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What Small Shoulder Bags Should Every Woman Have?

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Women should have a small shoulder bag in the closet, right? No matter she has been worked for years or still learn in college as a young student, they all can‘t without a shoulder bag in life cause it will be very inconvenient to take the cellphone, lipstick, perfume, or others when they go out, especially going shopping. 

Shoulder bags that are popular can’t last for a long time. The products are changed so quickly, that the customer who has a deep love in them must pay a lot of money for it. If your choice is the famous brand, just like Prada, Channel, or Dior, you may need to cut your expenditure in eating、make-up, and travel., then you can buy it.
Is it worthy? Of course not. The most expensive bag is not necessarily the best thing for you. When we can’t pay more money in Luxury bags, rational consumption is the best solution to solve your problem. 

Now, there is some online shop where can provide you cheap package, such as is a website that sells women dresses, shoes, accessories, and cheap shoulder bags. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular bags:
1、Black Alligator Bag With Handle
The black alligator shoulder bag is a very common color that can be seen everywhere. But we need to know even though the black color is not brilliant, the black is also a symbol color of elegance. And the surface texture of the bag is like crocodile leather so that the shoulder bag looks very textured. 

In addition to the black color and the crocodile, the design of this bag can also be switched between the shoulder strap and hand-holding. If you feel tired, you can wear this bag in your shoulder or hold it by hand when you think you must be an elegant woman.
2、Barrel-shaped Shoulder Bag
The second recommend bag is the Barrel-shaped Shoulder Bag. If you have attention to the development of the bag’s fashion, you may found the barrel-shaped bag just appeared in a few years. Why do I recommend this bag to you? 
Although it is not a classical style because it doesn’t have a long history, the bold design of barrel-shaped has been breakthrough the version that the classic model does not have. It can prevent others from carrying the same bag. 

The classical style of the bag can let you wear for a lot of years so that you will not feel distressed the money spent, but the new bags can get some feelings you never have. Why don’t you try a new thing? 
3、Brown Leather Bags
The shoulder bags in the picture below are called Brown Leather Bags. the difference of bag is leather material that good for waterproofing, and then the overall design of this bag is relatively simple. Because of these characteristics, women who wear this bag will be more generous and decent.

if you are a girl in 18 to 23 years, it may be not suitable for you. While you are professional women who need to be more mature and formal not young and cute, l think you are more interested in this one. 
4、Transparent PVC Shoulder Bags
This bag is also very popular among young girls nowadays. The name is simply a transparent shoulder bag. From the name of this bag, we can know that this bag features transparency.
Its design does not pay attention to the safety of the bag like other bags but uses a transparent design to make the inside of the bag transparent so that we can directly observe the inside of the bag from the outside.

Because the design of this bag is very special, we don’t need to consider safety factors when we buy this bag, it’s more good-looking and beautiful. Excluding the fact that it is not safe enough, it is quite good for girls to carry this bag to the Street shot.
The shoulder bags introduced above are just some of the styles sold by, and more types have not been listed. If you need it, you can directly log in to the website to browse the required information. From this, you don’t need to spend precious time choosing a product in a hot physical store but can enjoy the cool condition online.

Winter Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Have

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As seasons change, so do clothing requirements. Obviously, you can’t be strutting in your favourite summer tie-dyed slip dress in the snow, unless you want to catch a cold or worse than that. It would also be uncomfortable to be all wrapped up in warm winter jackets and scarves when the sun is hottest in summer. A wardrobe change therefore is absolutely sensible.

To upgrade your current wardrobe, here are 3 clothing must-haves that you should invest in for the upcoming winter season:

1. Jackets and Coats

Winter Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Have
Image Source: Unsplash

With the weather becoming unpredictable and sometimes even going to surprising extreme temperature drops, hoarding on different types of cover-ups to keep you warm is the best way to prepare for the cold season’s challenges, fashion-wise. Because even though you’re going to be wrapped up in layers, let’s be honest, we still want to look chic. The only way to achieve this is to find pieces that serve both purpose and style.

A long coat is a good choice to keep you warm while also making a bold fashion statement. Indeed, what you wear on top of all your other outfits will matter most at wintertime. Hence, why not make the most of it with an interesting long coat? If you’re wearing a neutral-coloured outfit or an all-black ensemble, which is a very common colour choice during winter, try to liven it up with a bright-coloured long coat. If you’re looking at elegant blue prom dress with sleeves, you will still have to choose a long coat to complement your choice so that even when the night gets cold, you can still enjoy the party and look fashionable.

