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The Ideal Hair Care Routine for Your Hair Type

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Why is it we take our hair so much for granted? We do so much for our skin but somehow do not take care of our hair. You need to know that to ensure a long and healthy life for your hair, you will need to follow a hair care regimen. There is a different regimen defined for every hair type and you need to follow the rules of that regimen. Find some ‘rules to follow for your hair type, below in the article.

Curly Hair
Curly hair is fun and adds an extra charm to your entire personality. The flip side of this benefit is that it is quite difficult to manage curly hair, especially because it gets dry almost in no time.

Tips to Manage Curly Hair:

• If you have curly hair, then avoid using too much shampoo in the shaft region and straight away just wash your scalp. Curly hair is anyway dry and if you wash your shaft area too much, it will drain out all essential oil which is important to keep your curly hair frizz-free.

• If you can afford to, then try to wash your curly hair only once a week, but you can use conditioner every three days to provide some nourishment to your shaft area.

• By now, you must have figured out that washing your curly hair is not as important as nourishing your hair. This is the reason that you should invest in a good conditioner that contains jojoba butter or coconut butter.
• To style your curly hair, do use curl-defining cream; this will help in making different loops of your curly hair.

Straight Hair
Straight hair looks beautiful and gives you a hair styling option of your choice (it is easier to curl your straight hair rather than vice versa!). However, do not get into the false notion that it is easier to manage your straight hair. Straight hair goes oil very soon and very easily, and you will need to take due care of your hair.

Tips to Manage Straight Hair:
• You should select a shampoo that is free of sulfate so that your hair does not get greasy too often. If you check out Althea online store, you will find some amazing products for straight hair that will keep grease away from your scalp.
• While applying conditioner to your hair, do not go all the way to the roots of your hair, instead, apply conditioner only to the shaft. This will help in keeping oil away from roots.
• To provide some nourishment to your straight hair, pick up coconut oil from an online store and apply it to your damp hair. Do not leave the conditioner for too long because you do not want to weigh down your hair. Shop from the comforts of your home, for hair styling and care products at Althea, make sure to use coupons and deals to get the best shopping deal.

Wavy Hair
Wavy hair is kind of mid-way between straight hair and curly hair, which makes it super easy to style your hair in any which way you want. You can experiment a lot with your wavy hair but you will still need to take good care of your hair type.

Tips to Manage Wavy Hair:
• You can wash your wavy hair every 4-5 days, if you have a wavy hair type; get yourself a shampoo that is designed especially for wavy hair because it will contain a less amount of sulfate.
• You can give your scalp a good oil massage (do it at least 1 hour before) before you wash your hair. This will provide an ample amount of nourishment to your hair, strengthen your hair.
• You should take special care of the tips of your hair because this is the area that will dry out easily. You should especially apply oil at the tips of your hair so that you do not have too many split ends.
• As soon as you wash your hair, you can scrunch your hair (use your fist, that will do the trick!) and leave it for some time. This technique is quite helpful in providing a bounce to your wavy hair.

Coily Hair
I know messy and dry are the synonyms of coily hair but a few people crave coily hair! Coily hair looks voluminous and you look super cool if you have well-maintained coily hair.

Tips to Manage Coily Hair:
• Use a shampoo-type that has a tiny amount of sulfate in it so that your coily hair does not dry out more.
• Do not go for a second wash of coily hair one time; it will make your hair drier.
• Apply oil to your hair as often as possible; Apply oil to the roots and shaft both, equally.
• Using the right moisturizing spray is the best way to ensure those locks of your hair remains prominent and tangle-free. • You need to detangle your hair in the shower itself after you have applied the conditioner. This will ensure that you do not break or damage your hair excessively.

Women Swear by This Miracle Hair Conditioner and Never Looked Back

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Maintaining healthy, shiny, and gorgeous hair means constant work and everyday care. Many of us spend most of our lives trying to find the right conditioner that matches our hair needs, but oftentimes, we find that something is missing. Your conditioner’s promise to last all day may only last for a few hours before tiny strands of hair start popping out; it’s the dreaded tutchang coming out of nowhere. So, you’re left with just a frizzy, sticky mess — and its only mid-day.

Time to Switch It Up

If you’re struggling to maintain great hair, you’re definitely not alone! A lot of women who are disappointed by their current conditioner have already made the switch, and they never looked back. You can join them by bringing salon-level smoothness to your hair with the Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner.

Stressed about your current conditioner not smoothening your hair enough? Diane has “Tried it and it’s super effective, ang soft ng hair ko and I can see lesser hair fall.”
Nicole just doesn’t love how her hair turned out but also loves how it smells great as well. “It’s really good to use in the hair, my hair is so soft, and it smells so good.”
Like Diane, Kat is just as happy with how her hair has turned out after using Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner. “I’ve been waiting to hoard this!! Super bango at malambot talaga sa buhok!”
Even Hannah who has bleached hair was able to get rid of her unruly tutchang when she switched to Pantene. “I used it on my bleached hair. It’s really soft and silky in hair. No more tutchang!”

From Halloween look to summer vibes, Sarah just can’t get enough of her seasonal hair upgrade. “I love this product! Lumambot naman hair ko — from Halloween bruhahaha, now beach waves na ang peg ng buhok ko.”
While going to the salon isn’t as safe as it used to be, Melissa found Pantene to treat her to an at-home hair spa treatment. “Ang ganda niya sa buhok. Nakakalambot talaga. At dahil pandemic ngayon mahirap mag pa-salon, kaya isa ito sa marerecommend ko na product together with the Pantene Collagen Treatment Shots.”

