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Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles Through the Eras

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Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles Through the Eras
Image Source: Pixabay

Prior to looking at the different styles of vintage engagement rings, it is important to define what exactly is classed as vintage. The term “vintage” can be widely used to describe an old item, yet to be vintage, a jewellery item would be anything from 20 to 99 years old, as any item that is more than 100 years old is classified an antique. Here are the various eras that have produced distinctive diamond ring designs.

  • The Victorian Era (1830-1900) – This era is a very popular choice for the girl who loves fine design, and in general, the Victorian era can be classed as early, middle and late period styles. If you would rather something a little older, you can see antique style engagement rings at very affordable prices from an online antique and vintage jeweller. Victorian rings are generally made from rose gold, with rows, clusters and halos of diamonds, which is one of the reasons why this era is so popular.
  • Edwardian Era (1900-1920) – This period symbolises intricate, lacy designs, with platinum bands, and you can often find very floral patterns from this period. Coloured diamonds began to appear in the Edwardian era, with pinks, yellows and greens often used. The Old Mine, European and Rose Cuts were popular in this short era, and there are some delightful designs that are still impressive to this day.
  • The Art Deco Period (1920-1940) – If you are into bold and glitzy designs, the Art Deco period is for you, with bold geometric shapes and repeated patterns. Rather than flowing curves, the bold straight lines are really evident in Art Deco rings, with, of course, coloured diamonds used extensively. The Step Cut became very popular as it goes hand in hand with the bold style, and due to bad economic times, other stones were often used instead of diamonds, so don’t be surprised to come across amethyst, citrine and garnet when viewing engagement rings of this period.
Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles Through the Eras
Image Source: Commons Wikimedia
  • The Retro Period (1940-1960) – This was the time when the diamond giant DeBeers launched their very successful marketing campaign, which resulted in almost the exclusive use of diamonds in engagement rings. Simpler designs are more popular with the Retro period, and diamonds were generally centrally placed, and with platinum in great demand thanks to the Second World War, rose gold was the metal of choice.
  • The Swinging Sixties – This was a glorious era and ring designs were heavily influenced by the Art Deco period, as flower power gripped the UK. Jaqueline Kennedy sported a coloured diamond engagement ring, which did wonders for the emergence of coloured stones, yet diamonds were still figuring highly in 60s designs.

Whatever the period that you prefer, an online search will help you to locate a reputable antique and vintage jeweller, and they can source any style and are very reasonably priced. Talk to a local dealer today and see what they have on offer.

A Guide to Understanding Engagement Ring Anatomy

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You could say that choosing an engagement ring is one of the most difficult tasks a man could ever take on. With so much at stake, it is critical that you get it right. The only thing one can be certain of is that the ring should include diamonds, as they are regarded as an essential component to any engagement ring. With that in mind, here is a breakdown of the components that come together to make a diamond engagement ring.


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Of course, the stones make up the bulk of the cost for any engagement ring, and whether a single stone or a cluster, you should have some basic knowledge about how diamonds are graded. You can find a lot of free resources online that can help you to learn more about how diamonds are graded, which will help you to better understand what makes a diamond exceptional. Of course, you don’t have to choose a ready-made ring, indeed, many men prefer something unique. If you would like to see some custom design engagement rings in Sydney or in your local area, an online search will take you to the website of an established custom jeweller. Having the ring designed is no more expensive than a ready-made ring. If she likes unique items, you should approach an established custom jeweller and see what he can do for you.

The Setting

The ring setting plays a vital role, as this ensures that the diamonds are securely in place, and with so many setting styles, it can be a challenge choosing the right one. There are two main setting types; bezel and prong, with the bezel setting offering a solid setting that is unlikely to get caught on fabric. A round diamond, for example, could have 4 or 6 prongs, and the lower the number of prongs, the more of the diamond that will be visible, yet raised prong settings are not the most practical, so if she is an outdoor adventure type, you might be better off with a bezel setting. There is also an article that contains a list of different ring settings, which might help you to make the right choice.

The Ring Band

Image Source: Pixabay

This is the part that is worn on the finger. They come in a range of metals, such as yellow, white or rose gold, while platinum is another firm favourite. When designing a ring from scratch, the ring band is the first thing to choose, and if she likes yellow gold, for example, then this would be a good choice. If you are unsure about her preferences, take note of the jewellery she wears, which should point you in the right direction.

Now that you are aware of the various components of an engagement ring, you can start your quest to find the perfect ring. If you are having trouble choosing, talk to a custom jeweller about having the ring designed and made for you. There isn’t a woman alive that wouldn’t love a diamond engagement ring that was made especially for her!

A Guide to Engagement Ring Selection

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Engagement ring selection
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If you are thinking of popping the magical question any time soon, your thoughts will turn to the engagement ring, which, for many men is one of the most challenging experiences of their life. This is one purchase you cannot afford to get wrong, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips on sourcing the right engagement ring.

  • Know Her Taste in Jewellery – This will ensure that she is happy with the ring design, and by taking note of the jewellery she wears when you are together, you should have a good idea of the styles she prefers. Obviously, diamonds are the order of the day, and with so many designs available, you might want to browse the many online jewellers, looking for something that suits her perfectly. On the other hand, you could have the ring custom made, which isn’t as expensive as you might think.
  • Calculate Your Budget – It is not only pointless to look at rings without having a firm budget in mind, it usually leads to overextending your finances. Work out what you can afford and resist the temptation to take out a loan for the ring purchase, as you will soon have the enormous expense of a wedding. You can look at diamond rings NZ folks get from, a quality jeweler with a wide range of quality rings to suit every budget.
Ring selection Tips
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  • Maximum Sparkle – Diamonds react with light to produce some amazing splashes of sparkle, and by looking for a ring where the stones are set in such a way that the light reflects well, you are getting more sparkle for your money. There are practical issues to consider, and if she is an outdoor adventurous type, you might want to choose a setting that is very durable.
  • Know Her Ring Size – This is essential when looking for a diamond engagement ring, as alterations can be costly and with some designs, it is not possible to make adjustments to the ring band. If the proposal is a surprise, you will have to find a way to get her ring size, which is something one of her good friends can help with. If you can manage to “borrow” one of her rings, make sure it is for the wedding ring finger and take it to a jeweller who can tell you her size. To get more ideas on how to know her ring size, there are websites you can check that will give you articles on the ultimate guide to buying an engagement ring.
  • Online Solutions – No one wants to spend a few days visiting jewellery stores, while looking for the perfect ring, and with online solutions, you can view an unlimited number of engagement rings. Once you have found the perfect item, a secure online payment will see the ring despatched to your home address.
diamond engagement ring selection tips
Image Source: Pexels

Patience is a virtue and is definitely wise when sourcing such an important thing as a diamond engagement ring. You really need to be sure that she will like the design, and with the help of an established online jeweler, choosing the right engagement ring is much less of a challenge.

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