If you want a more sophisticated appeal, wear a blazer. Blazers have a corporate appeal, making the wearer look smart and classy. You can opt to wear these on top of your usual work clothes, particularly the sleeveless dresses.

Of course, a winter wardrobe will never be complete if you don’t get yourself a leather jacket. This piece of outerwear provides an instant upgrade to whatever it is you are wearing. If you’re not into long coats, you can opt for a trusty leather jacket over your prom dress and voila, you’ve just added oomph to your outfit.

Make sure to have at least one puffer jacket for when the temperature is way below zero degrees and you’ve got to protect yourself from getting hypothermia. A swanky puffer jacket will look great with sweaters and boots too.

2. Turtlenecks and Sweaters

Winter Fashion Essentials
Image source: Pixabay

A warm top is a necessity for winter, even when you have prepared to layer your outfits with coats or jackets. If you don’t own one yet, get yourself a snug turtleneck top (or several) since this can be a go-to clothing piece for winter. These tops go with everything, from working as an undershirt for sleeveless dresses to being paired with good jeans.

Sweaters are also winter must-haves, with cashmeres being highly recommended. These are simple warmers that can be worn with all types of bottoms – jeans, trousers, leather pants, and even skirts.  You can also wear this with a collared shirt to add more warmth to your outfit while still looking chic.

3. Jeans

With multiple layers on, skinny jeans are go-to pants for winter. Not only will these keep you warm but they also go well with turtlenecks and sweaters, jackets and coats. Cap the ensemble off with over-the-knee boots or flat heeled booties for a warm but still Instagram-worthy outfit.

Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Have
Image Source: Pixabay

Of course, don’t forget to get at least one pretty blanket wrap scarf. It’s an effortless way to keep yourself comfortable and still be in style.

Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles Through the Eras

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Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles Through the Eras
Image Source: Pixabay

Prior to looking at the different styles of vintage engagement rings, it is important to define what exactly is classed as vintage. The term “vintage” can be widely used to describe an old item, yet to be vintage, a jewellery item would be anything from 20 to 99 years old, as any item that is more than 100 years old is classified an antique. Here are the various eras that have produced distinctive diamond ring designs.

  • The Victorian Era (1830-1900) – This era is a very popular choice for the girl who loves fine design, and in general, the Victorian era can be classed as early, middle and late period styles. If you would rather something a little older, you can see antique style engagement rings at very affordable prices from an online antique and vintage jeweller. Victorian rings are generally made from rose gold, with rows, clusters and halos of diamonds, which is one of the reasons why this era is so popular.
  • Edwardian Era (1900-1920) – This period symbolises intricate, lacy designs, with platinum bands, and you can often find very floral patterns from this period. Coloured diamonds began to appear in the Edwardian era, with pinks, yellows and greens often used. The Old Mine, European and Rose Cuts were popular in this short era, and there are some delightful designs that are still impressive to this day.
  • The Art Deco Period (1920-1940) – If you are into bold and glitzy designs, the Art Deco period is for you, with bold geometric shapes and repeated patterns. Rather than flowing curves, the bold straight lines are really evident in Art Deco rings, with, of course, coloured diamonds used extensively. The Step Cut became very popular as it goes hand in hand with the bold style, and due to bad economic times, other stones were often used instead of diamonds, so don’t be surprised to come across amethyst, citrine and garnet when viewing engagement rings of this period.
Vintage Engagement Rings: Styles Through the Eras
Image Source: Commons Wikimedia
  • The Retro Period (1940-1960) – This was the time when the diamond giant DeBeers launched their very successful marketing campaign, which resulted in almost the exclusive use of diamonds in engagement rings. Simpler designs are more popular with the Retro period, and diamonds were generally centrally placed, and with platinum in great demand thanks to the Second World War, rose gold was the metal of choice.
  • The Swinging Sixties – This was a glorious era and ring designs were heavily influenced by the Art Deco period, as flower power gripped the UK. Jaqueline Kennedy sported a coloured diamond engagement ring, which did wonders for the emergence of coloured stones, yet diamonds were still figuring highly in 60s designs.

Whatever the period that you prefer, an online search will help you to locate a reputable antique and vintage jeweller, and they can source any style and are very reasonably priced. Talk to a local dealer today and see what they have on offer.