, there are also many types and brands of ATV tires for sale. Street tires are not suitable for ATVs. ATVs need specially designed tread pattern tires suitable for all types of terrain. There are different types ATV tires designed to be used on the different types of terrain.

  • Mud tires have wide and deep tread patterns to disperse mud and dirt. These tread patterns are suitable for riding on soft muddy terrain.
  • Sand tires have paddle tread patterns to allow the tires to grip effectively to push the vehicle forward. These tires are usually very lightweight.
  • Rocky and hard terrain tires have tighter tread patterns for increased contact and deep angled grooves to climb rocks with ease, providing great traction in loose terrain. These tires are extra durable to handle rocky surfaces.
  • Racing tires have consistent knob type patterns designed for maximum traction. These tires are usually made of lighter materials for more flexibility but they tend to wear out faster.


Good quality tires from top brands come in different price range. When selecting and buying tires for your vehicle, it is advisable to buy from trusted suppliers or stores such as which will not compromise on the quality. has a wide selection of different tires from different brands at reasonable prices for their customers to choose from.