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What You Need to Know about Solitaire.Org

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I am so excited to share today’s post! What do you usually do during your free time? Some may go online to browse, to shop or chat with friends. Did you know there is another way to have fun online?! Online gaming is now a hot trend! It is very entertaining and beneficial. It improves mind skills, your strategic thinking, enhances memory and concentration. It is an entertainment for everybody.

Whether kids or kids at heart. There is always a right game category. I like fun online games such as Pac man, Zuma, Candy crush and the like. I know you all are still playing these. It refreshes my mind especially when I play it during my break time. I will be sharing my recent discovery online games site so if I were you, sit back, relax and take note of the best online games to try!

Solitaire. org contains a lot of online games such as the ff.: Mahjong games, hidden object games, card games, logic puzzle games, ball games, tennis, arcade games and a lot more. Playing on their site provides a fun, sociable way to stay active. It is also a way to build skills, develop communication skills in a safer environment. They have a very friendly website, easy navigation and perfectly categorized games.

I am enjoying Cookie monster game. It is a classic arcade game Pacman inspired where Cookie Monster eats pellets. Once he eats it, it turns the ghosts into cookies.

Another game I like is the word search. Another classic favorite where it improves your mind thinking, enhances your memory and vocabulary. You can play a 12×12, 14×14 or 16×16 word search puzzle game with a new puzzle every day. Each day this game offers another level to play. Once you completed a level, you can choose another date from the calendar selector.

Klondlike solitaire is what I play everyday. It is a challenging card game that can be played alone. If it is your first time to play card games, fret not because they even share step by step guide, tips & tricks on their website.

Who hasn’t played Zuma Legend. It is everyone’s favorite! This game has 100 levels. You create sets of 3 or more balls in a row to remove them from the chain before it gets to the end.

Bookmark their website because they are adding more and more cool games! You can play on desktop and also with your phones. Ad free. Let me know in the comments your favorite games from