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All about Portable Hose Reel

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How Are Hose Reels Rated?
When searching for a new garden hose reel online, you’ll be met with a huge array of gardening and yard care websites offering their take on what they find the best reels are. With so many lists out there, it can be overwhelming to determine which water hose reel is truly the “best.” There are a few factors that most every “best” list mentions. These include longevity, capacity, weight, and durability. Each of these will play a significant role in your final decision for a new garden hose reel. Here’s why they matter and how they’ll help you find the best hose reel for your home.

Reel Longevity
This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. Hose reels aren’t something you plan to replace every few years, so it’s important to choose an option that is designed with high-quality materials. Plastic hose reels can become brittle and crack or fade with sun exposure. They’re easier to damage, too, which could be a concern if you plan to use your reel relatively often. Research the materials and the coating a reel has, even down to the hardware used to assemble it. It’s even better to shop hose reels with warranties for leaking and rusting, so your purchase is protected should something happen.

Reel Capacity
What size garden hose can the hose reel hold without needing to elaborately wrap the hose around the reel? Many homeowners require longer than standard hoses to reach the far ends of their backyards. If you purchase a relatively long garden hose and a typical reel, chances are the hose will not fit onto the drum of the reel. Ensure that whichever length of hose you choose, the hose reel can neatly accommodate its length.

Reel Weight
How much does the hose reel weigh? This is a factor many “best” lists mention. While it’s not very relevant for wall-mounted reels, it becomes important for free-standing and portable reel types. If these types of hose reels are heavy, it defeats the purpose just a bit! You want free-standing and portable reels to feel relatively lightweight so you can move them as needed. This is especially true for portable cart style reels, as you don’t want to be caught forcing it to move as you go from one end of your backyard to the other.

Reel Durability
Like the above for longevity, durability is an incredibly important factor. If you’re a serious gardener or use your hose reel for other weekend to-dos, the quality of your hose reel is key to getting your money’s worth. You don’t want to choose a hose reel that will bend or become damaged over time with frequent use. Consider the types of yardwork and other tasks you anticipate doing with your hose and reel. Will you be dragging the reel through your yard, gravel, and dirt regularly? Or will you mostly keep your reel stationary and only use it for a few patio plants? Questions like these will help you determine whether a plastic or metal reel is right for your needs.

Why Eley is the Right Choice for Hose Reels
Best known for their heavy-duty hose reels, Eley has made quite a name for themselves since the 1990s. From their popular wall-mounted hose reel to their portable hose reel, Eley has high-quality options that suit virtually any homeowner, renter, or house flipper’s needs. They offer some of the highest rated garden hose reels on the market today, backed by an industry-leading 10-Year No-Leak, No-Rust, No-Break warranty. When it comes to longevity and durability, Eley’s hose reels are designed with rugged and rust-proof aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Their free-standing and portable water hose reels are lightweight too, so you can easily carry them wherever necessary. Have a need for a lengthier hose? Not a problem. Eley offers an Extra-Capacity kit that widens the drum of the reel to fit more hose. One very unique aspect of their reels is that they’re drinking-safe, so should you or the kids wish to take a sip from the hose (provided you also have an Eley garden hose!), then you can trust that the water is 100% safe to drink. When it comes to forward-thinking, Eley goes above and beyond with their line of garden hose reels and other watering tools. While pricier than other options, the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. When you choose Eley for your first or replacement hose reel, you’ll never go back to another brand!