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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and for Her 2017

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and for Her 2017

A  little break from #12DaysofAyeshaHeart because it’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s day. I know how it is on this special day, spell P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E. Listen guys, even if SHE says she doesn’t want anything, she really does! In fact, ladies are really expecting an amazing gift come this February 14th. Fret not, I got you dude 🙂 To my Queens, I also have a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for Men because I know how difficult it is to think on what to buy for them *winks.

I feel you, it’s hard to think and decide what gift to get for a new partner, for a longtime relationship partner that you’ve gave almost everything ha-ha and for a special someone you may just be admiring.

So, here are my Valentine’s gift guide for Him and for Her this 2017 and What to do on this Special Day

It’s CHOCOLATES or ANYTHING SWEET just because. Trust me! You’ll never go wrong with this.

New couple <3 Sweet dates, big smile on your face ahhh, everything feels special. Truth is, for new couples, being together is more important than a gift but guys, do something more special!

SPLURGE: Hire your favorite Chef and let him cook a very special dinner.
SAVE: Design one area in your outdoor or somewhere in your house with wine, comfy pillows, sweets and you’re good to go.

FOR HIM: A bottle of Scotch or Whiskey
FOR HER: A bouquet of her favorite Flowers is classic but if you want to impress her, get her a bouquet of Makeup

An exciting phase of a relationship. You’re comfortable and got to know each other well. A bottle of my fave Dom Perignon + some Chocolate-dipped fruit is a perfect one to enjoy Valentine’s day.

FOR HIM: A ticket to his favorite sport event and the like.
FOR HER: A dainty jewelry

This is the time that you really know your partner and most likely, you’ve gave all the gifts that you could ever gift to your partner. What you can do at this time is to plan and visit the place where you first met or first date as a couple.

FOR HIM: A membership plan for his hobby 🙂
FOR HER: An ultimate SPA sesh

You already have a big family plus grandchildren at this time. You’ve probably traveled the world and continue to enjoy each other’s company. Why not get a personalized gift where you can see all of the places that you’ve been or perhaps all the souvenirs that you’ve collected from all the places you’ve visited or a photo book complete with your love letters or screenshots of your first texts, photos, etc.

It feels so good when you see two old couples and yet they act as if they were teenagers-sweet to each other 🙂 Guys, forever treat women as your Queen and we will treat you like a King!

How about you? What gift are you planning to buy for Valentine’s day? Comment away!

Stay tuned for DAY 7 of #12DaysofAyeshaHeart :* 


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