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Gold Leaf High Heels

Flame Wings Gold Leaf High Heels

Flame Wings Gold Leaf High Heels
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Top & Bottom: Bershka | Bangle: Forever21

Flame Wings Gold Leaf High Heels

When it comes to your outfit, do you spend more on clothes or shoes? I spend more on shoes.

I know us, women are always busy looking for the new style of clothes and what clothes to wear online/offline, my eyes are set to bags and shoes. If you are following my Instagram account you’ll notice that I have a lot of nice heels and bags. My shopping sesh is not complete without buying some pairs. Call it exagg but I do have a thing for gorgeous heels. I can’t leave the mall without grabbing some or else I will be sad ha-ha.

To all shoe-holics out there, yes the struggle is real when you see a very stylish pair and the only thing that is running in your mind is to get it in all colors but after a couple of minutes the SA will inform you that there’s no stock or size. That’s DISASTER! There’s also a time where I visited again one of my favorite shoe boutique,  I’m very excited to buy the heels so I waited while they are checking on it and then found out that the shoes that I’m eyeing is already gone. Oh, I hate the feeling! Have you experienced that?

BOSS BABE AYESHA HEART TIP #1: If you see any fashion pieces like shoes, bags, accessories or dress, GO BUY IT! If you like it, GET IT! Because if you don’t and when you go home from shopping without it, you will keep on thinking about that piece and wish it’s in your closet. You don’t want to regret later so keep this in mind.

BOSS BABE AYESHA HEART TIP #2 Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy!

I have a thing for gorgeous heels. This one is a flame wings gold leaf high heels and indeed a head-turner piece coz everyone is staring at it and some even ask about my heels. All eyes are on me (*blush)


I love wearing anything Black. It’s my second favorite color next to Pink. OK. I’ll stop wearing Black when they invent a darker color hihi. To give my outfit an extra oomph, I make sure that I have a unique and cool style of heels. Take a look! I am so in love with my shoes. I’ve been looking for these style years ago and luckily my shoe fairy heard my wish.


Do you love my shoes?
What will you wear with these gorgeous pair? Let me know in the comments.


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