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Blog Your Dreams

Blog Your Dreams
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Blog Your Dreams

The world is full of dreamers but what we need more is someone who decides that dreaming is not all they will be doing for the rest of their lives. It should be combined with massive action and faith. Have a dream and make it a big one and don’t ever think small because you don’t deserve that. Remember we are God’s highest creation, we deserve to live a life of freedom and I believe YOU were born to win.

What is your dream? Are you doing something to get closer to your dreams? Some will say it’s hard to pursue it. WRONG! It only means that your “why” is not strong enough to pull you through the obstacles and make you push yourself to do things when you don’t want to do them.  Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. DON’T DISAPPOINT YOURSELF! Look in the mirror and say this “I am not going to be the girl who didn’t do what she wanted because she didn’t have the money” Excuses are tacky. To get your dreams you can’t have excuses!

Do you believe that dreams do come true? I do! Step one to getting what you want: BELIEVE THAT IT CAN HAPPEN! I know some people who already got theirs. Ferraris, Lamborghini, Mansion, name it they have it! The journey is not easy but at the end, everything will all be so worth it. Do what you got to do to be where you got to be.
Keep in mind to do whatever it takes. Through blood, sweat and tears, you will fight for your dream because of your deepest “WHY”. You should build your dreams, if you don’t, someone else will employ you to build theirs.

Here’s something to think about -> If you don’t go after your dreams then what is your life really about? It’s only a dream until it happens to you.

Raise your hand if you are willing to do whatever it takes. Take on today like a #bossbabe!

God bless everyone reading this and let’s have a great year. 2016 is ours.


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