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Commercial Electrical Services

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Tradetech Services is a leading commercial electrical contractor based in Melbourne, though services the greater Victoria area from Geelong to Malvern.

Our team is comprised of licensed electricians with experience handling large-scale commercial and industrial electrical projects.

If you’re looking for assistance from an electrician based in Melbourne, contact Tradetech Services for an accurate quote.

Outdoor/Indoor Commercial Lighting

Tradetech Services provides lighting design and installation for a variety of different businesses and commercial buildings in the greater Melbourne area, from small establishments to large shopping malls.

We offer everything from individual incandescent bulb installation for offices and shops to huge flood light systems for special events. Our focus is on offering a service that creates the perfect lighting package for your business at an affordable price.

Data Cabling

Our experienced team of electricians has the talent to install a brand new network or upgrade your existing network.

There are a variety of different cables and options for your network – such as coaxial cable, optical fibre, twisted pair, and more – which all depend on your individual circumstances. A network installed in Keysborough might not be the same as in Surrey Hills.

Contact us for a quote regarding the set up and installation of structured network data cabling using the most reliable cable for your area. Our service doesn’t end with installation – we’re easy to contact for system maintenance, repairs and to assist with consultation on Wi-Fi and security.

Upgrading or Replacing Your Switchboard

Businesses grow larger and so too must your switchboard. Overloading switchboards can short circuit and cause issues with systems and equipment linked up to the board. The Australian government is strict on the quality of switchboard systems because of the potential safety concerns – Tradetech guarantees your equipment is up to the stringent safety standards.

There are a few telltale signs of a switchboard that needs an upgrade – like flickering lights or short-circuiting appliances – and Tradetech provides local and fast service to make sure your business is safe from the risks associated with failing switchboards.

It’s also wise to consider preventative action and give your switchboard a power upgrade before problems arise. Monitor your power consumption and contact us to upgrade your switchboard accordingly.

Electrical Maintenance

Tradetech offers maintenance service for all types of electrical systems, including motors, network security and handling faulty electrics. Our base is Melbourne but we serve the greater area for emergency and planned electrical maintenance in commercial buildings.

Our main focus is to take responsibility of OH&S regulations based on local law. While making sure your electrics are safe and functional, we run cost analysis on the price of upgrading and repairing your electrical systems and how much it will cost to maintain in the long-run.

It’s also important to us that we’re clear about which repairs and maintenance we’re carrying out. Tradetech prides itself on personalized and professional customer service that provides a tracking list of all changes, lists of goods and services provided by our team, and a guarantee of a high-quality technical finish.

Rewiring Faulty Electrics

The main service provided by Tradetech is to rewire and replace faulty electrics for commercial properties. A full rewire is rarely just rewiring electrical systems but a process that involves upgrading power supplies for switchboards, fuse boards, and adding new electrical items such as sockets or lights.

Everything we do here at Tradetech conforms to stringent safety regulations according to the guidelines laid out by the Australian government. If you’ve purchased an older commercial building or you’re upgrading an existing property, we’re on hand to help determine whether the wiring is up to standard.

Faulty wiring is one of the main causes for electrical fires and electrical hazards. For emergency or short-service repairs in the Melbourne area, contact our professional team at Tradetech.

Security Installations For Commercial Properties In Melbourne

While our team is comprised of trained electricians, Tradetech also specializes in security solutions for commercial and industrial properties. A security system includes everything from surveillance cameras to access control, alarm and intrusion control for your commerical property, all drawn from a main power source or a back-up battery.

Your business’ specific security needs are our main concern. Although our teams are professional and have worked on some of the largest commerical units in Australia, we offer a level of customer-driven service that’s unparalleled in the industry. Our consultation services guarantee your commercial property gets the best security.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are recommended for larger commercial and industrial properties as an annual testing and tagging procedure, but every type of commercial building will benefit from an energy audit. At Tradetech we analyze the flow of energy inside the building and build a clear picture of its energy dynamics.

Our teams of professional energy auditors take every opportunity to reduce the amount of energy input into the building without affecting the output. Tradetech accurately targets the areas of high energy consumption such as air leaks, moisture issues, defective ducts, and more. It’s our goal to effectively cut your energy costs.

Tradetech Services is Australia’s leading provider of electrical solutions for commercial buildings, with a focus on the greater Melbourne area but with projects that extend across the nation. Our personalized customer service allows us to establish pay back plans, guarantee coverage across a huge variety of electrical issues, and provide the highest level of quality due to our trained tradesmen and contractors.