When There’s A Will, There’s A Collagen Miracle Way

If you’re looking for the solution to tutchang, and your current conditioner just can’t keep your hair looking healthy and smooth any longer, it’s time to switch it up. And we’ve got just the right conditioner for your hair frustrations.

Look no further than the Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner! Unlike conventional conditioners, Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner smartly targets damaged areas of each hair strand, forming a protective layer around the rough hair with Collagen adding an extra layer of strength through a triple helix scaffolding. This makes it more resilient against breakage from external causes of damage so you can achieve stronger strands.

Compared to other collagen-based conditioners, the Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner has real collagen that can bring back the natural strength of your strands. It’s formulated with a blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, miracle serum, and real collagen — sealing in nutrients and locking in moisture, turning dry, frizzy hair into shiny, smoother hair every day.

Pictured above, top to bottom: Anne Curtis, Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Verzosa, and Sofia Andres. Four of the many Filipinas that switched, and stayed away from tutchang after using the Pantene Miracle Collagen Intensive Serum Conditioner.

It’s never too late to join the several Filipina women who have now found the perfect conditioner for their hair problems after years of trial and errors. Bring back life to your dry, frizzy, and parched hair and treat it to an at-home salon hair spa treatment with Pantene Miracle Collagen Intensive Serum Conditioner.

You can conveniently buy Pantene products, and have them delivered to your home when you shop through Lazada and Shopee.

Top 9 weave hairstyle trending in 2019

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Hair weave bundles are the latest trend which is magnificently revolutionizing the hairstyle industry. If you are not blessed with naturally beautiful and long luscious hair, weave bundles are just for you. You can create amazing hairstyles and look like a celebrity.

So many textures, so many options

In order to achieve a perfect hairstyle, you will need to narrow down your options and texture preference. The most popular textures are Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Thailand, Remy and Indian. Each of these textures further is offered in various patterns, like wavy, curly, tight curl, silky straight or deep wave. They also come in various color shades.

Before we check out the various styles, let us also look at how long do the weave last?

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Weave hair are largely used on people having dense hair because of the way they are applied. The whole process of weaving hair takes several hours. If the bundles are loosely sewed, they can strain your scalp and you will feel uncomfortable and heavy.

Read this guide to learn how to buy the virgin hair weave bundles right.

Wavy Ombre Weave

 Wavy Ombre Weave
Wavy Ombre Weave

Trendy extensions are indeed here to stay. The long wavy curls are creating rage, and they look feminine and glamorous. A rounded brush technique simply pop-ups the kinks. The mudded shade of brown quite nicely blends with the natural dark tone of the hair.

Multicolor Spiral Long weaves

Multicolor Spiral Long weaves
Multicolor Spiral Long weaves

Experiment with weaves, you will never be wrong. Add color and texture to match your skin tone and personal style. The chic look using the spiral weave hairdo is giving an extra twist to the muted shades of different color.

High Pony Curly Weave

High Pony Curly Weave
High Pony Curly Weave

Are you looking to create a bold look? Give volume to your hair by adding Brazilian hair bundles. You will look stylish and elegant at the same time. Springy curls are a very delightful bonus because they help create a softer edge look, which feels quite feminine. You can use hair wax to cover up all the loose edges of your hair to look neat for a more extended period.

Shattered Bangs and Straight Hair Weave

Shattered Bangs and Straight Hair Weave
Shattered Bangs and Straight Hair Weave

If you are looking to cover your forehead, then fringes weave hairdo your style. You can create a breathtaking look by sculpting the locks and partying the bangs to give an edge to the whole look delicately.

Springy curls long weave

Springy curls long weave
Springy curls long weave

If you go for a single sew hive, it might not be an excellent option, especially with springy curls. But you have varied options of styling the curls into a fun pigtail, updo, buns, and even ponytails. You can easily create a girly look which oozes femininity.

Shoulder length curly weave

Shoulder length curly weave
Shoulder length curly weave

Want to create a reserved look, go for the curly weave hairdo. If you’re going to go a little conservative by not experimenting too much with varied colors and ridiculous length, opt for a calmer but sexy curly weave. Style your shoulder-length locks into bouncy and luxurious curls and make a statement.

Mini-Upto Messy Long Weave Hairstyle

Mini-Upto Messy Long Weave Hairstyle
Mini-Upto Messy Long Weave Hairstyle

The allure of a messy mini updo can turn a regular outfit into a sexy look. This hairstyle shows that how easily you can pull off the complete look of lengthy locks. Add some highlights to give your hair more radiance and definition.

Black Choppy Weave

Black Choppy Weave
Black Choppy Weave

Straight hair has become quite outdated and boring when you talk about hair weave bundles. Instead of neat, straight hairstyle, opt for an uneven length and choppy look. The layering of locks gives your hair natural depth.

Curly texture hair weave

Curly texture hair weave
Curly texture hair weave

Any women, who want to dress up for a special occasion, complete the look by wearing the luxurious curls. The soft touch of bouncy curls helps create a feminine look. The golden hues compliment the skin tone and make your personality look even more radiant.

Never shy from experimenting with your hairstyle. Layers, curls, bangs, color, long, short, bob go for it. The more information about hairstyle and hair product you should go to this Blog. They are currently hottest and are creating a wave everyone is following. Hairs are crown to your personality so never miss grooming them.