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Gold Necklaces that Make an Impact

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I’m excited to be talking about some really beautiful accessories in today’s post! I’ll be sharing with you all how accessories like pretty, chic gold necklaces can really make an outfit outstanding. You know how I am all about collecting quality investment pieces from my favorite jewelry stores. I always tell everyone I know to invest in jewelries like necklaces that are versatile because it is the key to having a highly functioning fashion outfits and you can also style it in several different ways; wearing accessories with a casual look for a quick afternoon lunch date with friends or loved ones, dainty, posh necklaces to complete your outfit for a date night with your partner, or stunning and sparkling pendant necklace for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.


I love having birthstone and pearl dangle gold necklaces in my collection. They are so pretty and elegant and I feel more confident and beautiful whenever I wear them. I also love choker and chain style necklaces to update my go-to minimalist outfit. I think you really going to want to check these out. There is just something so chic about jewelries and definitely an essential that everyone should have in their accessories stash.

I never knew I had an eye for necklaces until I started collecting them. I always like to switch up the accessories on my outfits I wear often to make them look new and fresh style. Sometimes all you really need is one eye-catching piece to make a great outfit. It adds an extra style making people turn heads to my whole look.

Letter charm pendant necklace is also a favorite. I have been somewhat obsessed with this trend at the moment. It looks like you are adding a personal touch on it perfect for your initials, or secret messages. I bet you, these are a must-have to complete your look! They are a perfect accessory for any outfit!

I also feel naked without my diamond necklace! They really are the perfect fit every time in any look. The great thing about this is that you can wear and style it in so many different ways. It can eliminate the need for more jewelries and thus saving money.

It is so fun playing with different styles of necklaces! Be it layered, choker, chain, collar and more, it is an endless way of styling and completing your whole look. How about you? What are some of your favorite necklace style to wear to complete your look? Let me know in the comments below.

Birthday gift ideas for a friend whose birthday falls in February

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As calm and supporting as water, a February born person accepts everything with love and respect. It won’t be wrong to say that you are blessed if you have a friend who is born in February. Such a person is usually very practical and emotional at the same time. The balance of emotions is praiseworthy as person very well knows how to manage and take control of life. You will never feel cheated and left out if you have a friend who is born in February. Such people prefer a blend of items and usually like gifts that reflect emotions as well as utility of the products. Here is a list of some of such things that you can gift.

bday gift feb

1.Clothes & Jewelry: A choice of lovely clothes with bright hues and subtle couture does justice to them. They are easy going and prefer to wear clothes that are equally easy to wear. So do buy something that has flair and yet is comfortable. Bright colors give them happiness as their complexion appears brighter. With a practical approach to life, you may opt for beautiful stoles, a pair of universal colored pants, a kurta/kurti and embellish these with some jewelry. A neck piece, junk jewelry, anklet, earrings all will give happiness to the February born woman. They are easy to please, but do not take this trait for granted as they tend to often take tests of love. And if you fail that, February born is heartbroken, but will allow you a chance to own up everything you believed was wrong. Make it up with a gift!! If you buy fine vintage jewellery online and hand them to her with a little note, she would be over to the moon.

2. An Aquarium: Gifting a Piscean an aquarium is just like introducing them to self! Piscean being a water sign will love water! So, buying an aquarium that is a nature’s galore will allow you to see the softer side of your February born. They will behave like a kid as small happiness is enough for them. They will love your choice as Pisceans like water. This will make them live close to nature and will also decorate their house. So, go for it and gift them few aquatic creatures.

frame bday gift feb

3. A Frame: Often we see that people born in February are close to their family. They are straightforward and this trait of theirs makes them a loved person in their family. For the love of the family, you may get a family picture framed and gift it on their birthday. This along with flowers will complete the gift. You may choose to separate the gift giving in two halves and may send flowers to Philippines early in the morning. This will surprise them! And later, when you meet them, you may give the frame. This will make them feel special throughout the day!

flower for bday gift

4. Personalized Mugs: Acknowledging someone’s love is an important aspect for a relationship to continue for a long term. Getting a picture on the mug along with a loving Birthday Message will certainly be a great way of acknowledging the love you get and give to a February born. If you are away on their Birthday and still wish to make the day special, send gifts online through World Florist Association from the abundant choices of mugs available that is bound to please the receiver.  

5. A Bag: Pisceans often keep their belongings neatly and carefully. You may gift them a bag with segregation so they may use it for safely keeping their stuff. As they are born organizers, a bag will definitely be a product of great utility for them. You may give to a man or a woman, as a bag has a universal appeal and use.

Top Gift Ideas for This Valentine’s Day

Top Gift Ideas for This Valentine’s Day
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Top Gift Ideas for This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is already knocking on the door, and we think you should make this one to remember. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few ideas for him and her!

A Massage

You cannot beat the serenity and togetherness of a couple’s massage. It’s romantic, full of spoils and you get to destress together and just catch up on life.

Personalized Photo Book

How many amazing memories do you share with your true love? Probably plenty, so why not print out a custom photo book you can both look at all year round to remember those special moment?

A Personal Card

You don’t have to go all crafty on your loved one, unless you want to, of course. But why not order a customised greeting card and write a heartfelt message in it? We’re sure this one will bring out all the good feels.

Concert Tickets

Buying your significant other tickets to check out their favorite act live is a sure-fire way to knock their socks off this year. It shows you just get what they like, and you care about it, too! Why not end the event off with the ultimate gift, a pink diamond engagement ring on Valentine’s Day?

Something for the Chef

Whether he or she is the cook of the house, you can gift your partner a personalised chopping board so they can think of you every time they prepare something special.

For the Fashionista in Your Life

For the Fashionista in Your Life

If she loves fashion but you feel hopeless approaching the cosmetics counter, order her a personalized makeup bag to help her keep organised and keep you on her mind every time she reaches for her lip-gloss.

A Few DIY Valentine’s Ideas

You could always go the DIY route and truly show the love of your life how much you care. If your beloved likes a tipple, consider creating a homemade sangria kit, complete with pitcher, wine and fruit. Then, make the sangria together to go with your Valentine’s dinner. Or, rustle up a rustic picture frame. All you have to do is attach four pieces of wood with the glue gun, staple some string across the back and stick in your favourite picture of the two of you. Alternatively, work your way right to their heart through their sweet tooth with some homemade cookies.

Some Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for something completely different? Ditch the flowers and chocolates and consider a compendium of board games or a surprise holiday. OR both – you can have fun with the board games during your relaxing trip!

If you’re on a budget, consider getting your beloved a copy of their favorite book or even a pretty succulent in a funky pot – it’s something you could nurture together.

Long-Distance Love

Long-Distance Love

Finally, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with miles between you, you can still make it special. Consider a dual zone watch so you know exactly what time it is on the other side, a key chain that’ll leave him or her thinking about you every day and, of course, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered to the door.

Whatever your budget or relationship, you can make this a Valentine’s Day to remember!