Residential Electrical Services

Tradetech provides market-leading solutions for your domestic electrical needs, covering everything from lighting to general electric maintenance. You can trust our team of experts who’ve worked on residential properties in the Melbourne area for decades, trained through our apprenticeship programs, and are proudly at the forefront of customer-driven electrical services.

Electricity in your home is an essential part of everyday life. With a faulty system you run the risk of spiraling energy costs or even the risk of fire, and if you’re purchasing a new home it’s always best to check with Tradetech whether the wiring needs to be sorted. We’re a large company with a huge pool of resources but are dedicated to a customer-focused approach to electrical servicing.

Internal and Outdoor Domestic Lighting in Melbourne

We’re lighting specialists at Tradetech with years of experience for indoor and outdoor residential lighting. Although it’s our passion to provide high-quality electrical servicing, our talents extend to light design and innovation, including LED manufacturers and ambient energy-efficient solutions.

Thanks to our 25 years in the lighting industry, it’s not just the installation we excel at. Our consultation extends beyond the most energy-efficient ways to light your outdoor area, we can also offer impressive advice on ideal design options. That’s the comprehensive level of service we offer at Tradetech – more than a commercial residential electrician, we provide service that revolves around you.

The Importance of Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring is one of our most essential services, and we’ve guaranteed the electrical safety of homes in Melbourne and the wider area for 25 years. Our track record of rewiring old buildings and fixing issues with existing electrical systems is impressive. We always adhere to the safety standards as established the Australian government and put you and your family first.

Faulty electrics are one of the most common causes for house fires and electrocution. It’s a straightforward process to have your property assessed by Tradetech services and get the necessary repairs and rewires to prevent issues before they arrive. We also specialize in the installation of safety switches and the correct circuit breakers to minimize risk.

Residential Electrical Maintenance

Tradetech residential technicians are trained to carry out ordinary spot-checks and routine check-ups to keep an eye on the quality of your domestic wiring. When it comes to the safety of your family and property, it’s best to contact the professionals to maintain the quality of your plugs, outlets and household wires.

There are a few methods which can be carried out in the home to help prevent damage to electrical wiring – moderate use of electronics, always being safe when using electrical appliances, and to treat your sockets nicely – but eventually you will need advanced help to make sure everything is safe in your home.

Split System Heating and Cooling Units

Split System Heating and Cooling units are a central air conditioner with 3 separate components: the outdoor cabinet to hold the compressor and condenser, an indoor version that contains the evaporator, and the air handler, a system which sends cool air into the duct.

Tradetech provides heating and cooling units from market-leading manufacturers. Our process starts with design, the installation of system, and continued maintenance. We’re happy to say that we provide service for some of the most innovative split systems in Melbourne and the greater area.

Installing Domestic Appliances – Safety First

Wiring your own domestic appliances is an option, but when it comes to large appliances like ovens, refrigerators and washing machines, Tradetech’s professional team makes sure everything is working as intended. The larger the appliance, the larger the risk of something going wrong with the wiring.

We specialize in wiring new homes and existing homes with a variety of household appliances, like ice makers, dryers and dishwashers. Whatever the appliance, contact Tradetech to get a fast quote and installation as soon as possible. The risk of damaging a new expensive appliance or causing something worse (like electrocution) is too important to overlook.


We’re proud of our customer-centric service when it comes to communicating during the design and planning phase. Tradetech works with you from the start of your renovation to organize and quote an accurate cost of repairing and rewiring electrical systems in your new home.

The best method we’ve found to save time and money when it comes to renovation is to approach the task with a solid plan. Our consultation starts from the moment you contact us, and we’ll send our team over to the property to analyse the situation.

There are some household tasks which you can tackle yourself when it comes to home renovation, although for installing additional domestic appliances and rewiring entire rooms, it’s best to leave it to our professional team of electricians.

Residential Automated Security

Tradetech is an electrician security specialist that brings industrial-quality surveillance, alarm systems and locking doors to residential properties. We have over 20 years’ experience in installing home security systems for a range of different houses in Melbourne.

Security cameras are an excellent way to protect your assets and your family, while gates, windows and video doorbells are modern innovations to turn your house into a smart home. Everything is connected through a residential network controlled from a central control panel or even a mobile app. To find out more about our modern security solutions contact us for a quote to find out how we can help.

Contact Us for Domestic Electrical Work

Tradetech has worked with huge companies and small shops, but it’s always our pleasure to solve the electrical needs in people’s homes. From our design phase, to our consultation, to adding the final touches to a new lighting or security system, Tradetech is right there with you at every step.