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pH Care: #CareYouDeserve

pH Care PR package |
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pH Care: #CareYouDeserve

Us, women are always up to date when it comes to makeup, clothes, shoes and anything that will make us look beautiful physically. It’s not all about the face; we also have to think about our body, in order to look good, we also have to feel good. Would you like to look beautiful but smells awful, no one likes it. Bathing with products that smells good isn’t enough. Regular soap and body wash will also not work to clean you 100% head to toe.

Ever wonder what it really means to get the care that you deserve? pH Care believes that the care that woman need is deliberate, intentional, and intimate, and this goes most especially in the feminine area. It is a very sensitive part and it takes a deeper understanding to formulate the right products that women can use every day. pH care provides us the right care that we need in the right way.

All about pH Care

pH Care is the country’s leading brand of feminine wash. It is clinically formulated with a pH level of 5 to match the pH of the external genitalia. It is gentle enough even for sensitive skin, but proven effective to keep your intimate area fresh, clean and odor-free every day. Give your intimate area the care that it deserves. Use pH Care!

pHCare Intimate Wash PR package |

pH Care family sent over a beautiful PR package last week for me to try it. They sent three variants; COOL WIND INTIMATE WASH, PASSIONATE BLOOM INTIMATE WASH & WIPES, and GUAVA LEAF EXTRACT INTIMATE WASH & WIPES. Freshness and confidence delivered! Thank you so much pH care family :*

pH Care Feminine Wash Variants



It is clinically formulated with pH 5 that matches the normal skin pH and allows thorough cleansing while maintaining pH of the external genetalia. It also contains Active Cool, a special ingredient that gives an extra cool feeling every time you wash,



It contains Dual Hydrating Moisturizers, Glycerin and Panthenol that maintain skin’s natural moisture. PASSIONATE BLOOM INTIMATE WASH is enriched with Chamomile Extract to soothe the skin.



Experience nature’s gentle protection with pH Care natural’s feminine wash with Guava Leaf Extract, known over generations to effectively cleanse and provide natural anti-bacterial protection for the intimate area. It has mild and gentle formulation making it safe for everyday use.

HOW TO USE: Wet area. Pour small amount onto palm of hand and apply. Rinse thoroughly. Use as often as needed (For external use only)


pH Care Passionate Bloom and Cool Wind Feminine Wipes ( 10 wipes)

Passionate Bloom is alcohol free, hypoallergenic, clinically tested and blooms in freshness; while the Cool wind has active cool for extra cool freshness, need I say more? I love that they have wipes, it is very convenient to use and I can just grab it for instant freshness and quicker clean everywhere I go.

HOW TO USE: Open resealable label and pull out wipe. Reseal label immediately after use to prevent drying. Gently wipe the feminine area. Do not use on infected area.

I’ve been using their products since teen times and I will buy this product for as long as they make it. My eye catches the Guava Leaf Extract; it levels up the game as it has anti-bacterial protection for the V.  I feel extra fresh and clean, especially after working out and helps me get through my period. I feel a lot more confident when I use this. Ahhh it just feels exceptionally clean, no burning, no itching whatsoever – Even hours later!

Are you a pH care user too?  What’s your favorite variant?

pHCare Philippines | Instagram

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