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Tips For Choosing A 3-Stone Engagement Ring

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If you are planning to pop the question and have discovered that your partner loves trilogy rings, this article is for you.

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The trinity, or trilogy ring, could incorporate 3 diamonds of the same size, or it could be a larger central diamond with two smaller stones on either side. Rather than browsing jewellery stores, simply find a custom jeweller who makes 3 stone engagement rings to the client’s specifications.

Custom Jewellery

If you thought that handcrafted jewellery was only for the rich and famous, think again. Indeed, it is no more expensive to have a diamond ring made, and for such a special occasion, it calls for a unique ring that is like no other. All it takes is a Google search to find a custom jeweller that handcrafts 3 stone engagement rings Australia stores showcase, and they are out there. This allows you to select the stones and how they are cut, while the custom jeweller has a wealth of design experience, ensuring the ring is perfect in every way.

Choosing The Base Metal

The band could be made from rose gold, white gold or platinum, whichever you prefer. If you want to match it for example you want to wear vintage wedding dresses, you can definitely do this! Keep in mind that you should be practical and choose a metal that will not tarnish, such as platinum or palladium. Of course, the jeweller must have the correct ring size, as some designs are difficult to resize and if you are planning a surprise proposal, you will have to discover your partner’s ring size.

Choosing the Stones

There are two main designs with a trilogy or trinity style ring:

All 3 diamonds are the same size.
The central stone is slightly larger than the other two.

You might prefer all three diamonds to be clear, or perhaps combining pink with clear, or even having a pair of sapphires either side of a clear diamond, which is a stunning design. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the supporting stones in a trilogy ring, so you could choose whatever precious stone your partner prefers.

Choosing A Design

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The great thing about custom jewellery is you get to design the piece and the custom jeweller can take your concept and work out a design that is perfect, using the stones of your choosing, with your preferred cut and setting. If she is traditional, you might want to stick with 3 clear diamonds, but there’s no reason they have to be the same size. Let the jeweller show you some images to give you an idea of what can be achieved, and as your partner will be wearing the ring constantly, be practical with the design and avoid prong settings.

This is such an important event in both your lives that you really should have the engagement ring custom made by an experienced custom jeweller, and with her tastes known, the design is bound to please. You can get the ball rolling by noticing her jewellery and fashion tastes and if you can find a way to bring up the topic without arousing suspicion, so much the better.

Popping the Question to Your Childhood Sweetheart

Romantic Sunset on a Beach
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Popping the Question to Your Childhood Sweetheart

For some people, their childhood sweethearts are a thing of the past, but there are occasions where love lasts the test of time. If you are still in a relationship with your sweetheart from childhood and want to ask them to marry you, here are some ideas on ways to propose that will get her swooning at the knees and ensure that they say yes.

Find the Perfect Ring

If you are going to make your proposal a surprise, then the first thing that you will need to do is to find the perfect engagement ring. You can easily find classic diamond engagement rings in Brisbane by looking online and walking around the many jewellers that are in the city. However, you may need some assistance to ensure you get the perfect ring. If it is something that you have not discussed before with your partner, then enlist the help of one of their friends or family members who may have a better idea of the type of ring that they like. Once you have found the perfect ring, you then need to find the ideal way to propose.

A Romantic Sunset on A Beach 

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One way that you can ensure you are in the right setting and set the mood for the occasion is to go on a short trip away or even go on a more extended holiday. You can choose somewhere along the coast, stay in a nice hotel, and make use of the natural beauty of your surroundings. Take a walk along the beach just before sunset, and when the time is right, you can get down on bended knee and pop the question to your childhood sweetheart. You could even speak to the hotel you are staying in and tell them your plans and see if they can arrange for a table and meal to be supplied on the beach, making a perfect romantic setting.

Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant

Another tried and tested method is to book a table at your favorite restaurant and have a romantic meal for two before asking the question. You can ask for help from the restaurant which could include a specific table, being serenaded with music, or even presenting the ring in a unique way. Most restaurants will be happy to help with something such as this, especially if you are regular diners there.

Propose Where You Went On Your First Date

It takes a lot of work being able to keep the relationship with your high school sweetheart alive, and some people who also want the same thing can look for tips on how to make the relationship last. Another good proposal idea is to take your sweetheart back to where you went on your first date and ask them to marry you there. Whether it was bowling, the cinema, or a visit to the fairground, reminisce with them about your first date before you ask them the question. Being able to remember this important part of your relationship will make your beloved feel more cherished.

Choose Somewhere Unique

Somewhere Unique

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For a memorable proposal, you can also choose somewhere unique to ask the question. There are many ways to do this, such as taking a ride in a hot air balloon, floating down the river in a boat, or even while you are bungee jumping. Choose something that both you and your partner love and you will make memories that will last for a lifetime.


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Custom your Own Engagement Ring in MyRayGem

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Custom your Own Engagement Ring in MyRayGem

Custom made engagement ring can provide you with as well as your would-be-bride grounds to smile. Unique rings have been in vogue. There are lots of benefits that come with having your ring designed. The foremost and the top benefit is you can gift your companion something inside a manner, which displays your ex. When you are getting your ring designed, you may choose the stone along with the band of your liking. This method for you to form a really attractive and fascinating design.

It’s really fun to include your creative acumen to create a engagement ring. You are able to tell the designer by what you really need to see inside your gemstone ring. In the end, you gift diamond engagement ring just once in existence. And often these unique engagement rings be a valuable family rings and leaves one generation to another.

Engagement Ring Is the Answer to Everything

To create an impressive gemstone diamond engagement ring, it’s possible to visit many online jewelry stores. They permit you to make your own gemstone diamond engagement ring just by following easy steps. Customers can choose any certified gemstone and may have it studded on the platinum ring or gold ring. Allow it to be gemstone diamond engagement ring, platinum diamond engagement ring or emerald diamond engagement ring, you are able to provide your personal touch to many of these rings.

Gemstone Diamond engagement ring

Before buying designer engagement rings, you ought to bear in mind your budget limitations. Sometimes, they end up being very costly. Therefore always bear in mind the affordability part before choosing the affordable engagement rings .

Engagement is the greatest factor which may happen to any relationship. And to really make it special you have to choose the best diamond engagement ring from the certified online jewelry store. At, our gemstone diamond engagement rings and other sorts of jewelry have stunned the whole world. We offer the finest of certified diamonds which you can use it to create perfect designer diamond engagement ring. Here, you may create dream designer diamond engagement ring by using easy steps.

The Miracle of Engagement Ring

Our website provides a first-class service, allowing you to make gemstone diamond engagement ring ideated on your part. Always get on our website for dedicated, one-to-one service. We all know the need for quality advice and assistance and therefore are dedicated to assisting you make a good decision. To finish with, it may be stated that diamond engagement rings can be created just by following simple steps. Mesmerize the one you love and also the world having a ring ideated and created by you. Make use of your unique talent to state ‘I Love you’ for your someone special.

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