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How I Treated my Dark Spots with Pynocare

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Aside from breakouts and pimples, dark spots, hyperpigmentation or Melasma is another skin problem that I hate. It is so hard to treat it and cover it up when doing make up, time to take charge of your skin. The spots that are darker than your skin is what I am referring to. Possible spots are on forehead, cheeks, neck, chin and more. The causes and treatments for each are also different. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from bug bites, acne and the like can diminish naturally in a couple of weeks or so. Hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure will need topical or laser procedure. If you are dealing with hyperpigmentation right now, please know that you are not alone and I have a solution in this post, you’ll get to know more of Pynocare.

Dark spots on your skin can happen at any time, usually for women. For instance, you had a pimple and it left behind a dark scar, then it is a common cause. While exposure to the sun is a major risk factor, consider also the following risk factors why we are getting these skin problems; not getting enough sleep, stress, smoking, hormonal changes, unbalanced diet, cosmetics with harsh ingredients, and many more! Fret not, fortunately for you and for me, I recently discovered a clinically proven solution to Melasma so stay tuned, relax and grab your favourite snack and drink ok? Ok!

You can find plenty of Melasma treatment options online and offline; over the counter or prescription creams, oral treatments and lasers. Creams or topical treatments will diminish the appearance of those dark spots. You will see the outcome after several months. Another option is oral treatment for Melasma and the result depends on the person and medication used. It is always the best to choose Pynocare the safe and natural way of treating Melasma. Next treatment is laser; it uses light energy to remove skin layers. Additional risks for this are you may encounter redness, infection, tightness on skin, scarring, swelling, etc. 

Pynocare is clinically proven solution to Melasma. It has 20 soft gel capsules in the box. You can take this 1 cap 2x daily with meals for at least 8 weeks. Melasma skin clear complexion complex artisome that fights damaging free radicals and controls the overproduction of melanin to normal levels in the skin cells.

It is also an over the counter drug so you can easily get a hold on this medication. Undertakes multiple clinical tests to ensure it is safe and effective. FDA approved! Pynocare combats Melasma at its roots with its MSCC complex artisome.


Is Pynocare effective?

Yes. It is effective. Over 200,000 women on South East Asian countries have become satisfied users ➢ Its backed up with 3 clinical studies done in Thailand and Malaysia and in Philippines resulting to an over-all 85% efficacy rate (Thailand: Spin control , France headed by Dr Fabrice Perin ) ( Malaysia: Malaysia Ministry of Health by Dr Saadiah Sulaiman) ( Philippines: RITM – Research Institute for Tropical Medicine by Dr. Evangeline Handog

Is Pynocare Safe?

Yes, Pynocare is safe; Its registered with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as over-the-counter drug indicated for the treatment of Melasma

When taking PYNOCARE, should I apply sunscreen when out in the sun?

Exposure to the sun is the leading contributor to skin pigmentation, so it is advisable to have some form of sun protection

Just one day of unprotected sun exposure can undo months of treatment, especially for those prone to skin

Why should I buy it as treatment for Melasma when there are topicals available?

Effective in treating melasma, 85% efficacy rate. Prevents recurrence.  Safe, Natural, and Convenient